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3 Fashion Tech Startups to Watch

3 Fashion Tech Startups to Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the era of fashion tech.

It seems that there’s a dedicated startup community to every industry. With wearable technology rapidly permeating popular culture, it’s no surprise that fashion has become an active player in the world of small, emerging businesses. It wasn’t very long ago that the intersection of style and, say, mobile devices seemed revolutionary, like when Michael Kors handbags first appeared with a built-in iPad case: a feature that today seems no more than standard.

It seems fitting that a New York …

How to Put the Kibosh on Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps for Good

How to Put the Kibosh on Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

Stop ingrown hairs and razor bumps from ruining your otherwise perfect shave.

Okay, so shaving’s kind of a drag—but it’s one of the quickest, most convenient ways to remove unwanted hair… you know, shy of those uber-annoying (and itchy!) ingrown hairs that disrupt our otherwise silky smooth legs.

You may be tempted to pluck them out with your trusty tweezers, but it’s important to resist the urge. “Coaxing hair out of the ‘bump’ at home by poking or tweezing should be avoided,” Nada Elbuluk, …

5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Compared to the recent luck of the American Northeast, the weather for London Fashion Week seems positively balmy. Perhaps the envy-worthy temperature of 48°F (for this cold New Yorker, anyway) is best attributed to the hot looks found on the runway over the past week.

Of no exception, of course, is the latest line from one of our favorite conscious designers, Vivienne Westwood, and her ceaselessly luminous Red Label. At London Fashion Week, the designer’s Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection provided a welcome contrast to …

Helen Mirren Advocates Aging Gracefully in New L’Oreal Ad

Helen Mirren

Models are getting older. As in the over 60 set. That’s right, if you have yet to see Helen Mirren in her latest role as the face of L’Oreal you truly are missing out.

While super models of the ’80s are now in their 40s and early 50s, there is a new set of model on the scene. And they are the over 60 set.

The gorgeous Helen Mirren is the new brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. In a video for the brand, in which she proudly proclaims “our perfect age is …

5 Best Things to Happen at New York Fashion Week 2015

desigual chantelle brown

New York Fashion Week has come and gone.

There was a push for more diversity on the runway by the Council of Fashion Designers of America but did it deliver?  Designers and celebrities worked to make the fashion’s takeover of the city mean more than pretty clothes. Tastemakers used their talents to bring awareness to causes that affected everyone on or off the runway.

New York Fashion Week has the reputation for being a shallow, exclusive affair. While it still attracts the elite, the definition of the insider crowd has evolved. …

Are Simple and Elegant Knot Hairstyles the New Braid?


With hairstyles like – undone and messy– popping up in the hottest hair stories these days, it’s no wonder that folks are moving on from the braid to the simpler but just as stunning knot hairstyles.

It’s all about easy hair right now and there are only two strands needed for the knot, instead of three in the braid. Although there may be some of us who struggle to make a perfect braid, everybody can make a knot. Plus, they can be timely and chic, especially if you just have a few moments to spruce up.

5 Pieces to Make You Sparkle Like the Moon and Stars

Moon and stars make great fashion inspiration.

I think the most beautiful fashion inspiration comes from natural entities. And nothing is more natural than the moon and stars.

If you love the universe and night sky as much as I do, then you’ll be over the moon about the following fashion pieces.

Moon and stars inspiration: Moon necklace

1. Clarity de Lune Necklace from ModCloth

ModCloth is filled with delicate and darling moon and stars inspired pieces. This necklace stood out to me, …

How to Wash Your Face: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

How to Wash Your Face

Seems simple enough, right? Get it clean and the job is done. Not so much. Do you know how to wash your face for best results?

You may be surprised to learn that your skin issues could be chalked up to improper cleansing. That’s right, mistakes in the product or method you use can cause acne, irritation, congestion, dryness, oiliness, uneven tone, flakiness…you get the picture.

So, what’s the right way to go about cleansing the face? The best first step is selecting the right cleanser for your skin. …