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5 Questions Series with Writer Laura Fenton

Wherein we ask our favorite design bloggers, curators and forecasters what inspires them.   Laura Fenton is a writer and prop stylist who knows her way around a house and garden. She’s worked Budget Living and mainstreamed it at Good Housekeeping. She also helms her own blog Little House in the City, […]

Catch the Wind

I love to watch babies, enchanted and giggling, as they gaze at mobiles moving gently above their cribs with every breeze and breath. So I was happy to discover an artist who makes stunning, airy mobiles for grown-up rooms, each a tribute to nature’s most graceful branches, leaves and flowers. […]

Fruits and Vegetables with an Eternal Shelf Life

These powerful antioxidants are now as fabulous to look at as they are to eat, thanks to Margaret Dorfman. All are made by hand from fresh produce that has been cured, dried, and aged (chemical-free, of course) that she forms into paper-thin translucent bowls. Dorfman calls the products parchment, as […]

The Perfect DIY Gift: Mason Jar Photo Candles

Think outside of the frame. Ask a certain family member what they want for Christmas (that would be, mom), the reply is almost always, “a framed photo.” But who says your photo has to be in a frame on a wall or shelf? Here’s an idea: transfer your favorite photo […]

Hand-Printed Loveliness

This duet of Lace Fans Fabric Pillows (in Olive) from Ink & Spindle stole my heart. It was love at first sight. Nothing freshens a space as quickly (or as inexpensively) as a handful of throw pillows – a pop of color or a rich texture can instantly add life. I immediately […]

How to Decorate Your Home Like Wes Anderson Films

  Have you ever watched Wes Anderson films and drooled over the set design and styling? Yes? Then read on, this post is for you! Wes Anderson, for those not in the know, is the director and screenwriter of such quirky films as “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “The Life […]

Herding Pure Wool Shag

If you’re not allergy prone and are in need of some volume to warm up your chilly hardwood floors this winter, the shaggy and smart area carpets from Larson Rugs are a great find. I have priced this breed of friendly fluff at designer carpet stores, and they can run […]

10 Sun-Powered Lights for Summer Nights

Must be those years as a kid in Palm Springs that instilled my passion for succulent gardens that glow at dusk. Whether opting for sun powered pathway lanterns or natural candles, you are cutting down on electricity while letting your prized garden bask in the limelight. Combine them all for […]

Artist Noah Purifoy's Desert Legacy

If you happened to be driving through the desert outside of Joshua Tree California and suddenly came upon Noah Purifoy’s 7 1/2 acres of desert sculptures, you might think you’d stumbled into Burning Man after a mysterious, mass alien abduction. Strange structures emerge from the sun-bleached landscape and burn themselves […]

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Non-Toxic Are Your Branches

‘Tis the season to be frugal, but if you’re in the market for an artificial pine, go out on a limb and buy this recycled cardboard Alpine Tree, $28 from Cardboard Safari. It’s freshly laser-cut from 100% recycled cardboard, an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic material, unlike the plastic used on many […]

Places & Spaces: Bardessono, Yountville, California

A premier example of eco-chic, Bardessono is one of only two U.S. hotels that are LEED Platinum certified. Imagine going away on vacation without leaving the faintest trace? This is not a plot point for an episode of CSI, in which, should the aforementioned happen would make for the most unpleasant […]

4 Ways to Upcycle Plastic Bottles

Many of us survive off of bottled water and often drink other beverages out of plastic bottles. And, they’re hard to avoid. Quite simply, it’s difficult and expensive to satiate all your thirsty needs with beverages packaged in glass, especially if you travel a lot. But even when you use […]

Utensils for Omnivores: The Sladle & Stabber

You could beg, borrow or steal your next meal. Or… Scavenge, shave and screw – per the design leanings of Tony Kim and Sharon Myoung’s “Urban Camping” series. The Sladle & Stabber are hybrid camping utensils meant to “hybridize indoor comfort with outdoor objects” and will undoubtedly satiate the embattled […]

Mahaguthi: Crafting Towards Social Reform

With over 1,000 artisans under its wing in 150 workshops around the globe today, it’s hard to believe that Mahaguthi’s Craft With a Conscience began with one man’s determination to help those in need. Born to a middle class family in Nepal in 1896, Tulsi Mehar was never afraid to […]

