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Self-Serving Ecoists, Mostly

Jeesh. Yesterday I was flooded with friends’ and colleagues’ emails begging me to write a rebuttal to what they thought were one or two writers slamming the eco-fashion industry. It had already gone pretty viral by the time the emails came in and only this morning did I really take […]

THREADED: Mikuti’s Eye Candy Harbors A Sweet Story

ColumnFor fashion label Mikuti, it’s a family affair. Bombarded with beautiful beaded bangles, there’s an inexplicable awe that comes through observing the brilliant outcome of a designer’s process. Sifting through images from designer Erika Freud – the creative behind breakout accessory label Mikuti – on her most recent journey in […]

Army Green

Military styles will always grace the runways, in some way, shape, or form. It started with camouflage pants and has evolved more recently into military-inspired jackets. And now, design team Jack & Marjorie have brought us handbags that are actual army relics. Well, loosely, that is. The Miscou handbag is […]

Ready for Rio

Get ready for Rio+20 by dressing in these picks from some of Brazil’s top eco-designers. As Rio+20 – the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – kicks off this week, thousands of game changers in the sustainability world will flock to Brazil. We do hope that good things come out […]

EcoSalon Asks, 6 Designers Answer

I work with many sustainable designers and one of the more common questions I’m asked is usually about who another designer uses for manufacturing or dyeing. I will never forget the loss of a U.S based non-toxic dyeing facility that one of the designers below regularly used – and eventually […]

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept: The Beauty is in the Details

wabi sabi

Spanish eco fashion label Wabi Sabi  launches their US-based online store!

Wabi Sabi is a chic eco fashion collection of timeless pieces that combine the highest quality sustainable materials, artisan craftsmanship and gorgeous styling. Featuring clothing, accessories and shoes, the Wabi Sabi collection is full of stylish and simple pieces that are nonetheless easy to add to almost any wardrobe. As designer Michele says: “Clothes are functional. They serve a purpose. However, that does not mean they need to be ugly or boring.  I create clothes and accessories that are functional across the many roles we play in our daily life, that are stylish and flattering, fit well, are high quality, made to last and that serve a purpose.”

Watson & Ferretti Up the Ante on Conscious Luxe

Alberta Ferretti and Emma Watson collaborate on a five-piece capsule collection. Last year EcoSalon reported on the Emma Watson/Alberta Ferretti design collaboration. French actress and singer Jane Birkin was the celebrated inspiration; Ferretii has said that Watson came to the table with a definite Birkin-circa-seventies image in mind. Calling the […]

Nature Girl: Chemical-Free Goodness for Smooth Summer Skin

Summer is here at long last, which means lighter clothes, fewer layers, and a long checklist of personal maintenance. Already, several times this season I’ve almost run out with a skirt, realizing in the nick of time that my legs were not “public appropriate.” The key to smooth summer skin […]

Behind The Label: The Safe Sunscreen Debate

Not all sunscreens are created equal. Every summer for the past decade, the media has issued staunch advisories reminding consumers to wear sunscreen. But this year, their tone has changed. Studies are showing that not only are many sunscreens filled with potentially harmful chemicals, but also that sunscreen wearers can actually […]

The “Allure” of Diana Vreeland

Diana Vreeland, the legendary 1960s Vogue editor, is popping up everywhere these days. The passion for the eccentric fashion doyenne and her visionary layouts clearly endures. The question is: will today’s fashion and fashion magazines hold the same allure in 50 years? “Allure is a word very few people use […]

CFDA Fashion Incubator Announces First 12

New York City’s Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) recently welcomed their first 12 designers to the CFDA Fashion Incubator located in New York City’s historic Garment District. CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg led the designers on a tour of their new home […]

Building the Case for Eco Fashion as a Movement

A few years ago, “eco fashion” became the hottest buzzword. The media in particular loved it and used every opportunity available to position it as the hottest trend. Recall those “Green is the New Black” headlines everywhere? Fast forward to today, and we know that eco fashion is definitely not […]

Toggery’s Racer Tank Giveaway

Toggery designer Kate D’Arcy created her classic, easy-to-wear jersey styles to easily transition from casual to dressy and from season to season. We love everything about the line – from the styles to the fact that they domestically manufacture right in Pennsylvania where D’Arcy lives. D’Arcy says the brand’s classic […]

Eat, Pray and Love in Harem Pants

It’s a funky time in fashion right now. While the stores and fat September issues would have us believe there are autumnal leaves falling about our feet, the reality is we’ve got some sunshine to go before buying fall clothes make any sense. If happiness is wanting what you already […]

How to Assemble Your Spring Beauty Kit with Natural Brands

It’s that time of year. Time to set aside the thick winter moisturizers, heavy balms, and other cold weather supplies. Find out how to put together your spring beauty kit with natural beauty brands. Spring is welcome, big time. We can hardly wait to break out the shorts, sandals, and […]

Lustables: Hui Hui Scarf

Blend in when you’re traveling in this vividly detailed, printed scarf. The scarf is a travel essential. Uniquely useful for transforming easy basics into a chic-looking outfit, keeping warm when temperatures drop or even for fashioning a makeshift mantilla. This generously-sized silk scarf from cult-in-the-making German design label, Hui Hui is […]

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How to Shop Green Beauty Online Like a Pro

Unless you are fortunate enough to have the likes of NYC green beauty shops nearby, you likely shop online. Confused over color choices? Mystified by skin care options? Perplexed with pricing? Here’s how to shop green beauty online like a pro. You are committed to nontoxic beauty. Still, sometimes you […]

5 Summer Whites to Wear Before Labor Day: Friday Finds

Okay, ladies. Labor Day is slowly creeping into view. And after that, wearing white won’t be so high on your priority list. Reap the benefits of these last few weeks of summer and grab any one—or all—of these perfect, late summer whites now. 1. White summer vests Ah, the trendy, […]

7 Affordable Ways to Prevent Premature Aging

Women these days have a lot to live up to, aging-wise. With the ubiquitous availability of Botox, it has become the go-to once your first forehead line or eye wrinkle appears. But hang on a sec before reaching for the needle. There are ways to prevent premature aging for as […]

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Shine On with EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your home, body, and soul radiant and colorful for those lighter, longer days. EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box is here to help! This bright bundle of goodies features $450 worth of gorgeous and refreshing treats to help you view the most radiant of seasons through rose-colored, eco-friendly glasses. Renew yourself and get your […]

Is Chemical Sunscreen Killing Marine Life?

Sunscreen season is here. We opt for the safest sun protection for ourselves and our little ones because chemical sunscreen is not the healthiest choice. And guess what, it’s not a day at the beach for marine life either. My family and I took a vacation to Mexico a few […]