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Feminist Art in Brooklyn: From The Dinner Party To Killer Heels

photo 2

Notable art openings are a wonderfully inevitable part of New York City in the fall, just like pumpkin spice lattes and orange leaves falling in Central Park. This year, the locus of fantastic feminist art is in Brooklyn – where I had the pleasure to explore new and permanent exhibits this past weekend.

Judy Chicago was the first artist to coin the term “feminist art” — her masterpiece is “The Dinner Party,” in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum. A retrospective of her early career just closed on Sunday, …

Bold and Beautiful Jewelry Trends for Fall: On Trend

akola project necklace

Column Fall jewelry trends this year are all about statement pieces and bold and beautiful embellishment. Check out our top 6 picks from our favorite brands.

Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends

1. Tarsis Necklace by Akola Project Tribal necklaces are big this season, and Akola Project’s Tarsis necklace (pictured above) from the Horn Collection is made from naturally shed ankle horn and hand-cast metal beads from Ethiopia. All of Akola Project’s pieces are carefully hand-crafted by dignified Akola women in Uganda, helping to create sustainable livelihoods for members of underprivileged communities.

Livia Firth: Fast Fashion is Speeding Up Climate Change…Fast

clothing sale

Climate change. Global warming. Whatever you call it, weird things—dangerous things—are happening to our weather, our oceans and our natural resources. And according to Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco Age Ltd, what we wear, particularly if it’s fast fashion, matters a lot in this equation.

The climate crisis is complicated. Industry, reliance on fossil fuels, deforestation—they all play a part. But the one area we don’t seem to be talking about nearly enough, according to Firth, is fashion.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has famously said that you can’t …

DIY: Adorable Homemade Dyed Hair Ties

Colorful elastic hair ties are so awesome. They stay put and are cute and soft on your wrist when not in your hair. But they are expensive and always seem to get lost.  

But with a little planning, you can make your own hair ties for approximately $1.50 for 4. Such a savings and you can pick your favorite colors too.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Gloves for working with the dye. It does stain your fingers. Available at craft

11 of the Best Oils for Skin: Natural Plant-Based Beauty

jojoba oil

Ditch the complicated beauty care products and start using the best oils for skin.

One of the best beauty and health care tips I embraced was to stop buying into the sensational firming, anti-aging, silky-smooth claims touted by expensive beauty products. Sure, they may work this so-called “magic” quite well, but coincidentally enough, the best of these brands are often based in natural plant-based oils. So, why load on the extra fillers, fragrances, water and other colorants and preservatives when you can get right to the source?

These oils are incredibly …

4 Ways to Look Good in the Morning (Even When You’re Late)

Woman putting on makeup.

I like my mornings like I like my runs – slow. But similar to everyone else in this crazy world, my mornings are often jam-packed with stuff I have to do before my workday starts.

While I always manage to run and fuel in the morning, I don’t always manage to get myself looking my best. Well, those days may be limited because I found some great advice about how to look good (and awake) in the morning, even when you’re feeling stale.

1. Do your morning prep the night

4 Biggest Fall Shoe Trends You Have to Wear

Biker boots closeup

There are oodles of fall shoe trends coming your way – here’s a highlight reel of the big four.

Can you believe it’s fall already? While I’m sure you’re secretly pouting about having to put away your most adored sandals for another season, it’s time to turn that frown upside down and focus your attention on the fall shoe trends you’re going to be sporting in T-minus… well, however long it takes you to read this article.
Because the fugly shoe trend left me practically catatonic, I thought it best to emotionally …

Eyebrow Styles Over the Ages


It’s interesting to look back and pay homage to women’s beauty as represented by eyebrow styles from around the world.

Just like clothing fashion, eyebrow fashion has a life of its own. In our time, we’ve witnessed trends from thin, high-arched pencil drawn eyebrows to the natural, thicker, unkempt eyebrow style, and back again. Your eyebrows are surprisingly important in determining your look. They are meant to complement the shape of your face, and when your eyebrow shape is off, you’re entire appeal could change. While eyebrow styles come and go, what …