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She-Bible Robyn Tunic Giveaway

She-bible designers Deirdre Nagayama and Stacy Rodgers have been best friends since their junior year at Sacred Heart Cathedral in San Francisco. With all the pressure to conform to a particular style as 16-year-olds will, did they fold? “We went to catholic school with uniforms which is kind of funny. […]

Whatever the Season, I'll Be Wearing the Whitney Coat

I know the month is December, the season is winter and the days and nights are pure brrrrrrr, but bear with me – I’m in the mood for spring. I could wait until after the holidays to spout my springtime cheer, but why? The rain just stopped and the sunshine […]

Faux Fro or Twist Out? Choose Wisely

Curly haired girls rejoice! Now is your time to shine. A big, full head of curls is totally in. Not so texturally blessed? Straight haired gals can get in on this look too. But first, the difference between a faux fro and a twist out. Haven’t you always wanted to […]

Patagonia, Inc. Now Sourcing Wool… from Patagonia

Leading outerwear manufacturer Patagonia is partaking in an initiative to restore the grasslands of Argentina. In an effort to reverse the 100 years of overgrazing on Patagonia’s 15 million acres of grasslands, Patagonia, Inc. has placed the first order of wool from the ranchers of its namesake region. The restoration […]

Savage Designs Takes the Sting Out of Nettles

For the eco-textile connoisseur, have I got a treat for you. Yes, you’ve explored the soft and wonderful worlds of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, but have you ever worn nettles? I know, I was surprised, too, when I came across Savage Designs. I was attracted by the swingy, well-tailored […]

3 Eco-Friendly Eyeliners for Dramatic Eyes

The latest trends in eye makeup start with eco-friendly products. Delicious, creamery eggnog in a frosted glass. Pumpkin pies baked from scratch. Spiced rum cakes served next to a crackling fire. Oh, those holidays will soon be upon us. For many of us, this means a whirlwind of feted parties […]

EcoSalon Shops! Presents: RESTORE

I’m on day 14 of writing about all our designers for EcoSalon Shops! and I am no less inspired to write. Today we feature RESTORE CLOTHING which is a label I cannot possibly say enough about. It will be way too much of a love fest for you to bear. […]

Now & Then: The History of Hiding Behind Sunglasses

An image from Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly sunglasses campaign for spring/summer 2012. Each pair is made with at least 50% natural and renewable materials. Dark glasses, shades, even sun specs – but please, never “Sunnies” – sunglasses are an accessory par excellence, arguably the best we have in our fashion repertoires […]

9 Stylishly Cool Leggings to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Cool leggings to amp up that winter wardrobe of yours. Even if you’re a winter lover (you know, unlike myself), it’s hard not to fall into a frumpy phase, where you’re more concerned about your body temperature than how you look. Seriously, the number of black leggings one woman can […]

Come Meet EcoSalon At The Now Showcase!

We’ve been falling hard for the NOW Showcase for the past three seasons at Market in New York City and are glad to be this season’s exclusive media sponsor. With all that amazing talent in one big room, not only are we excited to see all the new fall collections, […]

9 Stylishly Cool Leggings to Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Cool leggings to amp up that winter wardrobe of yours. Even if you’re a winter lover (you know, unlike myself), it’s hard not to fall into a frumpy phase, where you’re more concerned about your body temperature than how you look. Seriously, the number of black leggings one woman can […]

Second Hand Shopping Gets A Digital Upgrade

A number of new startups bring convenience to the second hand fashion world. When it comes down to it, the best thing you can do for the environment is not buy new clothes. A satisfying second best for those not quite ready for minimalist fashion – and I don’t mean […]

Is Your Government Doing Enough?

A major piece of the puzzle that has to happen in order for sustainable living to become mainstream is consumer awareness. And blogs like this are doing a fantastic job at raising our level of awareness and knowledge to make smarter purchasing and behavioral choices. However, another important component to […]

6 Juicy Ingredients to Drink and Wear for Glowing Skin

organic facial

Discover 6 detoxifying and delicious juice ingredients that you can drink and apply topically for gorgeous, glowing skin!

Juicing is one of the biggest health trends that goes hand in hand with kale chips, yoga and veganism, and for a good reason, too. The benefits of introducing the mass of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to your body through pure, low calorie juice ingredients is a boon to your being. Learn which juice ingredients will make your skin glow from the inside out, and then utilize the leftover pulp to make de-clogging and regenerating facial masks!

Embrace Eclectic Style a la Kate Moss

Kate Moss has secured her status as a modern-day style icon, and such a position doesn’t come without merit. Celebrating her fabulous style that is constantly changing and yet always translates as a ‘Kate Moss’ look, we’ve decided to dissect her signature style and provide you with eco-staples to achieve her effortless eclectic look. […]

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7 Hard and Fast Rules of Applying Concealer for Amazing Results

Concealer is a game changer in makeup. Nothing brightens eyes, covers spots, and evens discoloration like it. But there are some rules to applying concealer that are a must to getting this step right. Makeup is personal. We all like what we like and choose items to suit our skin […]

Mineral Water Spray: How You Should (and Shouldn’t) Use It

You know those cans of Evian spray you pass at department store beauty counters? Ever feel they are elitist? Or just downright unnecessary? Thought so. Should you be using mineral water spray on your winter skin? Here’s the deal. Yes, those pristine looking cans evoke a diamond-laden European woman basking […]

12 Deliciously Chocolate Lotions, Creams, and Other Yummy Body Treats

Indulge in these decadent, delicious, calorie-free and no-guilt chocolate lotions, butters, and scrubs. If Valentine’s Day is all about love and chocolate, what if you could indulge in luscious chocolaty decadence without one calorie? With delicious body products you can. You might even feel naughty; like you’re smoothing whipped chocolate frosting […]

9 Last-Minute Personalized Valentine’s Gifts Perfect for V-Day

Choose perfectly personalized Valentine’s gifts that say I love you, or rather, I love [insert their name here]. Valentine’s Day is the time for romance and sentiment. And whether you are looking for gifts for your significant other, or for other special folks in your life–like your mom, sister, or […]

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Get Your Holiday Cheer On With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Holiday Cheer Edition, features items that will make your holidays sparkle with all its might! Celebrate the most festive of seasons with a box of 25 glittering items from 15 fabulous brands – worth $466.95–all for just $129 + free shipping! Fa la la la la! The holiday season is officially in […]