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4 Natural Botox Alternatives That Actually Work


Botox is one of the most common medical procedures in the world right now. But if injecting poison into your face isn’t appealing, there are natural botox alternatives that are a lot healthier. 

The amount of medical cosmetic procedures available right now worldwide is pretty incredible, but Botox remains one of the most popular and cost effective on the market today.

Botox works so well because it minimizes the muscle and nerve activity wherever it is injected. Usually it is used on the face with most people focusing on the forehead and around the …

5 Breakout-Banishing All Natural Remedies For Acne: Beat the Endless Zit Battle



Instead of cowering under your covers or rocking a baseball cap and enormous Olsen twins-style sunnies every day, check out these breakout-banishing all natural remedies for acne. Your skin will give you a glowing ovation for sure!

It’s a major bummer when you’ve reached your 20s and 30s and all of a sudden your skin decides to take a walk down preteen memory lane. The age-old myth is that every seven years your hormones change which is usually code for “get ready because your skin is about to freak the f&^% out!” These …

9 Alternatives to Elastic Hair Ties for Adorable Updos and Pull Backs

Woman by window

Elastic hair ties are always there for us when we need them – but they leave our hair looking blah with a side of womp, womp.

Okay, so you’re totally fed up with your elastic hair ties and you have been for a while. But when you’re in a rush to get ready in the morning, styling your hair is the first beauty routine out the window.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of alternatives to your oh-so-boring, oh-so-plain elastic hair ties that will spruce up your hair in seconds:…

Color Blocking in Natural Tones: Gorgeous Must-Wear 2014 Fall Trend

vegan leather bag

Rock the color blocking trend this fall with easy to wear, natural tones.

Aloha prints may have worked well for summer, but vibrant color block takes the place of prints this fall in a major way. Check out our top picks for eco chic fashion and accessories with color block in gorgeous, natural tones. Wear them with bold eye make up and a stylized ponytail for one of the sleekest looks of the season!

Pucker Up: 10 Surprising Uses for Lip Balm

Lips closeup

Once your pout’s all… well, pouty, here are 10 more uses for lip balm.

If you think the only uses for lip balm is on your lips, you’re seriously missing out. The soothing formula and its consistency make it surprisingly handy for solving other beauty and fashion mishaps. This, my friends, is repurposing at its finest.

Here are 10 uber-useful ways to let your lip balm live up to its full potential:

1. Tame those flyaways

Your hair never gives you attitude when you’re actually near your hair products (pffft!) – lucky for you, …

Eco Optics’ Use of Recycled Materials is Helping the World See a Bit More Clearly

Girl wearing fashionable sunglasses wearing a motorcycle helmet

Earth-conscious eyewear brand, Eco, is changing the way we view glasses one pair of frames (and a tree) at a time. Who said glasses were only for nerds? Pshhh, whoever said that has got it all wrong. Eyewear that makes the best use of recycled materials is where it’s at.

The eyewear world is a major and profitable market with so many of us relying on some extra assistance to maximize our vision. Unfortunately, most of us never got that much coveted 20/20 vision gene. It’s …

9 Ways to Mix and Match Prints Like a ’90s Fashion Diva


Remember how ’90s fashion was the epitome of bold prints blended together in a beautiful chaos?

Nineties fashion was all about carelessness and comfort, but careless doesn’t have to mean sloppy. From mixing florals and plaids to going all out Courtney Love, here are 9 ways to mix and match prints while still looking dressed to the ’90s (see what I did there?):

1. Go big or go home

Nineties fashion wasn’t about being shy. If you rummage through your closet and want to throw together pink polka dots and a masculine stripe – go …

Don’t Get Caught Wearing Non-Organic Cotton Around Neil Young

neil young

Hey, hey, my, my.  Neil Young is going a little bit Crazy Horse about ditching non-organic cotton.

On his recent European tour, the rocker treated some fans to free organic cotton T-shirts. They came with a caveat though: “I’m hoping that when you wear your PROTECT/EARTH T-shirt, you will vow to PROTECT EARTH and to take a stand for EARTH in the ways that you can,” Young wrote on his website.

According to Ecouterre, Young is personally making sure his concert merchandise is now all made from …