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Eco Links to Green Your Weekend

The major problem with biofuel production is that it often takes over land used to grow food crops – take palm oil, for example. But that’s thinking terrestrially…and we live on a planet that is two-thirds sea water. As reported by The Energy Roadmap, algae biofuel production is currently ramping […]

I Heart (the Heart of) This City

If you’ve ever visited a new city only to look in vain for that independent bookstore, vibrant community coffee house, or the mini park where the locals hang out and listen to free music, GrassRoutes Travel Urban Eco-Travel Guides are for you. Urban Eco-Travel Guides give you the tools to […]

Wash Away the Day with Our Best Makeup Removal Tips

How many of you take off your eye makeup with a couple squares of toilet paper and call it a night? Granted, I don’t usually wear a lot of eye makeup, but my remover regime is generally done in a tear, a swipe, and a toss. Sure, I may have […]

Sex By Numbers: On the Brain

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers. The human brain—comprising 3% of our body weight yet using 20% of our energy—is our body’s most complex organ. When it comes to the brain and sex though, things are pretty straightforward: we want it. This week’s Sex By Numbers […]

Counting the Cost of Pixels

If you were to update the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the internet would almost certainly make the cut. With the exception of antibiotics I can think of very few other 20th century inventions that have changed society and people’s lives for good quite so profoundly. […]

Top Health Stories of 2008

Although it’s been a big news year with a lot of people focusing on the U.S. Presidential elections, the world of health and wellness hasn’t stopped turning. Here’s what fascinated us most in 2008: My condolences to the single women of the future: men are an endangered species. Scientists have […]

7 Steps to Kicking the Anger Habit

There’s something sickeningly fun about flying off the handle. But the raised blood pressure and wake of problems that can result are clearly not doing you – or anyone around you – any good. Chronic anger is like psychic pollution. It ruins everybody’s mood. Here’s how to clean up your […]

10 Natural Aphrodisiacs for a Cold Winter’s Night

The snow is flying and the fog is rolling in, so there’s no better time for getting comfortable between the sheets. But just because you’ve trekked inside with mini-icicles hanging from your eyebrows doesn’t mean you can’t heat things up at home. And there are many ways you can bring […]

Canadians Losing Their Bottle: Toronto Bans Plastic

You may have noticed the word “change” being bandied around in recent months. It’s one of the keywords of sustainable living. We’re all creatures designed for change, which is why we don’t cope well with sedentary, stagnant habits (or “modern life”, if you’re feeling cynical). But with the word comes […]

How Is Charcoal Eco-Friendly?

Charcoal strictly defined is “dark grey residue consisting of impure carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances.” That and it looks like coal. So yes, perhaps when one is thinking about eco-friendly things on this Earth, charcoal probably doesn’t leap to the forefront […]

The Crochet Reef: A Phenomenal Stitch in Time

My eccentric Aunt Lorraine could crochet better than most, her intricate hooded baby sweaters ideal for keeping my little ones bundled in warmth. Isn’t that the heartfelt purpose of most woolen handiwork? Yet the magical forms you see here, resulting from thousands of hours of labor, are a commentary on […]

Ecosalon Recipes: How to Make Healthy Ice Cream

Speaking of breakfast today: ice cream is my ultimate vice. When I was a kid, I’d get up before my parents and eat some for breakfast. I’ll even find myself craving it in the coldest winter weather. But there’s one small problem. Ice cream makes me sick. It’s the milk, […]

How to Green Your Summer BBQ

What do you picture when you think about summer barbeques? If visions of greasy burgers, CO2-emitting charcoal and trash bags filled with disposable plates, napkins and wasted food come to mind, here are some green tips to celebrate this seasonal milestone with respect for Mother Nature. The centerpiece of any […]

Biomimicry: Knowledge by Nature

The other day on the news, there was a woman walking up the side of a building using paddles modeled after gecko’s feet. There’s a building in Zimbabwe that doesn’t require air conditioning and uses only 10% of the energy of other buildings its size. It was built using technology […]

