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Heck, Yes! Gender Reassignment Surgery Costs to be Covered by New York Insurers

Transgender health rally

New York State just did an awesome thing — a really awesome, totally progressive thing. Governor Cuomo announced that gender reassignment surgery has to be covered by health insurance throughout the entire state.

We recently got wind of this stellar news last week when @NYTimesHealth tweeted the following:
Insurers in New York Must Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery, Cuomo Says
According to Kaiser Health News, the announcement was made last week via letter from Governor Cuomo to insurance agencies. The governor came to this conclusion because, “state law requires insurance …

6 Ways to Make Winter Sex… Well, Sexy

couple kissing in winter

There’s nothing quite like winter sex. You know, if you play your thermostats right.

It’s hard to say why our sex drive plummets in the winter… oh, who am I kidding? The reasons are a plenty: It’s freezing and taking your clothes off equals more freezing, not to mention the 45 minutes it takes to strip off all your layers. Then there’s the shaving dilemma: You don’t want to shave because the extra layer of insulation really comes in handy, but the second you don’t your beau’s not going to …

She’s Not Putting You in the ‘Friendzone’ – She Just Doesn’t Want to Date You

Friendzone art

Dudes – the friendzone isn’t a real place. And women aren’t putting you in this abstract friendzone to hurt or deceive you.

Friendzoning is the wonderfully catchy term disgruntled fellas have coined that describes when a woman they are hanging out with only sees them as a friend — not a romantic partner. So, what should guys really call this? Perhaps what it is: The girl a guy likes who she doesn’t want to date — she just wants to be friends.

While the term friendzone isn’t all that terrible, it’s the …

Can Contraceptive Pills Boost Your Brain’s Power?

Birth control pills

So, everyone knows that contraceptive pills can effectively prevent pregnancy. But did you know these pills also might enhance verbal and recognition memory?

We’ve all heard about the negative side effects of birth control pills. Women have experienced yucky side effects, such as mood swings, acne, and unwanted hair growth. (I must admit that I’m one of the lucky women. I have never experienced any of the formerly listed birth control pill side effects. Perhaps it’s because I’m taking one of the more modern pills that “exert anti-androgenic effects.” More …

Redefining Cougar Women: Sexual Healing


Column If you learned everything you know about “cougar women” from “The Graduate” or even “Sex and the City,” you’re still woefully ignorant about a very common dating scenario. There’s nothing predatory about older women dating younger men.

The Mrs. Robinson myth is alive and well, despite major cultural shifts in the last decade. Why are people still so freaked out about older women having sex with younger men?

We may gently “tsk tsk” when we see an older guy with a younger woman – but it’s certainly not viewed as a scandal, as we’ve seen …

Sex Work Isn’t All Sex: It’s Also Taxes

Photo of the words "sexy sex."

Not all women and men who chose to make a life by doing sex work did so because they had no other options (or were forced into the work). Many people opt to work in the sex industry because they like the work and are exceptionally great business people.

I listened to Bitch’s “Sex Work is Work” Popaganda podcast while running on a treadmill at my gym last week. You may think, “hmm, that’s an odd choice to take one’s mind off running,” but you would be …

Sleep With Someone on the First Date? It’s Totally Fine, if it Feels Totally Right

first date

Do you sleep with your crush on the third date? After a month? After you both get your test results back? Deciding when it’s right to sleep with someone is something you should think about, but when it feels right (even if it’s on the first date), go for it.

Dating sites and various women’s magazines are filled with advice about when you should knock boots with a mate. I’ve been dating “the fellas” (my generic term for single dudes) for quite a few years and I’ve received all sorts of advice …

18 Best Pickup Lines for Women to Bring that Holiday Cheer (Wink)

woman flirting

Ladies, here are the very best pickup lines to use during the holidays.

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and… well, drink. Oh, and finally hit on that cute guy you’ve been meaning to hit on for a while now. Hopefully when you see him at the holiday party tonight he’ll be wearing some terrible Santa hat to make the process less intimidating for you. At least you have booze as a wingman, only…

If you don’t drink enough, you’ll chicken out. Again. But if you drink too much, you’ll go up to …