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6 Unusual Uses for Natural Probiotics

Yogurt closeup

Natural probiotics are popping up everywhere. Here are 6 unusual places you might find them.

Okay, so we’re all familiar with the importance of natural probiotics for gut health (those Activia commercials make indigestion look so fun, don’t they?) – and word has it they’re also being used in a number of wild and wacky (but apparently effective) ways. Let’s explore them, shall we?

Here are 6 unusual uses for natural probiotics:

1. Cleaning your home

The idea behind natural probiotics in household cleaners is that our cleaning products tend to temporarily sterilize …

Bikini Waxing and Brazilian Waxes: Are They Safe?


Bikini waxing – let alone a Brazilian wax – is a daunting and often painful experience.

These days, most women in their early 20s are sometimes, or almost always, bare down there. The question though: is bikini waxing safe? We break down the bikini wax for you, in all its variations, so you can better understand the risks involved and how to avoid an unpleasant experience.

What Kind of Wax Are You In For?

When you attempt to go bare down there, first you must decide exactly how much hair you want to get rid of. A full …

6 Planter Ideas Using Funky and Unusual Items

Potted cactus with eyes painted on planter

Let’s get creative, folks! As the summer months are racing to the finish line (slow down already, for the love of ice pops and flip flops, sheesh!), don’t spend them in the garden of boring. To end your craft-tastic summer with a fun bang, we’ve rounded up our list of planter ideas using some of the most funky and unusual items we could find. Martha Stewart would be so proud!

Floppy disk planters

Funky Planter Ideas

1. Old Floppy Disk Planter

Listen, technology …

9 Stunning DIY Wall Art Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Diy wall art ideas and projects.

Cover those bare walls with DIY wall art projects and transform your home without spending a fortune.

Are your walls still bare and you’ve been in your apartment going on three years? Or are your walls covered top to bottom with prints, posters, framed art and photos, but you are just looking for a change? Consider creating your own stunning DIY wall art from everyday objects and keep on budget. All you need is a little creativity, inspiration and a few hours on a Saturday afternoon.

From inspirational

5 Cocktail Herb Garden Garnishes and Mixed Drink Ingredients You Can Grow Yourself


Why not make sure you have an herb garden that gives you the best cocktails possible?

While a well-mixed cocktail is a good thing, a well-mixed cocktail with homegrown garnish is even better. Which is where your herb garden comes in.

The beauty of cocktail garnishes is that you don’t need a lot of herbs, which means that a mixed drink herb garden can be as simple as a few pots in your kitchen window. Beyond garnishes, you can use your herbs as cocktail ingredients, either muddling them or making easy simple syrups.

Here …

5 Breakout-Banishing All Natural Remedies For Acne: Beat the Endless Zit Battle



Instead of cowering under your covers or rocking a baseball cap and enormous Olsen twins-style sunnies every day, check out these breakout-banishing all natural remedies for acne. Your skin will give you a glowing ovation for sure!

It’s a major bummer when you’ve reached your 20s and 30s and all of a sudden your skin decides to take a walk down preteen memory lane. The age-old myth is that every seven years your hormones change which is usually code for “get ready because your skin is about to freak the f&^% out!” These …

In Response to the California Drought, Many Paint Their Lawns Green

brown lawn photo

The California drought is in its third year and it’s quickly becoming the worst drought on record. At the beginning of this month the state put tight water restrictions into effect. Watering lawns was frowned upon a few months ago but today intense fines make it out of the question.

For some California residents taking shorter showers and skipping the car wash are one thing, but having to look out to a crisp brown lawn has become all too depressing. As a result of the California drought, many have decided to …

Pucker Up: 10 Surprising Uses for Lip Balm

Lips closeup

Once your pout’s all… well, pouty, here are 10 more uses for lip balm.

If you think the only uses for lip balm is on your lips, you’re seriously missing out. The soothing formula and its consistency make it surprisingly handy for solving other beauty and fashion mishaps. This, my friends, is repurposing at its finest.

Here are 10 uber-useful ways to let your lip balm live up to its full potential:

1. Tame those flyaways

Your hair never gives you attitude when you’re actually near your hair products (pffft!) – lucky for you, …