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Are You Sending Your Guy Friend Mixed Signals?

Are You Sending Your Guy Friend Mixed Signals?

Warning: You may be sending your guy friend mixed signals—and not even know it!

We’ve all been there: He wants to be more than friends, and you… well, don’t. To add to the awkwardness, he’s mistaken your friendliness as flirting, and you’ve mistaken his flirting as friendliness. Womp, womp. Blame it on evolution. No, seriously. A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology says so.

Researchers at the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that while both men …

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie: As Deep As a Puddle—But Isn’t It Supposed to Be?

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Is As Deep As a Puddle—But Isn't It Supposed to Be?

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie is receiving a lot of bad press, but what did you expect, people?

“Fifty Shades of Grey” brought soft porn to the masses on Valentine’s Day weekend, and ever since, bad reviews have been splashed everywhere: Everything from “It’s as stimulating as a cold shower” to “The entire movie is about as sexy as a root canal” to my favorite “A few might get off on knowing that in the theater next …

6 Rules For a Friends with Benefits Relationship

6 Rules For A Friends With Benefits Relationship

Rules you should never (ever!) break in a friends with benefits relationship.

Usually, a friends with benefits relationship starts out one of two ways: Either after a night of too much tequila, or a spontaneous discussion leads to you seriously considering not getting serious. Either way, it’s the perfect arrangement for guys and gals who enjoy being single but wouldn’t mind a little sexual healing every once in a while.

Here are the 6 commandments of a friends with benefits relationship. Break them at your own risk:


11 Best Romantic Movies to Stream on Valentine’s Day

11 Best Romantic Movies to Stream on Valentine's Day

Romantic movies to enjoy with your sig-o on Valentine’s Day.

To me, staying home and watching romantic movies on Valentine’s Day is so much better than going to some fancy restaurant (“Do I really have to use all of these forks?”). For one thing, you don’t have to wear pants. For another, if you want to pounce on your guy at any point during the evening, you can do so whenever you want – and it’ll be easy to do since you’re not wearing pants.

Here …

Feminist Ryan Gosling Memes Do the Unthinkable: They Make Men More Pro-Women

Oh, hey girl. Those sexy feminist Ryan Gosling memes just did, like, the sexiest Ryan Gosling thing ever.

You’ve probably seen at least one by now: those feminist Ryan Gosling memes where a cute pic of the Gos is accompanied by positive messaging like “hey girl, let me get a hammer so I can help you shatter that glass ceiling”, or “hey girl, the post-feminist fetishisation of motherhood is deeply rooted in classism, but I still think we’d make cute babies.” There are also some less serious memes, like “hey girl, I forgot …

5 Simply Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas from a Professional Wingman

5 Romantically Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas from the Professional Wingman

Love it or hate it, February 14th is upon us. With so much annual hype, it seems like the help of a professional is required to come up with any unique Valentine’s Day ideas. That’s why men and women across the country seek romantic advice from Thomas Edwards, a.k.a., The Professional Wingman.

Though he’s a year-round dating and lifestyle coach, February is always a busy time of year for Edwards. He chalks it up to a tendency among even the best of us to …

7 Romantic Ideas to Spice Things Up with Your Guy

7 Romantic Ideas to Spice Things Up With Your Guy

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you know what that means: A desperate need for romantic ideas that won’t make your guy vom.

Okay, so you want to do something nice for your guy, but Valentine’s Day is so mushy gushy, pukey wukey that you don’t want to scare him (or yourself, for that matter). Don’t let how commercialized the day has become ruin the one thing that makes it all worth it: Sex.

Here are 7 romantic ideas to make your night a hot …

Recovering from Sexual Abuse: Sex and Dissociation Isn’t Uncommon

Sexual abuse can lead to dissociation during sex -- but that doesn't mean your sex life is over. It can drastically improve.

If you’ve experienced any type of sexual abuse or trauma, you may cope by dissociating during sex.

Dissociation can happen during good and bad sexual experiences, and once you’ve done it, it’s pretty easy to continue dissociating. During bad sexual experiences, some people say they feel like they are leaving their bodies. You feel like your body is shutting down — it’s almost like your brain is trying to protect you …