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Reader Questions Answered on Period Sex and (Gasp) Female Masturbation: Sexual Healing

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ColumnIt’s reader letter time again! Today’s topics: period sex, shame and (the glories of) female masturbation.

I Don’t Want to Have Sex on My Period

Dear Stefanie,

I am in my mid-twenties and in a somewhat new relationship (five months). We have a great sex life, mostly – he’s a good lover and has helped me to relax in bed. I don’t mind how high his sex drive is most of the time – it makes me feel wanted. However, he wants to have sex when I’m on my period! GROSS. I’m not even …

Not Much Fun, is It? Men Stunned by Sexist Woman [Video]

sexist woman

Guys get a taste of their own (collective) medicine when Leah Green behaves like an outrageously sexist woman. If you haven’t seen this Guardian video yet, it’s worth the few minutes of your day. Especially, you know, if you’ve ever objectified a woman.

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Sexist Legal Memo Tells

How To Start Your Own Personal Sexual Revolution: Sexual Healing


ColumnIs a sexual  revolution in the air?

Perhaps it’s the birds singing, the blossoms exploding into orgies of color, and the annual shedding and storing of our winter wardrobe. But this spring there’s something different – are you feeling an extra edge of rebellion and resistance? Whether it’s the potential for an American Spring or just a longing in your body – this palpable, transformational energy is everywhere. And you definitely want to tap that.

Evidence of an emerging paradigm shift can be found as close as your Facebook feed. Your …

Men Do Not Know How the Vagina Works! Seriously, Someone Help These Pathetic People [Video]


Okay, BuzzFeed. We know. You like to make fun of everything. Especially the vagina. But are these men being serious? Do they really not know how female anatomy works? If this is really the case, that guy’s “Jurassic Park” t-shirt is like, predicting the fate of the human species. Ladies, please sit down with the men in your lives. Help them not be so embarrassingly clueless…do it for our future.

Find Jill (but not her vagina) on Twitter @jillettinger

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11 Online Dating Websites that are Unbelievably Strange

woman computer

What is up with these uber-strange online dating websites that’ll make you laugh (or cry)?

There are so many online dating websites available that if you’re single and don’t want to be – well, there’s just no excuse. Generic online dating websites like and OKCupid aren’t the only fish in the sea.

Maybe you have a specific fetish or ultra-picky eating habits. There are definitely online dating websites for you – you just need to dig deep enough. It’s not as hard as it used to be to find a special …

Stop Making Fun of Gwyneth and ‘Conscious Uncoupling’: Sexual Healing


ColumnI enjoy a good laugh at the expense of GOOP and Gwyneth Paltrow as much as the next person; it’s fairly irresistible material. After GP announced her breakup with Chris Martin this week, terming it “conscious uncoupling,” there was a viral pile-on of inevitable Paltrow-bashing  — but this is one bandwagon I’m not hopping on.

The now-infamous GOOP post about Martin and Paltrow’s impending divorce is embarrassingly New Age-y and steeped in various Chopra-isms, but before we throw “conscious uncoupling” out with the Italian Sparkling Mineral Water, let’s unpack what it …

5 Foods to Improve Sperm Count


There are a lot of things you shouldn’t do in order to improve sperm count, like smoking or wearing tight pants, but what about the things you can do, or rather, can eat?

The following 5 foods are helpful in increasing sperm count and volume, thereby making you more fertile. If you aren’t keen on pharmaceutical drugs to do the trick, start eating these foods more regularly and see the difference.

8 Bad Habits Your Boyfriend Has (and How to Handle Them)

Couple outside

You love him, you really do – just not the bad habits that go with him.

Okay, so everyone has their quirks: But add bad habits up over time and watch your head pop off like a cork. “If we’ve already asked them to stop, continuing these behaviors can indicate a lack of respect or care about the relationship as a whole,” says Kimberly Moffit, psychotherapist and relationship expert. “If it goes on long enough, we have a responsibility to indicate (in a serious environment) what the problem is …