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15 Simple Ideas to Add Texture with Rustic Home Decor

Rustic home decor textures to add to your home.

Looking to add some rustic home decor touches to your space? Look no further than these simple DIY ideas for adding rustic textures to your living spaces.

Rustic home decor is as simple as adding textures like wood, linen, burlap and more to your home. Here are some great ideas to help make that happen. Some are easier than others; all are worthwhile!

15 Rustic Home Decor Ideas to Add Texture to Your Space

  1. Adding Vintage Fabrics – Use vintage fabrics like pillow ticking,

Book Review: Caroline Allen’s ‘Earth’

earth: a novel by caroline allen

“The Osage were divided into two tribes: the Earth people and the Sky people, each with their own inherent powers.”

Quotes such as these begin each section of “Earth”a novel by Caroline Allen and the first installment in her elemental journey series. As promised, the book takes the reader into the depths of what it means to be close to the earth through the perspective of Pearl, a narrator followed from the age of 12 through the age of 22 through the story of someone with such a clear connection to the earth it belies reality.

Pearl’s point of view is clear and …

30 Things Only Homebodies Understand

30 Things Only Homebodies Understand

Hey, homebodies have feelings too. We’re not the lazy, wishey washey flakes you think we are.

The only problem I have with being a homebody is everyone else’s problem with it. It doesn’t make you weird. It doesn’t make you anti-social. It also doesn’t make you lazy—in fact, homebodies are probably more productive than the general population. You think we do nothing, while we think you do nothing. Some people enjoy time to themselves and need it to recharge, while other people thrive in busy environments. Can’t we just …

7 Surprising Reasons You Should Make Your Bed

7 Surprising Reasons You Should Make Your Bed

You might not want to make your bed—like, ever—but here’s why you totally should.

Let’s face facts: Nobody wants to make the bed. It’s boring. It’s monotonous. It’s one of those thankless chores, like doing dishes or laundry, where the chore just never goes away. Ever. Sure, your bed looks great once it’s made, but in 12 short hours you’re going to mess it up again anyway.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons why you should join the bedmaker bandwagon. A fluffed pillow here, a …

The Eco-Chic Lady Boss: 4 Office Bar Must-Haves

The Eco-Chic Lady Boss: 4 Office Bar Must-Haves

Since January 1, I have taken two enormous steps along the road to responsible adulthood: First, I launched a new business and, while some of my loved ones questioned the responsible nature of that decision, it felt like progress. Not long after that, I procured and installed a mini-bar for my apartment. Slowly, but surely, it seemed, I was on my way to becoming a lady boss.

As my business grows and I continue to expand my team, I realize that my beloved, 200-square-foot shared office …

Color Psychology: Evoking Emotion and Physicality with Basic Colors


Color evokes emotion, and emotion inspires color. If you enter a room with black-painted walls, do you imagine your mood being markedly different had you entered the same room, but with bright blue walls? Meanwhile, do you find that your mood affects what color clothing you wear on any given day? These are simple illustrations of how the mood reflects color, and vice versa.

Color relates to the mind, body and emotions. Learn what the following 11 basic colors stand for and express to the world and to yourself, so …

8 Clever Repurposing Ideas for the Most Common Items That Get Trashed

Repurposing ideas for commonly thrown out items.

Reuse and recycle some of the most commonly thrown out items with these repurposing ideas for around your home.

You know the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but it’s never truer than when referring to repurposing items destined for the landfill or recycling center into practical, functional or decorative objects. No matter what it is being thrown out–whether it’s an old bathtub used as a flower bed or old clothing turned into a patchwork quilt–there are repurposing …

Eco-Friendly Homes Can Be Affordable, With Robin Wilson On Your Side

Eco Friendly Homes Can Be Affordable, With Robin Wilson On Your Side

Once upon a time, there was an interior designer named Robin Wilson. In 2005, everyone called her “The Green Queen”: A title she neither liked nor wanted. “Especially now, when you see things being called ‘green,'” Robin says, “and it’s just a marketing term.” Instead, she says, “It’s got to be eco-friendly.” Today, Robin is practicing what she preaches: Still designing, and making eco-friendly homes accessible to all.

Her name has been in the news for a number of recent accomplishments, from redesigning New York Times bestselling author …