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10 Sustainable Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If you’re ready for a welcome change in the heart of your home, but still wish to keep it as eco-friendly as possible, then check out these hip, classy, and quirky sustainable kitchen backsplash ideas. Backsplashes have many benefits. You can dress up a drab kitchen, increase the value of […]

The House That War Built

The Waterhouse hotel in Shanghai is an industrial gem, salvaged from the spoils of war. The four-story hotel was built from a three-story Japanese Army headquarters from the 1930s. The Chinese architecture firm NHDRO (Neri & Hu Design and Research Office) made a series of perfect decisions to arrive at the […]

Follow the LEED (Again)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) explained. Let’s talk quantity. Last week we covered the basic qualities of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), so diving into the quantifiable details and juicy substance behind the LEED Rating Systems that has sculpted the sustainable building industry is only natural. […]

7 Screen Prints to Decorate Your House Like a Boss

Decorate like an art boss with these screen prints for your home. Do you love typography, illustration, and the resurgence of DIY and folk art spurred on by the rise of both virtual and physical markets celebrating the independent art and craft movement? Of course, you do. Do you love […]

Notes From Suffolk: Home Is Where The Chapel Is

The pros and cons of living in a converted ecclesiastical building. I do believe the rector is buried underneath the altar in the living room. And the garden? Yep. I see dead people. Lots of them. But unlike the conversion I was shown in a former convent while apartment hunting […]

Elegant Easter Decorations for Your Easter Celebration

Are you hosting an Easter brunch or dinner this year and want to decorate your home and table, but aren’t really into cutesy bunnies and plastic Easter eggs? Never fear, we have some more grown-up Easter decorations to rescue you. Easter, while definitely a favorite holiday for kids, is for […]

A Place to Rest Your Blooms

There are bursts of color extending from delicate stems this time of year. Case in point: Hydrangeas and dahlias are displaying their bountiful intricate blooms. My favorite vessels require only a blossom or two. The Recycled Glass Balloon Vases (starting at $39) by VivaTerra are “˜perfectly imperfect.’ And the Stem Vase by Ferm Living […]

Functional Art for Entertaining

I only invest in glassware if it serves both a functional and decorative purpose. (And, of course, it has to be recycled.) To accomplish this, nothing beats the beauty of hand-blown glass. If you’re flush with cash from Santa and feeling spendy, you might like the eco-friendly Bubble pitchers and […]

Conceal Your Clutter

Sure, the lower shelf of your coffee table works just fine for storage, but the inevitable mountain of clutter is seriously interfering with that minimalist-themed interior you’re after. You’ve tried transferring this mess to the drawers in your media center, end tables and even the console in your foyer, but […]

Places & Spaces: Hotel Rafayel, London

London’s greenest hotel has fabulous river views and cutting-edge energy-saving features. In 2012, much international attention will be focused on London with the Olympic Games and all its attendant activities and events, including the cultural programme. If you want an eco-bed to lay your head on, the Rafayel may not be […]

The Silver Metal for Backsplashes

I recently viewed my cousin’s remodeled kitchen in L.A. and was struck by the beauty of her recycled aluminum tile backsplash. It’s so clean and works well in the traditional room, adding a touch of modern simplicity. Liz was a bit tight-lipped about revealing her sources so I went searching […]

Whip Your Home into Geometric Shape

I’ve always identified with the simple beauty of neoplasticism. And, it is this appreciation that has inspired me to embellish my walls with Mondrian, Doesburg and Bolotowsky prints. Well, in my dreams anyway. Fortunately, I can give my pad a geometric makeover with some of the looks from Brave Space […]

Lustables: Dipped Chair

A clever DIY idea for refreshing a chair with quirky charm. Dipping in general is a good thing: skinny-dipping, ice cream cone chocolate-dipping, and now, chair-dipping. You won’t need to drain a hot tub and fill it with paint to dip your chair, of course. Just mask off your chair […]

5 Tech Tools To Declutter Your Life

Clutter is a constant threat to sanity and comfort, creeping into our homes, offices, and vehicles with alarming certainty. Apps may not be able to clean the kitchen for you, but the right online assistance can get you back on track to a clutter-free life. I love my dining room […]

