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The Ultimate List of Sustainable Handbag Designers (From A-Z)

A list of the top sustainable handbag designers currently on the fashion scene. Sustainably designed handbags have come a long way since their humble beginnings. From vegetable dyed leathers to recycled and organic materials, handbag designers have upped the ante on style, form and function. Here we offer you an […]

Celebrate Future:Standard’s 1 Year Anniversary with EcoSalon

Celebrate ethical fashion with EcoSalon and Future:Standard in San Diego on Friday January 27, 2012. “You do not have to choose between your passions. If you want to combine them, you should.” Those are the good words of Future:Standard owner/buyer Jessica Althoff. With her  desire to support the environment, promote […]

12 Genius Eyeliner Tricks to Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

Ah-mazing eyeliner tricks that’ll make your mornings sooo much easier. Okay, so eyeliner freaks me out. One wrong move can derail your entire beauty routine – you know, the one you barely have time for in the first place. And have you ever noticed how one eye turns out perfectly […]

Sustainable Fashion Made in NYC from Tabii Just

These made in NYC, zero-waste designs pack a punch of Caribbean flair combined with funky Brooklyn edge for gorgeous sustainable fashion. Tabii Just is a Brooklyn-based zero-waste, womenswear brand that epitomizes the concept of casual cool through sustainable fashion. Simple but sexy, designer Tabitha St. Bernard’s creations are flirty and […]

Crush and Carry: Bags Made from Recycled Cork

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” While Franklin might not have foreseen the attachment future Americans would have to their accessories, the Peasants and Travelers’ cork Doctor’s Bag confirms wine is a gift that keeps on giving. Peasants […]

NOW Showcase: A Sustainable Curation of Design and Designers

You know warm days are truly coming to an end when fashion packs are racing around New York City’s famed fashion week dressed in fall looks determining what we’ll be wearing the following spring. Next week, sustainable style gets its day in the sun when the Now spring ’11 showcase […]

5 Fashion Trends To Thrift Right Now

Easy-to-find vintage trends are everywhere, you just have to know where to look. Thrifting for new wardrobe looks often comes down to going with a gut reaction. Perhaps more so than in mainstream stores and boutiques where marketing and merchandising is working its magic on your decision making abilities. In […]

5 Best Beauty Products to Brighten Winter Skin

Dry, winter skin is no match for these five naturally wonderful beauty products that will keep you glowing. After 15 sun-speckled years of giving directions to the Hollywood sign, I recently moved back to the northeast. This was not the move of a California girl who knows the best beauty […]

Fallback Outfit

Transitioning from summer to fall is all about using what you have in your wardrobe and mixing in a few key pieces to update your look. The harem pant has been around all season and now is the time to give it another stylish life! Try tucking it into over-the-knee […]

In The Details: Clary Sage Organics Takes on Lifestyle

Inspired by vintage slips, the Femme “popover” dress adds a distinctly feminine layer to workout wear. The focus and concentration that it takes to realize a personal vision can be a kind of meditation all of its own. It’s fitting that Clary Sage Organics’ yoga-inspired lifestyle collection is so replete […]

Sea Fever Gear Bag Giveaway

Penny Haughwout and her sister Pixie just couldn’t come to terms with throwing away the family boat’s canvas sail. You’ve probably never had that problem but maybe, just maybe, you can understand sometimes that fabrics have meaning. For the Haughwout sisters, their boat, the Sea Fever, and its trusty sail […]

6 Knight-Worthy Eco Fashion Designers from the UK

Known for its street style, punk rock past and plethora of talented, conceptual designers hailing from institutions like Central Saint Martins and the RCA, the UK is bound to boast its fair share of eco fashion designers. Check out these 6 fashion designers using sustainable fabrics, upcycled materials and ethical production […]

Relief Fund Created for Victims of Rana Plaza Fashion Factory Collapse

rana plaza victims

Victims and family members of Rana Plaza disaster to receive financial compensation for devastation caused by the factory collapse. 

On Christmas Day of this year, the surviving victims and families of victims who passed away in the April 2013 factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh received some consolation for their losses. Several of the brands that subcontracted the factory for production of their apparel and accessories have set up a relief fund in order for the victims and their families to create a better quality of life after the tragic impacts of the collapse.

There's Love in These T-Shirts Yet

When ex-Project Runway designer Alison Kelly embarked upon her journey as designer she realized it might be one of those lonely occupations. So, not skimping on creating collections for her Atelier Dahl, but yearning for company, she decided to collaborate with her boyfriend and Salt and Samovar bass player Dane […]

Dress/Undress: Fashion for a Cause in Portland, Oregon

Local designers in Portland, Oregon come together to support Planned Parenthood on August 31, 2011. We do love fashion for a good cause, especially when it’s a collection of stand-out local designers. Enter, Dress/Undress a benefit fashion event put together by Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, hosted on Wednesday August 31, […]

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Get Your Holiday Cheer On With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Holiday Cheer Edition, features items that will make your holidays sparkle with all its might! Celebrate the most festive of seasons with a box of 25 glittering items from 15 fabulous brands – worth $466.95–all for just $129 + free shipping! Fa la la la la! The holiday season is officially in […]

5 Eco-Friendly Businesses to Visit This Black Friday: Friday Finds

Yes, it’s back Friday. Loads of box stores are hocking outrageous deals. But we know all of you would rather get your goods and wares from companies that have human beings and the Earth’s well-being in mind. So, for this week’s Friday Finds, we’ve rounded up 5 eco-friendly businesses you […]

Ballet Inspired Beauty Looks Just in Time for Nutcracker Season

Making holiday plans yet? Whether a viewing of The Nutcracker is on your agenda or not, ballet inspired beauty is hot this holiday season. Ballerinas always radiate serene beauty. That’s why the look is a fabulous way to add classic femininity to your holiday vibe. Greys, blacks, and whites are […]

The 6 Best Hand Creams to Combat Extremely Dry Skin

Winter is coming right up. This means cozy fires, hot cocoa, and playing in the snow. It also means extremely dry skin and cracked hands. Why do our digits seem to get hit the hardest in winter? Sandpaper skin and gnarly cracks are not only unsightly, but painful too. Once […]

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Get Gorgeous Winter Natural Beauty With EcoSalon’s The Box!

  EcoSalon’s Winter Natural Beauty Box features items that will keep that glow going strong! November is delightfully colorful and transitional, so celebrate one of the most beautiful months of the year with a box of 20 fabulous products from 11 magnificent brands – worth $438.30–all for just $129 + free shipping! November is here! It […]

Fall Into Fabulous With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s Fall Into Fabulous Box features items that will keep that glow going strong! September is delightfully colorful and transitional, so celebrate one of the most beautiful months of the year with a box of products worth $461.36–all for just $129 + free shipping!   We love the spring. We love the summer. But […]

EcoSalon’s Fair Trade Fashion Guide

Welcome to EcoSalon’s Fair Trade Fashion Guide—your destination for sustainable and ethical fashion alternatives! Learn all about the benefits of Fair Trade, who’s making great Fair Trade fashion, and where to find it! What is Fair Trade Fashion? Fair Trade certified fashion is considered clothing and accessories made from materials produced in a way that helps producers in developing […]