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Women Dating Younger Men: Why It’s Hot


Women face a lot of double standards. Dating younger men is one of them. 

Age ain’t nothing but a number. Somebody famous said that. It’s true. We’re really only as young or old as we feel. And anyone can drop dead at any second, so it’s not like being a certain age guarantees you’ll live another day. So why is there always such ridiculous fanfare over women dating younger men? Are aging vaginas really that offensive? Do we have to call these women “cougars” and make it seem like some act of desperation …

Extinguish Sexual Shame by Claiming Your Authentic Desire: Sexual Healing

woman in bed

ColumnSexual shame dominates our lives — even when we’re not consciously thinking about sex. Shame is so overwhelming that it can feel impossible to extricate oneself from the ubiquitous, all-consuming spiral of it.

Sexual shame is not just what happens in the act of sex, or post-coitally. It’s not the just the “walk of shame” or guilt about casual sex that you wish you could un-have. It’s something you carry around with you when you commute to work, when you’re hanging out with your friends, when you’re relaxing with your family …

How to Say No: 9 Cringeworthy Ways to Reject a Guy

Grow up candy heart

Learn how to say no by, you know, actually saying it.

Whether he’s a friend who wants to be more or a random guy trying to get your attention, there are plenty of times when a simple “no” would’ve sufficed – so why do so many of us do everything but say this tiny-yet-powerful word? Avoiding it does nothing but make the entire universe more awkward for the both of you to exist in.

Yes, rejection stings, but only briefly, so isn’t it better to just get it out of …

Can this Plant Give You Better Orgasms? Sexual Healing

woman in state of bliss

ColumnCraving better orgasms? Or just craving orgasms, period? You’re not alone.

Pleasure is a right, not a privilege, and Matthew Gerson, formerly of Sir Richard’s Condoms, created Foria, a cannabis-infused natural lubricant, on that premise. I chatted with him about the rollout of his breakthrough product, the epidemic of anorgasmic women, and how we can begin to shift the paradigm toward pleasure. (Full disclosure, Matthew is a friend of mine.)

Stefanie Weiss: What inspired the creation of FORIA?

Matthew Gerson:  Foria was inspired by a long walk on the …

Eden Foods’ Hobby Lobby Approach to Contraception: Not Exactly Organic

eden foods

Hobby Lobby isn’t the only company that thinks not paying for contraception is good for business. Popular organic food brand Eden Foods is seeking similar rights.

The Michigan-based organic food company, Eden Foods, has been fighting the U.S. government for more than a year over whether or not its employee insurance program must cover contraception for women.

Sound familiar?

Even though this reads an awful lot like the recent Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court separated the suits, and in its recent ruling, vacated a judgment against Eden Foods. The suit is now heading …

In Praise of Casual Sex: Sexual Healing


ColumnOur culture (simultaneously puritanical and hyper-sexualized) has long had its knickers in a twist about causal sex – especially the kind had by women. Last week a new study moved slightly beyond the “good girls don’t” trope, proving that casual sex can be healthy — if you’re not already hung up about it.

Even if you’re not a casual sex regular, you’ve probably been there at least once. Perhaps it was the classic campus walk of shame — ambling back to your dorm room with smeared mascara as your suite-mates headed to their …

Are Colleges Trying to Incentivize Sexual Assault? ‘The Daily Show’ Has This Answer [Video]

daily show

Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” crew are on point about sexual assault on college campuses. Jessica Williams just nails it here…It’s funny in that OMG-she-is-spot-on kinda way. Now, go enjoy your weekend. Remember to bring some mace.

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American Abhorrent: WTF is Up with Dov Charney?

american apparel

How does the founder of one of the most successful clothing stores in American history find himself ousted and disgraced? He’s Dov Charney, that’s how.

Dov Charney’s American Apparel clothing stores and provocative ads changed so much about fashion in recent years. While other brands focused on building their brand logos, he made simple sexy. American Apparel tee shirts, leggings and clean, straightforward designs that never bore a logo or branding—all made in downtown Los Angeles—became synonymous with today’s fashion. The American Apparel empire grew to nearly 250 stores and more than …