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Dishwasher Soap 101: The 4 Most Effective Natural Brands

dishwasher photo

Avoid chemicals in your dishwasher soap without sacrificing effectiveness.

I’ve been through them. My cleaning supplies are all plant-based at this point–conventional cleaning products, including dishwasher soap, are a no-go. But at the same time, I want my wine glasses clean. Serving my guests (or myself) a glass of vino in a water-stained glass isn’t an option. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of dishwasher detergents. What works in the world of natural dishwasher soap?

1. Seventh Generation Tablets

These work pretty well if you don’t overload your dishwasher and you …

Link Love: Fast Fashion Gets Called Out + Cleaning Your Yoga Mat + The Veep Gets Naked

julia louis dreyfus

What are we reading this week? Link Love dives into spring with the best jeans to wear, gardening tips, how to really clean your yoga mat. Plus fast fashion gets called out and Julia Louis Dreyfus strips down for Rolling Stone.

Get growing your garden–here are 35 ideas to get you started. [via Eat Drink Better]

When was the last time you did it? How to really clean your yoga mat. [via Well+GoodNYC]

Zady blasts fast fashion in a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. [via

5 Incredible Turmeric Benefits that Can Change Your Life

turmeric benefits

The following 5 turmeric benefits will change the way you look at this unique herb.

Turmeric is the spice I use the least. Ever since I learned of its cleansing properties, I put a few dashes into my morning tea water with the juice of half a lemon. However, besides this particular ritual, turmeric is relatively lacking in my life. But it shouldn’t be! Turmeric bears incredible lifestyle benefits that are both practical and game changing in the realm of health.

Are you using turmeric for these benefits?

1. Make Meat

5 Homemade Cleaners: DIY Green Cleaning on the Cheap


Homemade cleaners really do work!

I’m a big fan of avoiding environmental toxins where I can, and skipping conventional household cleaners is an easy place to get started. Rather than having to call poison control, you can avoid the volatile organic chemicals  absorbed through both the skin and air by choosing plant-based cleaners. If you’ve ever cleaned your home with bleach or ammonia and then had trouble breathing afterwards, you know I mean.

While plant-based cleaners are a great alternative, sometimes they come with a hefty price. And it’s for this reason that I …

Spring Floral Design Inspiration: Decorating with Florals

Floral design wallpaper.

When many people think of floral design they think of stuffy Laura Ashley prints, but florals don’t have to be boring and traditional. Today’s modern floral decor can be fun, colorful, vibrant and dramatic.

From wallpaper to textiles and accessories to window treatments, florals are a great way to incorporate what we love best about nature but without the sneezing and wheezing for those who love flowers, but not seasonal allergies!

5 Tips to Starting Your Own Urban Garden (Even if it’s Teeny-Tiny)


Just because you crammed into the tightest corner of the city without any view of foliage or semblance of nature in sight doesn’t mean a garden is off the table. All you need is a window and a few supplies to start growing your own herbs and veggies. Here are 5 tips to get started.

1. Find a Spot

Choose windowsills, fire-escapes or balconies that are under the sun for at least 5 hours per day. If plants can catch the rain too, even better! You can keep more delicate herbs …

11 Boho Chic Ideas for A Home Off the Beaten Path

Boho chic home decor.

Let your inner bohemian shine with with these cool and clever boho chic ideas for your home.

Just like in that Robert Frost poem, some of you out there will always choose the road less traveled. The spirit of the bohemian is strong is some and they find themselves drawn to all things eclectic, colorful and unique in both their fashion statements and the homes they make for themselves.

Whether you are a fun-loving boho or aspire to be a little more free-spirited, read on for some boho-inspired decor …

17 Clever Repurposed Garden Planters to Add More Plants to Your Space

Repurposed planters.

Spring is the time of year when our minds turn towards planting. Springtime bulbs, summertime vegetable gardens and autumn pumpkin patches–all have their origins in the early springtime with the bevvy of seed catalogs that come in the mail. While you are coming up with your plans, don’t forget to think about garden planters.

Garden planters can be easy and clever ways to incorporate plants both inside and outside your home. Whether nasturtiums on your deck or an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, planters can be a great alternative.