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You Don’t Have to Look Like Winter

Winter has arrived, and for some of us it has brought along snowy roads and snowy or ashy skin hues. And hey, that’s not so bad for anyone cultivating an alabaster hue. But others can find it hard to give up the seemingly healthy glow of summer. We’ve already written […]

Josie Maran Shares Her Favorite Tips for Flawless Beauty

Just because you can appreciate a natural approach to beauty doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing makeup. Planet Green’s interview with model-turned-natural-cosmetics-saleswoman Josie Maran gives you the scoop on the latest in eco-friendly beauty products. Instead of going back for that two-dollar drugstore eyeliner (you know who you are), […]

Adventures in Sugar Hair Removal

Only the bravest of us greenies go without hair removal. Sure, there’s some who can weave their armpit hair, and we applaud that. But the rest of us aren’t unknown to razors or organic shaving creams. (And for our best natural picks for creams and razors, click here.) And that […]

The Lucky 11: Songs to Seduce Someone To

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist for setting the mood. We normally do 10 songs for your weekend playlist, but we figured with the purpose of this musical compilation you might need an additional dose of luck, so we went ahead and made it 11.

Start a Green Gratitude Journal to Improve Your Mental Health

The term “gratitude journal” has been casually bandied about ever since Oprah announced that is was part of her daily practice to sit down and list all of the things for which she is grateful. The concept of reflecting upon and writing down what we appreciate is one we’d all […]

Ecosalon Recipes: Organic Vodka Faves Plus 3 Cocktail Recipes

Having a drink has just gotten more respectable. With organic vodkas taking the stage, and recipes that include fruit high in antioxidants and fiber, happy hour can almost be salubrious. Three brands to know about:   Square One Vodka Made from organic rye grown in North Dakota, this vodka is […]

Eco-Friendly, Healthy Dining Starts with the Proper Tools

Readers often email us with questions, and though I generally respond in my Friday column, the following question was so good, I just had to post it. Dear Bonnie, I am torn between recyclable plastic kitchen items that may be leaking toxins into our food and wood products that might […]

LUSH Cosmetics’s Knotty Giveaway

The naked truth? About 70 percent of LUSH Cosmetics’s products are sold naked without packaging (even their shampoo)! By reducing their dependence on virgin plastics, LUSH is helping to reduce landfill waste and CO2 emissions – all without compromising the quality of their products. Their lust-worthy line of solid bath […]


QuotesDaily quotes at EcoSalon. “I know what sin is.” -Brigitte Bardot Image: Muo_hace dc

Green Consumers Impressed by Results, not Promises

The Greenwashers are scrambling. That’s the conclusion reached by the State Of Green Business Report 2008 (pdf), produced by Greener World Media (edited by Joel Makower). The report surveyed the so-called greening up of the top corporations in the U.S. We have a long way to go, and despite progress […]

Creative Toolkit for the Traveler: Make a Journal You'll Cherish

Do you envy the artistic travel journals that some people seem to create with ease? Do you love wonderful illustrated travel books like Sara Midda’s South of France? Whether you’re headed for the Tuscan sun, Paris flea markets, the beaches of Thailand or the backroads of New Mexico, keeping your […]

In the Future, We All Carry Mugs

“What size cup would you like? Small, Medium, Large, Super, Tall, Grande, Venti, Super-Venti, Hungover or perhaps Recession Special?” “None of the above, please.” It’s a dream I have. Follow me on a choose-your-own-post journey into the What If. It’s the future, a greener, more enlightened time. You drop in […]

It's a Lemon! It's an Orange? It's a Meyer!

Thank goodness citrus ripens in the winter, because after months of the chilly blues, we need that tangy pick-me-up. Today we celebrate the exotic Meyer lemon, revving up our chilled taste buds with a more fragrant, less acidic flavor than the more common Eureka and Lisbon lemons, and packing a […]

The Butts Remain

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health.  Turns out it’s not so good for the health of the planet, either. Cigarettes might go up in smoke but the butts remain and account for 1.7 billion pounds of non-biodegradable trash. According to ButtsOut, cigarette butt litter is the world’s […]

8 Natural Sore Throat Treatments and Remedies

Uh oh. You feel that little tickle in the back of your throat. You want to deny it. It’s nothing, really, it’ll go away after a cup of tea. But it doesn’t. By the end of the day you have to admit, you’ve got a full-on, hurts-to-swallow sore throat. Don’t […]

Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story [Video]

Jemima Kirke, of HBO’s “Girls” recently shared her abortion story with the Center for Reproductive Rights. Kirke’s story is similar to many women’s abortion stories as it was very difficult for her to afford the procedure. As she said: It wasn’t totally unavailable, and that’s the tricky part — there […]

The Green Kitchen: Painless Energy Conservation

With the kitchen accounting for 30-40% of home energy use, it seems like a smart place to start some conserving. If you can replace your old appliances with energy efficient ones, do it. They make a big difference. But no matter what type of appliances you’re using, the following tips […]

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A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping!     You see it everywhere: The […]

3 Companies that Make Sustainable Sex Sexy

There’s no doubt that sex toys and personal lubricants are fun, and that condoms are a necessity for any person who likes to have safer sex. But in our opinion, some sex accessories are more fun than others because they are safer for you and the environment. And that’s why […]

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43 Signs You’ve Been Enjoying the Single Life a Little TOO Long

Signs you might be taking the whole single life thing a little too far. The single life is awesome—the freedom, the endless amounts of “me time,” the fact that wearing pants is no longer mandatory—but there comes a time in every single woman’s life where she starts picking up “single […]

A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping!     You see it everywhere: The […]

The Real Reason Men Who Clean the House Have Less Sex

Science says men who clean the house have less sex. Here’s why science can suck it. Back in the day—okay, 2013—a study came out that said men who do more chores around the house have less sex than husbands who don’t clean the house as much. (Can I meet the […]

On Gendered, Loaded Words: It’s Time for Redefinition

There are a lot of loaded words falling out of people’s mouths these days. Many of these words are gendered and their traditional definitions are awful. Since society is changing… slowly… very slowly… I think it’s time to put a positive spin on these words. I mean, they obviously aren’t […]