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Get Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Look for Less (We Cracked the Code!)


Hair stylist Chaz Dean promises gorgeous and super manageable hair with his Wen hair care subscription service shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The before and after images speak for themselves: shiny, no mess hair that lasts between washes. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bedhead will only get you so far in life. We all want smooth and manageable hair if for no other reason than convenience. Who really has the time to deal with frizzy, out of control locks?  But you don’t need to spend $30 or more a month on Chaz Dean’s Wen …

Fashion Revolution Day: A Year After Rana Plaza, Turning Fast Fashion Inside Out

fashion revolution day

April 24, 2013 was a horrifying day in fashion history. The catastrophic events of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh have sparked a momentous movement a year later. That day is now known as Fashion Revolution Day.

More than 1,100 garment workers—a third of those who entered the clothing factories that morning in Bangladesh—died in the collapse of the massive eight-story building. Ordered to come to work despite the warnings that cracks found in the building the day before could lead to an imminent collapse, the fashion industry demands flew in …

7 Earth Day Inspired, Guilt-Free Products that Make It Easy to Love Mother Earth

Just in time for Earth Day, some of our favorite names in eco fashion are springing forth with new lines this season. But you can step out in guilt-free designer gear and support companies who support Mother Earth any day of the year.

Earth Day celebrates and promotes the greening of cities and communities worldwide. It’s a big-picture holiday that you can participate in year round by virtue of the small choices you make on a daily basis. The daily question of “what to wear” can have a tremendous impact on Mother Earth, as the garments you wear contribute to your carbon footprint.

These stylish, sustainable eco fashion designers can help you make every day an Earth Day, straight out of your own closet.

Yellowberry: Age-Appropriate Lingerie for the Little Ladies


Discover Yellowberry, an awesome new collection of cotton bras for girls aged 11-15.

And even more awesome is the fact that Yellowberry founder Megan Grassell is only 18 years old. She came up with the idea for setting up this company when the lack of age-appropriate lingerie for pre-teens and young teenagers hit her in the face on a shopping trip with her 13-year old sister. The two girls “came across the same thing at every store: push-up features, underwires, and padding that were all part of the standard to make a girl “grow” two cup …

Now You Can Answer the Door: Avon to Phase Out Triclosan, the Useless Chemical Nobody Wants


Avon is the latest company to announce plans to remove triclosan from its beauty and personal care products.

In 2010, the FDA acknowledged that triclosan was no more effective than simple hand washing with soap and water at preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi. But unlike soap and water, triclosan comes with some undesirable side effects, mainly the ability for bacteria to become resistant to it and other antibacterial products.

Triclosan is considered to have health risks for its potential to cause an increased risk of allergies. It is also implicated …

Link Love: Diane von Furstenberg’s Morning Routine + Vegan Cinnabon + Snails are Basically the Cutest Ever


This week’s Link Love edition is here! Goodies from the anti-fast fashion front, the vegan world of Cinnaholic, and the totally awesome world of snails.

Big ups to Livia Firth for slamming fast fashion. [via Xpose Entertainment]

Another attempt to socially network books has bitten the dust. Maybe readers just want to be alone. [via Salon]

This is how fashionista Diane von Furstenberg starts her day. How about you? [via Well+Good NYC]

Could the future of Cinnabon be vegan? [via Eat Drink Better]

You probably never gave snails that …

Giveaway! $240 Worth of Vision Biosperically Correct Skin Care Products to Rejuvenate Your Skin

   systems group shots-normal-dry-mature

One lucky EcoSalon reader will win $240 worth of incredible skin care products from Vision Biospherically Correct products. Want to enter for your chance to win? Read on.

Who doesn’t want to give their skin a healthy, glowing springtime boost? Vision Biosperically Correct Skin Care Products can help, and you could get to try these outstanding, revolutionary products for free. We’re giving away a skin care system from Vision that includes all natural, organic and wild harvested ingredients.

Vision’s skin care system relies on superfoods such as acai, camu …

Gross: KFC Lures Fast Food-Crazed Teens with Fried Chicken Corsages for Prom



I just threw up a little at the news that KFC has released a drumstick corsage just in time for prom season.

Yeah, you read right: It’s a corsage with a hunk of dead, fried chicken in the middle of soft, fragrant flowers.

I’m assuming it’s a marketing ploy to get exactly this type of attention. Healthy food-loving writers like me will tell you how utterly offensive this is. So, of course, rebellious teens will find …