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You Can Save Monarch Butterflies Right in Your Garden

monarch butterflies photo

Monarch butterflies are declining at such a dramatic rate that it’s hard for scientists to keep up. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the butterfly population has been reduced by 95 percent in the last 15 years.

“We were hoping to see one or two monarchs this year. We didn’t see any,” teacher Allison Cole at Flagstaff Academy in Longmont, one of several Colorado schools where students have planted milkweed gardens, told The Denver Post.

The loss is due to huge swaths of crops across the country being sprayed with …

23 Unusual Uses for Bobby Pins that Will Change Your Life

23 Unusual Uses for Bobby Pins That Will Change Your Life

If you’ve got what feels like millions of bobby pins, here’s how to put them to good use in every area of your life.

I love bobby pins, don’t get me wrong, but I only use about four in my hair at any given time, leaving the other 3,000 that came in the package to do nothing but collect dust. Luckily, they’re a surprisingly handy tool to have around when you’ve already got your pretty on.

Here are 23 unusual (and super useful) ways …

7 Unique Bookends to Spruce Up a Drab Bookshelf

7 Unique Bookends to Spruce Up a Drab Bookshelf

Unique bookends that will take your shelf from yawn to yowza.

Do you look at the state of your bookshelf and hear a sad trombone? Yep, me too. I’ve got the books and the pictures and the souvenirs and the kitsch, yet it’s still missing that all-important wow factor: That primary focal point that ties everything together. Enter unique bookends – and the more unique, the better.

These stylishly simple accessories not only bring order to your ginormous collection of chick lit, travel guides and biographies, …

Layering in Decor? Learn How to Layer Your Living Spaces!

How to layer in your home.

Add layers to your home for comfort and style.

You’ve heard of layering in fashion, but what is layering in decor? The concept is pretty much the same-layering colors, pattern and texture to add visual interest and comfort. Much like you would layer with a sweater, patterned tights or with a bright-colored scarf for added warmth or add some pizzazz, you can create layers in your living spaces in the same way. Read on to learn how to layer.

Adding layers in your home can work to make …

Get Fresh with a Homemade Mouthwash Recipe

Get Fresh with Homemade Mouthwash

This recipe for a homemade mouthwash is as health-promoting as it is effective and easy to put together.

Did you ever consider that your mouthwash may be hurting rather than helping your oral hygiene?  Most mouthwashes, especially the ones that are labeled as most effective, contain alcohol and other harsh chemicals, colorants and flavorings. While you may be immediately gratified and confident about your breath, you may actually be compromising your overall oral health, the kind of thing that leaves you disappointed in the long run.

When it comes to …

5 Ways to a Clean House: Detox Your Life, Starting with Your Home


A clean house is more than just a matter of a spick-and-span appearance – it goes way deeper than that.

Winter is here, and you likely (and quite understandably) have the windows shut, the doors locked and the heater on full blast. While you may feel more comfortable in the warmth of the cozy indoors, you are actually locking yourself into a chamber of toxins and bringing yourself ever the more closer to sickness. So while your home may look clean for all intents and purposes, it likely could use …

4 Ways to Conserve Energy on Household Tech Devices

flat screen tv photo

Need some easy ways to conserve energy? Trim your energy costs on your new holiday technology gifts.

Are you one of those people that got a ton of new devices over the holidays? From televisions to laptops to game devices, the season of giving is often filled with new technology. But according to NRDC, those devices may come with hidden costs because they drain energy in ways that we’re not prepared for upon receiving them.

Energy costs don’t just empty your wallet, they also lead to the generation of …

How to Burn Calories Fast and Whittle While You Work

How to Burn Calories Fast at Your Desk

If getting back to work after holiday break means spending most of your day at a desk, this doesn’t mean your new wellness plan has to take a back seat. You just need to learn how to burn calories fast with the right tools and targeted moves.

So you have a new wellness plan in place for the New Year. Or maybe you are looking to shed that holiday layer. Either way, getting back to routine may mean sitting at a desk for several hours …