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Ladies: Please Love the Labia You Have

Uniformity isn't hot. That's why we really don't dig vaginal plastic surgery.

These days, a growing number of women are choosing to alter how their genitals look by choosing to have labiaplasty, a type of plastic surgery that alters the appearance of the labia. Typing that last sentence makes me and my labia very sad.

Throughout the past year, I’ve seen multiple pieces about vaginal tightening, clitoral hood reduction, “laser vaginal bleaching,” and labiaplasty. Apparently, this up-tick in articles about designer vaginas wasn’t just a coincidence — some of these cosmetic procedures are being …

4 Books that Exude Girl Power

These books are filled with girl power.

Every woman and girl needs to have an arsenal of books to turn to when the world gets them down. So, we’ve rounded up the following books – all of them are oozing with girl power.

1. “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler

This book was recommended to me by a wise, wonderful woman – my mom! Mama Stutzer read this book in the fall of 2014 in about two weeks. The book is filled with amazing stories from Poehler’s life, and serves a …

Tinder’s Age Discrimination is LAME: Charging Users Over 30 for ‘Premium Service’

Tinder may be practicing age discrimination -- what do you think?

Single, over 30, and on Tinder? Cool – get ready to pay more for premium services on Tinder. While this is most likely a “savvy” business move, it reads kind of gross and feels a bit like age discrimination.

According to Mashable, the dating app is adding a premium account option called Tinder Plus. The new account option allows users who pay a premium to take advantage of the following new features:

Passport: This new features allow people to change their location and …

The Newest Erectile Dysfunction Drug? Genetically Modified Spider Venom

The Newest Erectile Dysfuction Drug: GMO Spider Venom

The latest erectile dysfunction drug could be genetically modified spider venom.

Erectile dysfunction impacts an estimated 30 million American men and that number is growing. Why do more and more men have difficulty getting and staying in the mood, if you know what I mean? Well, it’s partially because getting an erection often has a lot to do with your overall health. ED is caused by a number of factors including heart disease, obesity, certain prescription drugs, sleep problems, and alcohol use as well as stress. And …

Produce Clean Energy with Pornhub’s ‘Wankband’ by Getting Dirty

Produce Clean Energy with Pornhub's 'Wankband' by Getting Dirty

Clean energy at its dirtiest: Pornhub’s “Wankband” produces green power by putting chronic masturbators to good use.

Because when I think Pornhub, I think staunch environmentalists: Better known as the Fitbit’s creepy uncle, the “Wankband” is a (hopefully waterproof) device that allows you to save the planet and charge your smartphone by—you guessed it—masturbating. Finally, moms across the country can make their teenage sons useful (in fact, there were a few in my day who would have been able to feed energy back into the …

Is It Really Possible to Make Period Sex… Well, Sexy?

Is It Really Possible to Make Period Sex... Well, Sexy?

How to make period sex a little more sexy and a little less… massacrey.

There’s no way around it: periods are a total pain in the vagina, and depending on how severe can be a total buzzkill in the bedroom. It’s not because we’re embarrassed by them—this isn’t high school, after all—but because we feel disgusting. We’re crampy, we’re bloaty, we’re definitely moody, and we just want to deal with our random diarrhea attacks in peace. With chocolate and Netflix.

My hatred of period sex …

Trophy Husbands: Because All the Successful Women Do It

Successful women can now hitch trophy husbands.

Hey, successful women. Did you know that it’s the age of the trophy husband? For real. I don’t know if I should celebrate, or cry about this news…

OK, OK. Let me back up. In theory, this finding isn’t depressing.

Helen Fisher recently conducted a study for that mined the brains of single people. One of the findings the survey discovered was that men are totally cool with dating successful women. Also: More men — 87 percent — are cool with dating a woman who is …

Are You Sending Your Guy Friend Mixed Signals?

Are You Sending Your Guy Friend Mixed Signals?

Warning: You may be sending your guy friend mixed signals—and not even know it!

We’ve all been there: He wants to be more than friends, and you… well, don’t. To add to the awkwardness, he’s mistaken your friendliness as flirting, and you’ve mistaken his flirting as friendliness. Womp, womp. Blame it on evolution. No, seriously. A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology says so.

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that while both men …