Places & Spaces: Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco

The Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco is a wallet-friendly city-center green retreat. When you’re travelling on business, how green are the places where you choose to stay? The Orchard Garden Hotel is slap-bang in the heart of Frisco, near Union Square, so you’ve got no excuse for not taking […]

Ordering Online Just Got Greener

Eco-friendly retailers are few and far between, so it can be tough to find the best in green fashion and design within walking distance. Ordering online is the most efficient way to meet your sustainable style needs, but that’s where the dilemma sets in: by having a product boxed up […]

Lustables: Pear Pendant Light

Zenza lamps are handmade and baked in the Egyptian sand. This Moroccan style lighting design from Zenza is hand-crafted in Egypt and baked in the Egyptian sand to oxidize the final product, the Pear Pendant light is both decorative and functional.

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7 Stunning Entryway Ideas for a Welcoming Home

While the kitchen may be the soul of the house, the entryway makes the first impression. Up your game with these easy entryway ideas. Whether you want to add some more personality to your home or are looking to up the curb appeal, implementing entryway ideas can be a fantastic […]

9 Simply Divine Faux Feathers Ideas for You & Your Space

Get your craft on with these socially acceptable craft projects using faux feathers. Everyone loves a cool feather headdress (at least some of the Coachella attendees do) or a feathered dreamcatcher to hang on the wall, but appropriating culture and using real feathers isn’t actually cool. But don’t worry, it’s […]

This is the Weekend for DIY Beauty Recipes [Video]

Hey, ladies! The weekend is nearly here. Don’t have any plans? Awesome. We’ve got a beautiful suggestion. If you love making your own beauty products, you will enjoy this video. It’s filled with 5 DIY beauty recipes that are easy to concoct. Related on EcoSalon 7 Natural and Organic Skincare […]

9 Easy, Clever Ideas for Repurposing Embroidery Hoops

Don’t worry. Whether you have leftover embroidery hoops from projects never started or never completed, I won’t judge you. Instead, I will share creative solutions with you for repurposing all those unused embroidery hoops. At an estate sale years ago, I came across a large lot of embroidery hoops and […]

9 Phenomenal Subscription Boxes Perfect for Mother’s Day

Gift mom with one of these subscription boxes for Mother’s Day this year. It’s the gift that will keep on giving. For some of us, Mother’s Day can sometimes be fraught with the gift-giving conundrum. What to gift the woman who brought you into this world and continues to nourish […]

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Get Your Om On With EcoSalon’s Mind And Body Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Mind and Body Edition, features items that will bring balance to your head, heart, and home! Find inner peace with a box of 12 harmonious items from 11 fabulous brands – worth $441.54–all for just $129  $79 + free shipping!  Do you feel it, too? We’ve all got it: […]

11 Super Easy Instant Updates to Create Luxe Decor

Luxe decor isn’t really out of your reach with these quick and easy fixes. If you have Nordstrom taste for your home but a Target Budget, join the club. Honestly, get in line. Most of us don’t fall into the category of folks with a limitless budget for our luxe […]

4 Totally Doable DIY Aromatherapy Projects Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, sometimes referred to as essential oil therapy, is beneficial in so many ways. Not only can it make you feel better, but your house will smell wonderful too, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY aromatherapy projects using the revitalizing tinctures. The National Association for […]

12 Deliciously Chocolate Lotions, Creams, and Other Yummy Body Treats

Indulge in these decadent, delicious, calorie-free and no-guilt chocolate lotions, butters, and scrubs. If Valentine’s Day is all about love and chocolate, what if you could indulge in luscious chocolaty decadence without one calorie? With delicious body products you can. You might even feel naughty; like you’re smoothing whipped chocolate frosting […]

5 Fun Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style

Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, it’s always fun to celebrate the holidays by decorating Easter eggs, especially with an adult spin. Fortunately, a cruelty-free Easter is easier to come by than ever with five of the coolest vegan “egg” alternatives we’ve seen. The billions of chickens used […]