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6 Practical, Unusual Uses for Windex that Go Beyond Window Cleaning



Sure there are known uses for Windex, but what about these other uses?

Your cleaning closet can get quite crowded these days with a cleaning solution for just about every specific household appliance, furniture and item. A lot of it is a marketing ploy, leading consumers to buy a bunch of different cleaning solutions for various, specific purposes. However, some of these cleaners are multi-purpose and can spread themselves thin across your household cleaning needs. Windex is no exception. This window cleaning solution is good for a lot more than …

8 Creatively Chic Storage Ideas for Your Home


Simple storage ideas can make a big difference.

“Everything in its place” is a phrase that hasn’t applied to my apartment in quite some time. I’m attempting to crack the minimalist code by selling and giving away all of the items I once thought I needed (and you know, never used). Ironically, I now have nowhere to put what little I did decide to keep. If you’re like me and you’re on the hunt for new storage ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 8 adorably creative storage ideas you won’t be …

Cool Your House Naturally with Bio Air Conditioning Inspired Cold Pot

Photo of Cold Pot and it's pieces

Air conditioners and central air systems are energy wasting mechanisms that come with a high price tag each month during the summer season. Thankfully, there is an interesting alternative to cool your house naturally: the Cold Pot, a low-tech device that takes the simple occurrence of evaporation and makes it that much more significant.

Clay, a natural substance so menial to most, probably never thought of much, actually has some cool tricks up its sleeve. It’s been around long before the dinosaurs were roaming freely about and …

4 Deliciously Natural Soap Fragrances for a Neutral and Clean Kitchen Aroma


What are the best natural soap scents for your kitchen?

Anyone who has ever chopped garlic cloves knows that a strong, fresh, natural soap scent is needed to combat the residual garlic smell that can happen. An effective, yet gentle, soap is needed in the kitchen to help you clean up after cooking that delicious marina.

There are some necessary parameters for a great kitchen natural soap though. It should be gentle on your skin, effective at neutralizes strong odors, good for the environment (and the animals), smell great and be a neutral enough …

7 Home Decorating Tips to Add the Spirit of a Cabin to Your Home

Home Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Feel Like a Cabin

Cabin life is slower, more relaxing, and a welcome alternative to the everyday hustle of normal life. These seven cabin-inspired home decorating tips will bring the spirit of the cabin into your space.

Do you yearn for the casual, outdoorsy feeling of the cabin lifestyle? Try these home decorating tips even if you live in the middle of the city.

Fearless Home Decor: Mix and Match Patterns

Modern pattern mixing for your home decor.

Bring more fun into your home decor by mixing up your patterns.

Mixing and matching patterns can be a fun, clever and stylish way to show off your sense of style in your home decor. Pattern mixing has its downfall though. Done carefully, pattern mixing creates visual interest, done poorly and your home decor can come off looking like a carnival funhouse, and unless you are professional clown that is probably not what you intended.

Mixing patterns can be fun and allow your creativity to shine through your home …

6 Super Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas for Creating the Most Awesome Connection with Nature

Creating outdoor living spaces.

Get the most out of your home by creating outdoor living spaces in your backyard.

For most people, enjoying outdoor living is all but a necessity for a happy, well-balanced and productive life. Enjoying nature, whether out on adventure or in our own backyard, brings peace, tranquility, balance and harmony to our busy and hectic modern lives. It really doesn’t get much better than enjoying an ice cold lemonade while sitting in an Adirondack chair in the middle of your backyard paradise. Or how about entertaining your closest …

9 Cruiser Bicycles to Totally Rock this Summer

Woman biking

Adorable cruiser bicycles for every budget.

As someone who’s not into the whole sporty-biking thing, I love that cruiser bicycles have become a thing: They’re all about the journey instead of the finish line, not to mention there’s a cruiser for every personality – and outfit. Whether you’re off to the beach, a local trail or just checking out the neighborhood, cruiser bicycles are an uber-comfy, uber-stylish way to go. They’re simple, old-school, and are a fashionable way to get to your destination.

The catch? Sorting through all the cruiser bicycles in …