Bill Clinton Talks Earth Day, Environment and Climate Change

Happy Earth Day!

Around EcoSalon HQ, opinions are divided. While some of us have our reservations about Earth Day – our Editor-in-Chief Sara Ost has a great answer to the question “does Earth Day still matter?” over at Treehugger today – it is an important day for rallying big names around a very important cause, and with enough people rallied around the cause, awareness of environmental issues is more likely to take hold every other 364 days of the year. Former President Bill Clinton is one of those big names, and as a Digg Dialogg Earth Day Special, he sat down with Boback Firoozbakht to answer user submitted questions about the environment, Earth Day and climate change. Take a look at the video, and weigh in with your thoughts about our environmental progress.

Here’s to sustained conversation about the environment every day of the year!

Anna Brones

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