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4 Best Highlights for Dark Brown Hair: Amp Up the Glam!

The best highlights for dark brown hair, revealed. As every woman with dark hair knows, there’s nothing more thankless than highlighting your hair, only to find it looks exactly the same. (Kidding. Sort of.) While dark brown strands are notoriously hard to highlight, it’s not impossible—you know, as long as […]

Dallas Based Koch: A Label to Watch

From deep in the heart of Texas, Koch designer Nicole Musselman is starting to build a fashion brand that we can’t help but get heart palpitations from. Floaty caftans made from silk and hand-printed with Egyptian Beetle graphics, buttery linen shifts with fishermen striping and beading, and organic cottons with […]

6 Tips on How to Look Better Without Makeup

How do some women do it? Able to pull off the fresh faced, youthful look when going makeup free, rather than death warmed over. If you feel more scary than dewy when going out bare, try these tips on how to look better without makeup. Whether you never wear makeup, […]

Geometric Fashion Jungle: 7 Ways to Wear It On Trend

We know it’s back-to-school—but even if you aren’t in geometry class, this subject is everywhere! Hard angles, 3-D prints and slick edges are what the lines in the geometric fashion trend are all about. (Want more? Think rectangles, rhombuses and triangles, oh my.) Here’s a roundup of our favorite geometric […]

Dream a Little Dress

Week of the Dress This time of year brings about daydreams of sunny vacations – sipping a margarita poolside in Mexico or strolling the clean, quiet streets of Bermuda. These fantasies conjure up images of light, flowing dresses. And then it begins: your real-life hunt for the perfect sundress. This […]

Shop Wisely with Rising Tide Fair Trade

I’m a big believer in Mies van der Rohe’s dictum "less is more". I’d much prefer that you use what already hangs in your closet. And as much as the lesser green in me would love to encourage you to buy a newer, cooler version of this or that, the […]

Sustainable Sensuality in the Eco-Boudoir

We humans are no strangers to indulgence and luxury. Even those of us seeking "greener" pastures are still – well – human. Enter the Eco-Boudoir ("luxury with a conscience") – your collection of eco-sensitive lounge wear and home decor that honors a sense of responsibility…with a hint of hedonism. The […]

Girls Just Wanna Have Tops: Unsustainable Addiction?

Do you keep saying yes to new button downs, tees and crops, so much so that your top fixation is spinning out of control? Let’s not skirt the issue: Girls just wanna have fun tops; tops for a party, for a special work day, for a date, for shopping at the […]

Crowning Glory: Hair Accessories by Que Craft

The perfect accessories to recreate the look of Gucci’s romantic fall hair. Hair accessories are back in a big way this fall. After years of flat ironing, relaxing and moroccan-oiling our hair to gleaming constraints, fall’s darkly romantic styles will have you lamenting for wild pre-Raphaelite hair. Gucci’s fall runway […]

Reduce Your Wardrobe’s Water Footprint

The fashion industry is facing many challenges, but one of the most pressing issues is water usage.  The textile industry is the third largest consumer and polluter of the world’s water. Water consumption is a huge problem for growing fibers such as the ever-thirsty cotton plant, with nearly 400 gallons […]

Zero Waste Fashion and the Next Great War

From a wasteful fashion industry emerges the Zero Waste movement. It is said that the next great war will not be over oil, but water. So when it takes 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce a single pair of jeans, it is extraordinary that cloth has […]

Solar Powered Watches: Not Your Mother's Citizen

Considering Citizen watches were founded in 1924, I think it’s safe to say that most of us can recall a parent or teacher who wore one. Thankfully the company has kept up with the times, both in design and sustainability. Their Eco-Drive solar-powered watches use a conversion panel and energy […]

Behind The Label: The Diamond Engagement Ring Industry

A symbol of love, with a possible history of war. “A diamond is forever.” It’s one of the 20th century’s most enduring marketing campaigns, one that inextricably linked the precious stone with marriage and commitment. But though diamonds are a symbol of romance in the Western world, their origins are often […]

Northern Women in Chanel

SlideshowReporting from Sweden, Johanna Björk shares the fascinating story behind the creation of a new book on Chanel. In 2010, photographer-stylist couple Peter Farago and Ingela Klemetz-Farago were given full access to the coveted Chanel archives, which contains couture treasures from the 1920s through today – a dream for anyone […]

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5 Natural Hair Masks to Fix Any Hair Dilemma

You know how a facial mask infuses skin with supple moisture and healthy glow, like instantly? Well, natural hair masks can do the same for your mane. Let’s talk about which have the healthiest ingredients and work like a charm for banishing bad hair days. Whether your hair is dry, […]

5 Hot Summer Shorts and Halter Tops: Friday Finds

The thought of wearing pants sounds torturous now that summer has arrived. Heck, even a t-shirt seems like too much. To help you keep your stems and… vines? I think that’s an acceptable term for arms… free this summer, we’ve rounded up 5 summer shorts and halter top combinations. 1. […]

7 Beach Essentials to Keep You Looking Good Under the Sun

Ever wonder how some women look daisy fresh under the sun, while you seem to wilt? These simple summer beach essentials will keep you looking hot while playing in the surf and sand. You put effort into getting ready for the beach. The key to getting your look to last […]

6 Time-Saving Apps that Will Also Save Your Sanity

Surprise! No, it’s not your birthday, but it is your lucky day because we’ve got the lowdown on a handful of the latest time-saving apps to turn your hectic life into a well-oiled machine. Time is precious, and nowadays it seems like we have less and less of it to […]

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Shine On with EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your home, body, and soul radiant and colorful for those lighter, longer days. EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box is here to help! This bright bundle of goodies features $450 worth of gorgeous and refreshing treats to help you view the most radiant of seasons through rose-colored, eco-friendly glasses. Renew yourself and get your […]

9 Vegan Handbags to Take Your Spring Look From Drab to Fab

Whether you live exclusively cruelty-free or don’t hold that as a priority, the beauty of these vegan handbags is in more than just the way they look – everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, can enjoy carrying one (or two or three) of these around town. With spring in full bloom […]

Is Chemical Sunscreen Killing Marine Life?

Sunscreen season is here. We opt for the safest sun protection for ourselves and our little ones because chemical sunscreen is not the healthiest choice. And guess what, it’s not a day at the beach for marine life either. My family and I took a vacation to Mexico a few […]

3 Hot, Sustainable Swimsuit Brands Worth Buying This Summer

Question: Who should wear a swimsuit? Answer: Everyone! No matter your body type, you should feel more than comfortable wearing a swimsuit this summer. But where can one find a swimsuit that’s actually worth putting on? We’ve searched and found 3 sustainable swimsuit brands that carry cute suits that “suit” […]