Carnival of the Green #203!


Welcome to Carnival of the Green #203! We’re excited to be your hosts. What is this Carnival, you ask? Al Tepper and Nick Aster cooked up the Carnival of the Green years ago over a few beers, and since 2006 it’s been hosted by our pals at Treehugger. Popping up weekly, the popular carnival features links to can’t-miss articles from green blogs near and far. Before you dig into the latest green news from our friends featured here, make sure you check out last week’s carnival at Pure Natural Diva. Now, let’s get to it:

Kate Galbraigth at the New York TimesGreen Inc. asks: Is Solar Power Expensive or Competitive?

Eco blogger Sally Kneidel has the details on students assessing the biodiversity of Africa’s tiniest critters.

On a budget? Millie Kay G. has 12 Homemade Gift Ideas to Fit a Small Budget.

Wondering how to slash your gas costs and save as much as $5,500 a year? The Digerati Life has the how-to.

If you’re in Brooklyn, you’re in luck: Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog has the details on the world’s first and only green bowling alley.

Remember that far-out walking fish with limbs and hands everyone was loving in the blogosphere? The one that’s virtually extinct? You know the one. Learn about a group of students who are working to save the endangered axolotls.

Powwownow explores misleading claims from the airline industry.

Frugally Green considers the tale of the Three Little Pigs as it relates to building development. Why don’t we make things to last anymore?

Lisa Sharp at Retro Housewife Goes Green evaluates consumerism and Christmas.

Mike Sowden explores our love-hate relationship with UV rays at WebEcoist.

And Katherine Butler of Greenopia shares 10 Women We Love in green.

Stay tuned for the next Carnival of the Green at the Evangelical Ecologist.