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The M-velope: Moveable Sustainable Structures for Work and Play

Remember that big cardboard box that served as a playhouse, fort, and place of refuge when you were a kid? Meet the M-velope. The M-velope is the grown-up version of the cardboard box – it’s more sleek, can be transformed into various configurations, will stand up to all sorts of […]

7 Metallic Ways to Bling Out the New Year: Glam Home Decor

Can’t get enough of the sparkly, glitzy, glamorous shine that is New Year’s Eve? Bring it on home in 2014 with the metallic home decor trend. 2014 is the year of metallics, and not just in fashion but in home decor too! Whether it’s silver, gold, bronze, platinum or nickel, there’s […]

Places & Spaces: Hidden Hotel, Paris

A discreet eco-luxe hideout in the city of love – ideal for a clandestine romance with a French lover. One normally associates French design with Louis XIV furniture or Provençal-country style, but the Hidden Hotel in Paris is minimalist chic that is also très planet friendly. The French are well-known for their […]

The Firing Method: Lombok Pottery Center

Members of the Lombok Pottery Center in Indonesia don’t need a kiln to harden their clay creations. Instead, they utilize a much more natural firing method. After items like pots, tagines and candleholders are molded, these skilled artisans wrap them in coconut pods, bury them in the ground and burn […]

5 Yellow Pillows to Punch Up Your Space

From the pages of our favorite design mags to PANTONE’s spring color report, yellow is in for spring and summer. And throw pillows are a great, low-commitment way to incorporate this color into a room, because they instantly add a summery accent that evokes the sun. We’ve uncovered five eco-friendly […]

Dreaming in the Valley

We’ve all woken up in a funk before, and it’s no mystery that how you sleep at night has a huge impact on your attitude for the day. That’s why your bed is one place where you shouldn’t hesitate to splurge. With the perfectly plush 10,000 Foot Organic Cotton bedding, […]

6 Planter Ideas Using Funky and Unusual Items

Let’s get creative, folks! As the summer months are racing to the finish line (slow down already, for the love of ice pops and flip flops, sheesh!), don’t spend them in the garden of boring. To end your craft-tastic summer with a fun bang, we’ve rounded up our list of […]

16 Minimalist Birdhouses To Go Totally Cuckoo Over

Harkening the call for grown-up, scaled down, design-forward aviaries. Birdhouses are oft novelty man-made enclosures, but placing them within close proximity to your back door will help maintain populations of local species and add a healthy dose of old-time, rustic charm to your yard or balcony. Granted, old-time “rustic charm” […]

Shady Business: Stylish, Sustainable Sun Hats

Even without “help” from global warming, the sun can be hard on skin. I love the beach and the summer rays – and I have, on more than one occasion, been sunburned to a brilliant shade of lobster red. These days I’ve learned to avoid extreme exposure, but the risk […]

Wabisabi Island

My island dream house is clean and white, sprinkled with sea glass and hurricane lamps, and images like the frond, coral and urchin found in these new Wabisabi Eco-Art Coastal Pillows. They’re clean and modern to perfection yet the images are derived from an appreciation of imperfection found in nature, […]

Beyond Textiles: Contemporary African Design

Fusion home décor celebrating modern African art and traditional craftsmanship. West African artisans have long been celebrated for traditional textiles and craftsmanship. Yet, as demonstrated by the rising international profile of artists like Paa Joe, so, too, changes the paradigm of how we view modern African design. Often conceptualized as […]

Tina Spies: Upcycled Decor

When it comes to green décor, recycled, sustainable, rapidly renewable, reclaimed and organic materials are everywhere. So, what else is there? As I scour the style world for fresh items, a new term keeps popping up: upcycling. Innovative designers are adopting this eco-friendly process to transform items that would be […]

Recycled Glass: A (Beautiful) 2,000 Year Old Tradition

Let’s shatter a few persistent myths about recycled glass. (Watch your fingers). Myth 1: Glass recycling is a new technology. Only if you define "new" as "in the last two millenia". Glass recycling is a tradition we’re glad to see renewed and made chic. The Romans did it. The Islamic […]

Broken Crockery: Becoming All It's Cracked Up to Be

When crockery gets broken, it’s the end of a chapter of its life – but not the end of the story. The problem is that we’re all too good at throwing it away and so we miss the rest of the tale. Fortunately, ceramic artist Joana Meruz doesn’t miss a […]

Do You Have What It Takes For a Zero Waste Week?

We Want You to take the zero waste challenge. For the past few months you’ve been working admirably through your waste in order to get your trash can to a svelte sized zero. Next month over 600 people are waiting to celebrate with you, taking part in a Zero Waste […]

Hippie Chic Discovery: Upcycled Throws by Ouno

Have you ever wondered where you may have lived in a past life, or felt that you ended up somewhere almost without your control? That is how I feel about San Francisco. As a transplant to the Haight/Ashbury District in San Francisco at 22, I felt right at home. I […]

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Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House

Multipurpose furniture is beneficial in more ways than one, obviously. Utility, convenience, waste reduction, compactness, and originality are just a few of the reasons why we’re urging you to give these modular furniture ideas a try next time you’re in the market for new furniture. According to municipal solid waste […]

The 2015 Tartan Plaid Trend for You and Your Space

Embrace the tartan plaid trend for 2015. Plaid is back in. But did it ever really go out of style? Growing up, I associated plaid and tartan plaid as outdated, homely, and the purview of farmers, grandparents, and what I considered to be unfashionable people. As I got older, I […]

Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Own Private Oasis

Try these simple bedroom decorating ideas to create your private oasis! For many of us, our bedroom spaces are sacred places. If your bedroom could use a little freshening, read on for some easy bedroom decorating ideas to make your bedroom your own private retreat! No Headboard, No Problem Create […]

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Summer Love is in the Air With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Is it just us, or is it hot in here? That’s right: It’s time for some hot summer love! EcoSalon’s The Box is here to get you sexy-fied for those warm, starry nights and seasonal flings. This box will tease all your senses, with more than $470 worth of delightful, shimmery treasures to […]

Plan a Trip to Europe’s 8 Most Luxurious Eco Spa Resorts

Before summer disappears completely, maybe it’s time to plan a trip to Europe. When you stay in one of these luxurious European eco spa resorts, you’ll never need a “vacation from your vacation”. Perfectly situated to explore Europe’s most beloved regions from Tuscany to Spain’s Costa Blanca, imagine coming back from […]

5 Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Color Adventurous!

Bring yellow kitchen decor ideas into your space for a brighter and fresher home. Many people are completely comfortable using yellow for those much-needed pops of color, but not as comfortable using yellow decor as the main color. That’s a darn shame. Yellow has a enough personality to be the […]

Every Drop Counts: Low-Flow Fixtures for Kitchens and Baths

If all U.S. households installed low-flow fixtures with water-saving features, the result would be an estimated savings of 5.4 billion gallons of water per day, according to DrinkTap.org. And with 38.8 million California residents in the midst of what may equate to being the worst drought in history, every drop […]