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Sex Work Isn’t All Sex: It’s Also Taxes

Photo of the words "sexy sex."

Not all women and men who chose to make a life by doing sex work did so because they had no other options (or were forced into the work). Many people opt to work in the sex industry because they like the work and are exceptionally great business people.

I listened to Bitch’s “Sex Work is Work” Popaganda podcast while running on a treadmill at my gym last week. You may think, “hmm, that’s an odd choice to take one’s mind off running,” but you would be …

Sleep With Someone on the First Date? It’s Totally Fine, if it Feels Totally Right

first date

Do you sleep with your crush on the third date? After a month? After you both get your test results back? Deciding when it’s right to sleep with someone is something you should think about, but when it feels right (even if it’s on the first date), go for it.

Dating sites and various women’s magazines are filled with advice about when you should knock boots with a mate. I’ve been dating “the fellas” (my generic term for single dudes) for quite a few years and I’ve received all sorts of advice …

18 Best Pickup Lines for Women to Bring that Holiday Cheer (Wink)

woman flirting

Ladies, here are the very best pickup lines to use during the holidays.

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and… well, drink. Oh, and finally hit on that cute guy you’ve been meaning to hit on for a while now. Hopefully when you see him at the holiday party tonight he’ll be wearing some terrible Santa hat to make the process less intimidating for you. At least you have booze as a wingman, only…

If you don’t drink enough, you’ll chicken out. Again. But if you drink too much, you’ll go up to …

Women’s Groups to Help End Twitter Harassment

Twitter screen shot

If you’re a woman, you’ve most likely experienced some form of harassment on social media. Twitter harassment is one of the more common examples–it seems that site is just teeming with trolls.

So, what’s so unique about Twitter harassment? It’s often times very gendered and extremely harsh. One group that’s working to help end this cruel and upsetting form of harassment is Women, Action & the Media (WAM!). WAM! works to fight for “gender equity in media access, representation,” and “employment in ownership.” One of the group’s successful campaigns targeted mean, gender-based …

Birth Control is a Green Option

Birth control pack

Did you know that every time you take your birth control in the morning, or slip on a condom, you’re embarking on a sustainable (and totally sexy) act?

Birth control is an incredibly green, sustainable choice. For real. Every time a lady or a fella chooses to put off having a kid until they actually want to, they are doing themselves and the Earth a solid.

Grist recently reported on just how green birth control really is by citing research done from an Aspen Institute piece. The piece found that voluntary …

19 Hilarious(ly Embarrassing) Things that Happen During Drunk Sex

Drunk guy

Drunk sex: The good, the bad, and the really, really drunk.

Ah, drunk sex. For the awkward girls in the crowd, it’s sometimes the one thing that makes you feel a little less like Steve Urkel and a little more like Stefan Urquelle – until the next morning, of course (I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!). And this phenomenon occurs no matter your relationship status: The stumbling, the nausea, the losing your spot, the forgetting his name (of course, that last one could just be me).

Drunk sex can only go one …

RENDER, the Food Magazine for Feminists Is Here

women in the kitchen

Finally, there is a new food magazine with a feminist edge focused on women in the food business. It’s called RENDER. 

It’s always been kind of confusing that our most celebrated chefs are men, when most women know how impossible it is to get a man into the kitchen for anything other than a beer. (Fortunately, in my house, we divvy it up so that if I make the meal, he cleans it up. Which is essentially every night. But still!)

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, founder and …

PRO: Your Abortion Stories are Nothing to Be Ashamed Of: Sexual Healing


ColumnThere is no shame in abortion. ABORTION. Say it with me. You don’t need to speak in hushed tones: your abortion stories, my abortion story – they’re the stories of our lives. And they’re as normal as normal can be.

According to Katha Pollitt, author of the wonderful and important new book, “PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights,” abortion is a social good. Pollitt, a longtime contributor to “The Nation” makes an excellent argument about why women need to stand up for reproductive rights not just by fighting in the streets and halls of congress …