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Lustables: The Loved Ring

St. Kilda, founded in 2004 by Nora Kogan, incorporates recycled metals and conflict-free stones into all her jewelry. Based in the ever-blooming designer borough of Brooklyn, each piece is heritage worthy. Loved Ring, $315

Eco Style West Vol. 3

Sustainable style news from EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Correspondent. Bienvenido Balenciaga – The opening of the 120-piece fashion retrospective Balenciaga and Spain at San Franciso’s De Young Museum last week was celebrated with a $2,500 a ticket fundraiser attended by fashion’s elite. Guests included the exhibit’s guest curator and Vogue European […]

Building the Case for Eco Fashion as a Movement

A few years ago, “eco fashion” became the hottest buzzword. The media in particular loved it and used every opportunity available to position it as the hottest trend. Recall those “Green is the New Black” headlines everywhere? Fast forward to today, and we know that eco fashion is definitely not […]

Freitag: Creating Sustainable & Upcycled Bags that R.I.P.

freitag bag

Freitag’s functional and fashionable bags are completely made from recycled materials.

Bags that R.I.P.? That’s what Swiss bag manufacturer Freitag calls their sustainably designed and recycled accessories – Recycled Individual Products. Made from used truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tubes and car seatbelts, Freitag bags are entirely upcycled and manufactured in a vertically integrated, local Zurich factory, giving new, purposeful life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The result is a collection of functional, water repellent and durable bags and accessories that answered the needs of founders, brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag.

Beyond Eco Fashion: the Brave New World of PermaCouture

Every once in awhile I come across an idea or organization that blows me away with its far-reaching goals, forward-thinking plans, and originality. I’m talking about world-changing, planet-saving thoughts and actions. The Permacouture Institute is one of those organizations. If you’re reading this blog, you know that eco-literacy and fashion […]

Sold on 'Old' Gold

We’ve all seen Blood Diamond, but I’m waiting for The Truth About Gold. We’ve blogged here about how the standard gold mining process is destructive to humans and our environment. For starters, extracting gold from the ground means separating it from surrounding ore. There are two methods used to do […]

On Trend: Geometrically Inclined

Geometric shapes are the perfect way to add edge to any outfit. Maybe it’s because I am a graphic designer at heart, but there is something strangely comforting about straight angles and geometric shapes. They are also the perfect way to add edge to any outfit. Match an Aztec-print blouse […]

Stylish Steals: Slouchy Sexy

Effortlessly sexy? A thrown together look that can go from day to night? Tobi’s online eco-boutique has an “Eco-Tobi” which offers lots of looks to choose from, with a healthy amount of sizes left. I love this Alternative Apparel silk and modal cardigan for its sheerness and earthly hue. The […]

Dear Santa: my hooman iz crazy, pls to halp, kthxbai, Fido.

My brain has hardly had the chance to recover this morning from the logical grand mal of Dubya’s statement that he is turning away from free market principles in order to save the free market when I choked on this piece about San Francisco residents forgoing groceries and gifts to […]

Lustables: I’m With The Band Top

Threads For Thought uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and polyester recycled from plastic water bottles. I’ll have to admit, I bought this top from Threads For Thought the other day and can’t stop finding new ways to wear it. Made from organic cotton on the front and a […]

Lustables: Bullet Casing Petal Necklace

Beauty turns up in the strangest places. I love that when you first glance at this necklace from VivaTerra, it looks so sweet. Don’t get me wrong, it is, but the fact that the brass casing are actually remnants from a rifle range gives the sweetness a little edge. The […]

5 Hair Washing Rules You Should Always Follow

We know the whole hair washing thing is important to do on the regular… but how regular is still up for debate. Much like washing your face or brushing your teeth, washing your hair is something you just do. You don’t think about it or talk about it, it’s just […]

Buddha Style: Do Spirituality and Style Have to be Mutually Exclusive?

Could embracing a spiritual approach to style motivate consumers to choose more sustainable fashion? The fashion industry is fascinating. On one hand you have businesses that create obsolescence and insecurity, and on the other, products that offer tremendous potential as a creative process to make people feel more secure by […]

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5 Cozy Cardigans to Wear this Autumn: Friday Finds

I wore a long-sleeve shirt outside for the first time last weekend and it was glorious. This wonderful occasion reminded me that I need to add a few cozy cardigans to my wardrobe before autumn is in full swing. The following 5 are high on my must-buy list. 1. Hood […]

5 Easy to Follow Fashion Tips to Go from Summer to Fall in a Snap

If you’re looking for a handful of fun and functional fashion tips for a summer-to-fall wardrobe transition, then you’ve come to the right place! Before you can even think about saying, “pumpkin spice latte,” fall will be here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll already be daydreaming about carving pumpkins, […]

5 Essential (and Totally Sustainable) Work Bags

Just what are the essentials for work bags that make the cut? No matter your line of work, it is a given that you need a good work bag. A work bag must be many things– a utilitarian workhorse, a chic bag that works just as well after hours, a […]

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Is Chemical Sunscreen Killing Marine Life?

Sunscreen season is here. We opt for the safest sun protection for ourselves and our little ones because chemical sunscreen is not the healthiest choice. And guess what, it’s not a day at the beach for marine life either. My family and I took a vacation to Mexico a few […]