Green Experts Polled: #1 Favorite Eco Beauty Product

Navigating the world of green beauty is a little like wishing we were in an episode of Mad Men. Everything looks really hip and cool, but there’s always a rancid egg martini you could accidentally ingest. False labeling is afoot, and it can be difficult to discern what’s free of […]

Your Friend, Anxiety

Looking for the root of our anxiety requires a drilling down into the heart of the matter. Tummy trembles. Brain fuzz. That discombobulating feeling that you’re not quite sure what you should be doing but you should be something to keep your act together. Anxiety. Sometimes it slips away with […]

Harvard's Portable Guide to Stress Relief (and It Works!)

So they’ve done it again. The folks at Harvard University have managed to distill stress relief into SparkNotes (or Cliffs Notes for those of you over the age of 35). This mini-therapy session will have you seeing the glass half-full in no time and leave that co-pay cash in your […]

Paper Chase

I love spending time with my mom’s book group, perusing Water for Elephants and other wonderful fiction I might have otherwise overlooked. We dissect the chapters over glasses of Chardonnay, sips of tea and mouthfuls of Charles Chocolate almonds, feeling  engaged and challenged. Yet we have never bothered to discuss where the […]

Sustainable Sushi in London

One of my favorite places to eat in London is a cheap and cheerful little sushi restaurant in the heart of the West End, just around the corner from Leicester Square. If you are a tourist in London, you’ll almost certainly visit this area. It’s the centre for London’s theatre […]

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In Love? Email is Officially More Romantic Than Voicemail, Study Finds

If you’re crazy in love, a new study suggests expressing yourself via email is the way to go. There’s a new romantic gesture on the block that just might tug at your phone-hating heartstrings: According to a new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, sending an email […]

9 Sneaky Signs He Cares About You That Don’t Involve Words

Signs he cares that are just as important as the whole saying “I love you” thing. It’s easy to understand why his lack of dropping the l-bomb makes you want to drop the f-bomb, but if there’s one thing we’re all familiar with, it’s how hard it is to tell […]

You Can Now Get Tested for Common STDs Without Leaving Your Home

Test yourself for common STDs from the comfort of your own home. Fans of nookie already know the importance of getting tested on the regular for STDs, especially since as many as 80 percent of people carrying a sexually transmitted infection may not show symptoms. (Cue “Psycho Strings.”) But no […]

How to Orgasm Every Single Time

It’s not rocket science, but learning how to orgasm regularly, makes all the difference. Some of my most vivid memories of sex, especially early in my erotic life, are not of the satisfying post-coitus elated release, but their opposite. Rather, it was the myriad times when I was still learning […]

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Can a Professional Vagina Massage Really Boost Your Sex Life?

If your sex drive is MIA, word is a vagina massage can help you do some serious sexual healing. There are plenty of reasons to visit a massage therapist—a pulled muscle, a sore back, or just because you deserve it—but have you ever considered indulging in a professional vagina massage? […]

What Being Single and Happy Says About You (Besides You’re Awesome)

Science has spoken: Being single can be just as fulfilling as being in a relationship. (Because duh.) I don’t have a problem with being single—I have a problem with everyone else’s problem with it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been much for relationships. The few times […]

Why is it So Hard to Be a Professional Woman? #NowWhat

So, you’re a professional woman and you want to have a meaningful and professional experience online. Good for you! Just be prepared to deal with a lot of inappropriate come-ons and sexism. It’s hard enough to “act” professional online and in real life as it is, so, when a man […]

11 Signs You’re Totally Dating a Man-Child

Neon flashing signs that you’re kinda sorta totally dating a man-child. Good luck with that. I’ve been on the fence about having kids for so long that my uterus has cobwebs in it. The day I (almost) decided I didn’t want to have kids was the day I realized I […]