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How to Decorate Your Home Like Wes Anderson Films


Decorate like Wes Anderson films.

Have you ever watched Wes Anderson films and drooled over the set design and styling? Yes? Then read on, this post is for you!

Wes Anderson, for those not in the know, is the director and screenwriter of such quirky films as “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Royal Tenenbaums”, “The Life Aquatic”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and more. He first gained attention for “Rushmore”, the fun coming of age story starring Bill Murray and featuring Jason Schwartzman in his first role.

Wes Anderson films can be called melancholy comedies and often focus …

11 (More!) Super Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas for the Creative Home

Clever wall art ideas to add art to your space.

Create your own super easy wall art with these clever wall art ideas and turn your plain walls into stunning works of art instead.

Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. That is the beauty of DIY, you can decide just how difficult or how easy the projects undertake are. Some folks look at DIY as a challenge, but if you just want the results without all that challenge, choose simpler projects.

Creating your own wall art creations is an easy way to dip your …

11 Beautiful Bohemian Decor DIY Projects to Add Boho Chic to Your Home


Looking to add some boho chic to your space? Then try out these simple bohemian decor do-it-yourself projects.

It may seem like the height of the boho chic movement may have passed for most, but bohemian decor and fashion never really go out of style for creative types and hippies alike. There are still plenty of folks for whom the anything-goes spirit behind bohemian decor will always be a draw. If that describes you, don’t feel constrained by what may or may not be considered to be on trend. Instead, march to …

11 of the Best Oils for Skin: Natural Plant-Based Beauty

jojoba oil

Ditch the complicated beauty care products and start using the best oils for skin.

One of the best beauty and health care tips I embraced was to stop buying into the sensational firming, anti-aging, silky-smooth claims touted by expensive beauty products. Sure, they may work this so-called “magic” quite well, but coincidentally enough, the best of these brands are often based in natural plant-based oils. So, why load on the extra fillers, fragrances, water and other colorants and preservatives when you can get right to the source?

These oils are incredibly …

7 DIY Autumn Wreaths to Celebrate the Season

Ideas for making your own autumn wreaths.

Now that the Autumnal Equinox has passed it is time to say goodbye to summer and move our attention to celebrating the beauty and bounty of the fall season. Autumn wreaths are a gorgeous way to celebrate the season and to decorate your door or entryway.

The brilliant colors of autumn just lend themselves to being honored–scarlet, goldenrod, burnt orange, moss, russet and more– and humans have a very long tradition of honoring and celebrating the season and the harvest. Decorating with autumn wreaths is one …

9 Apartment Decorating Ideas to Spruce Up that Drab Bookcase

Decorated bookshelf

Apartment decorating ideas for that ginormous bookshelf… when you only own three books.

How many times have you attempted to decorate your bookshelf, only to find it looks worse than before? I’ve personally lost count. No matter how hard I’ve tried to do it like the pros, my bookcases still just look like shelves with stuff on them. Sigh.

If you’ve had your Scarlett O’Hara moment and are done with your bookshelves being a total snore, welcome to the club. Let’s have t-shirts made. Here are 9 apartment decorating ideas to get you …

5 Ways (Including Simple Fall Decorations) to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Fall leaves

Fall is just around the corner. And while everyone loves brightly colored flowers and summery home surroundings, come late September, those decorations will start to look a bit tired. Switch up your home’s surroundings and add a few warm-hued items (along with some cuddly throws), a handful of natural fall decorations, and set the mood to “cool,” and get yourself in an autumn state of mind.

1. Fall decorations

For me, fall décor means tons and tons of skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, and bats, because fall is all about Halloween. If you’re …

6 Life-Changing Morning Routines You Shouldn’t Live Without

lemon water


Having morning routines can make waking up less stressful and more healthful.

Rise and shine! You just woke up – now what? We are creatures of habit, and with that in mind, it’s necessary to focus on habits that keep us healthy, happy and strong. The morning is a vulnerable time for all of us, because our stomachs are empty, our minds calmer and our bodies fresh from a night of having been “turned off”. For this reason, the first activities you engage in and the foods you …