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7 Luxe DIY Hair Products for Fresh and Clean Locks

Keeping your hair naturally fresh and clean sans chemicals takes a lot of work! But that work doesn’t have to be a total drag. With a little planning you can concoct the following DIY hair products. 1. For when you don’t quite need a wash Sometimes using shampoo and conditioner […]

40 Photos of Doors from Around the World

In one door and out another. There’s something about a doorway that is at once welcoming and guarded. It provides an entrance as well as an exit; it beckons you while keeping you out. When you browse through this collection of door photos from around the world, you can’t help but […]

The Heart of Art: Garden of Eden

SeriesIt’s what happens when lush plants become wall decor. EcoSalon was at the most recent Art Basel Miami Beach, and caught a glimpse of Doug Aitken’s Sex. A terrarium bursting with exotic flora representing a veritable Garden of Eden, this piece leaves plenty to the imagination. Just don’t tell that […]

Handpicked: Of Peacocks and Paisleys

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week we will meander to India with Gagan from Of […]

Places & Spaces: Rasa Jaipur, India

Rasai Jaipur’s sleeping cubes offer elegant minimalism in a vibrant country. India’s north-western region of Rajasthan is known for its (literally) colorful characters: women in emerald-green and vermillion saris and moustachioed men with saffron-yellow turbans, standing out like jewels against the dry landscape. Its capital city, Jaipur, is replete with palaces and […]

What’s On the Menu?

So, what’s on the menu? Now that the chaos of the traditional November feast is but a faint memory, is your menu already lined with dishes fit for a photograph and waiting to flirt with your palate? Admittedly, it may be a little too soon (do you still have leftovers lingering in […]

Lustables: Contemporary Clay Tiles

A modern mix of recycled clay tiles. Fireclay Tile has come up with these six new patterns for its Debris Series made from recycled clay tiles. Already available in 112 colors and a plethora of patterns, this group throws a new mix of cool contemporary into the collection. The tiles […]

What You're Really Standing on When You Go to the Beach

It’s nearing that time of year: the official season of standing on the shoreline while the waves nibble away the sand from between your bare toes. But while you’re there, kneel down – because sand is beautiful. What you’re looking at is the same dull beige grains you see at […]

Healthy Home Detox: 10 Quick Ways to Green Your House

Your new carpet, toasty towels, or freshly painted bedroom are among a few things that could make you sick. Here’s a quick look at 10 of the more common household toxins, and what you can do to get rid them. 1. Dare to Bare You can start by removing shoes […]

A Slice of Nature

When it comes to furnishing my home, I love to mimic the magnificent creations of the forest, and the Tree Slice table is the essential accent in fulfilling my fantasy decor scheme. Honduran woodcrafters salvage naturally felled trees, smoothing segments of their trunks into gorgeous tabletops that are adorned with […]

Space for Inspiration

Charlotta Ward is an artist; you can see it in the way she finesses the words and images on her blog as though she is delicately finessing the last details of an intricate painting. Everything at Space for Inspiration is thoughtful and gorgeous with a layer of spontaneity that always excites my […]

Lodgings for the Green Fan of Hollywood Glam

A short walking distance (yes people do walk occasionally at their own peril in L.A.) from the Hollywood sign, Mann Chinese Theater and Griffith Park, the Hollywood Pensione is a green boutique lodge housed in a 1915 Craftsman dwelling. Can Hollywood glamor be paired with good eco ethics? Naturally. They […]

7 Super Easy Craft Kits to Get Your Craft On

Get crafty with craft kits and avoid the expense and hassle that comes from investing in a craft only to find out you don’t like it. I’m crafty as the next person, which means I dabble a little in various crafts, but I’m not serious about any of them. I […]

Leslie Hoffman of Earth Pledge Takes Shelter

“An unremarkable house can become a beautiful, sustainable shelter,” says Leslie Hoffman, President and Executive Director of  Earth Pledge. She’s proving it with her own island development. The project is described on Hoffman’s Gimme Shelter blog as “a showcase for environmentally responsible building practices, sustainable products and brands and creative […]

Chalkboard Candles (and How I Was Nearly Rich)

What other fixtures & fittings can we write on? Back in April we highlighted sponsor VivaTerra’s reclaimed barn wood bins, their outsides lined with chalkboards. Storage containers you can relabel and keep notes on – practical and eco-friendly (and no fiddly peeling-off of paper labels, surely one of the great […]

The Scrunchable Shopper

“Oh no! I left my reusable bags at home!”   That used to be a common refrain of yours truly at the grocery checkout line, and I’d feel so badly – taking home all those paper or plastic bags that would invariably end up scrunched under my kitchen sink because […]

Reuse Around the Home: 15 Ideas for Repurposing Furniture

Repurposing furniture is a great way to reuse around your home. We’ve got 15 ways to give old furniture new life. Every greenie knows the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,“ but do we really follow it as much as we could? The reduce and recycle call to action are probably the […]

7 Common Culinary Herbs You Can Grow Indoors

VideoDon’t have a garden? Not to worry. We have covered getting started with your apartment garden and choosing the right vegetables to help you get started. Some of you still say that you don’t have the space to grow some of your own food. That’s why I am going to […]

A Bead of Hope

In the Acholi Quarter of the Ugandan capital Kampala, recycled paper is saving lives. This community, in political language, is an Internally Displaced Peoples Camp – comprising of some of the 2 million refugees from the war in Northern Uganda. Here, basic needs are limited and government welfare is nonexistent. […]

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7 Natural and Organic Skincare Brands You Need In Your Life Now

Even with so many natural and organic skincare brands existing, it’s tempting to try them all until you finally find the brand that creates the formula you never knew you needed. A few all-natural, safe-ingredient-packed brands dominate the buzz these days, but that doesn’t mean other skincare companies aren’t out […]

Every Drop Counts: Low-Flow Fixtures for Kitchens and Baths

If all U.S. households installed low-flow fixtures with water-saving features, the result would be an estimated savings of 5.4 billion gallons of water per day, according to DrinkTap.org. And with 38.8 million California residents in the midst of what may equate to being the worst drought in history, every drop […]

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Eco-Friendly Homes Can Be Affordable, With Robin Wilson On Your Side

Once upon a time, there was an interior designer named Robin Wilson. In 2005, everyone called her “The Green Queen”: A title she neither liked nor wanted. “Especially now, when you see things being called ‘green,’” Robin says, “and it’s just a marketing term.” Instead, she says, “It’s got to be eco-friendly.” Today, Robin […]

8 Clever Repurposing Ideas for the Most Common Items That Get Trashed

Reuse and recycle some of the most commonly thrown out items with these repurposing ideas for around your home. You know the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but it’s never truer than when referring to repurposing items destined for the landfill or recycling center into practical, […]

Summer Love is in the Air With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Is it just us, or is it hot in here? That’s right: It’s time for some hot summer love! EcoSalon’s The Box is here to get you sexy-fied for those warm, starry nights and seasonal flings. This box will tease all your senses, with more than $470 worth of delightful, shimmery treasures to […]

Let Your Inner Goddess Shine With EcoSalon’s The Box!

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to look and feel radiantly sexy for those hot summer nights. EcoSalon’s The Box is here to help! This fun, flirty box features more than $490 worth of refreshing, restorative treats to help you welcome summer with open, super moisturized arms. Let your inner […]