9 Cruiser Bicycles to Totally Rock this Summer

Adorable cruiser bicycles for every budget. As someone who’s not into the whole sporty-biking thing, I love that cruiser bicycles have become a thing: They’re all about the journey instead of the finish line, not to mention there’s a cruiser for every personality – and outfit. Whether you’re off to […]

9 Convenient Air Fresheners to Clear the Air Naturally

Ready-made natural air fresheners for when you don’t feel like doing the DIY thing. As much as I hate to admit it: Winter is coming, which means when you accidentally burn dinner or hubby’s feet make flowers wilt, you’re not going to be able to open the windows as freely […]

Dreaming of an Organically Sound Sleep

I have some strange bedfellows whom I rely on for a peaceful night’s sleep. I like to refer to them as The Four B’s.  I have Bucky, the neck pillow, Bunny, my old stuffed rabbit, Blankie, my tattered baby blanket – and the hubs, whose name, incidentally, starts with B.  […]

EcoEtsy Favorites

I just can’t get enough of my EcoEtsy fix! The fresh air, blue sky and verdant surroundings make picnics the perfect outing for nature lovers like me. That is, until I’m handed a set of disposable plastic utensils, and then all I can think about is the landfill problem. With […]

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Sewing Basics: Master Your Sewing Machine With Step-by-Step Projects

 Calling all you “Project Runway” wannabes who don’t even know how to sew. Finally, master your sewing machine and learn all sewing basics. For all who dream about sewing up quick home DIY projects and chic clothing (and eventually making it to “Project Runway”), but don’t really know which end […]

6 DIY Lamp and Lighting Ideas to Light Up Your Life, Naturally

Living in the modern age, it would be difficult to imagine a life without lighting and electricity, even when it comes to choosing more eco-friendly materials and low consumption options. Fortunately, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ways to add some pizzazz to your digs with a few DIY lamp […]

Kindred Black: A Sustainable Approach to the Luxury Lifestyle

According to owners Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis, Kindred Black is your destination for luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced, and ethically manufactured. In addition to unique and one-of-a-kind home goods, the online retailer also sells new and vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and apothecary products. Today we’re going […]

8 Sure Ways to Hibernate in Style For You and Your Space

Get cozy and hibernate like a boss. As you read this, the latest snowstorm is probably bearing down on most of the continental United States right now. While some states have had a milder winter (umm, Hawaii), most of us have been freezing since late October. That means it’s time […]

Contemporary Art That Beautifully Raises Awareness

It can be beautiful, strange, intriguing, riveting, and emotionally moving – or a combination thereof. And sometimes contemporary art is the perfect medium for spreading awareness about the environmentally and socially conscious messages the masses need to hear. Below we’ve chosen four artists to feature who have dedicated their life’s […]

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Get Your Holiday Cheer On With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s The Box, Holiday Cheer Edition, features items that will make your holidays sparkle with all its might! Celebrate the most festive of seasons with a box of 25 glittering items from 15 fabulous brands – worth $466.95–all for just $129 + free shipping! Fa la la la la! The holiday season is officially in […]

7 Perfectly Unexpected Plaid Patterns for Around the Home

Get all tartaned up with the plaid pattern for your home. Whether in fashion or home decor, plaid patterns never really goes out of style–whether your style is more British punk, Town and Country, or retro 1970s, plaid is perfectly on point. What exactly do we mean by “plaid pattern” though? Plaid […]

Eco-Friendly Fireplace Ideas Perfect for the Holidays

Fireplaces are traditionally symbolic, conjuring up memories of togetherness, warmth, and holiday customs, especially during the fall and winter months. Their mantels are the perfect backdrops for festive garlands and their ledges just right for family photos. And whether you already have a fireplace in your home or you’re interested […]

13 Brilliant Staircase Ideas to Give Your Stairs a Step Up

Add drama, color, and pattern to your home with these easy DIY staircase ideas. Many people don’t think about the staircase when decorating their homes, but it’s actually a great place to add color and pattern. Whether you have a high traffic stairs or a lesser used staircase, there are plenty […]