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Normcore is the Latest Trend in Modern Home Decor: Making a Statement with Neutrals


Whether in fashion or in home decor bland is in. Learn more about the normcore fashion trend.

2014 saw the rise of normcore, an ironic hipster fashion trend featuring the blandest of mom jeans, khakis, plain button up shirts, neutral palettes and the like, and all with the goal of making a statement by not making a statement with fashion.

The Oxford Dictionary blog weighed in on the trend and Vogue has called for it to end, but normcore has persisted. Many have realized that normcore, albeit in a less ironic …

Reusable Napkins and Tablecloths: Save Money, Gain Style

dogwood & hastings

So much of home design these days is all about short-term, wasteful and disposable stuff.  How many times have you seen half-falling apart Ikea products on the curb, waiting to be tossed? Piles of paper napkins after a BBQ? Reusable napkins and tablecloths don’t just have to be found in fine dining restaurants.

In creating Dogwood & Hastings, I looked to solve the problem of boring (and disposable or near-disposable) home wares; the reusable napkins and tablecloths are durable and made to last for years, sewn in the USA to withstand …

15 Ingenious Repurposing Projects for Used Books

Repurpose used books into clever home decor projects.

Old, used books can be transformed into cool DIY home decor with these repurposing projects.

Are you a book lover or do you know someone who is? Play on your love of books and utilize used books to create unique home decor projects. From DIY planters to building a bookshelf out of books, we’ve got some really creative ideas on how to repurpose used books that are destined for the recycling bin.

Now, some folks are never going to be okay with this idea, but as long …

7 Deceptively Simple DIY Black and White Decorating Ideas

Black and white decorating ideas.

Add drama, sophistication and style to your home by decorating with black and white.

One of the hottest and most dramatic home decorating trends is using black and white to create a sophisticated space. The beauty of the trend is it can be done as easily or as involved as one desires. In addition, decorating with black and white is an easy way to create a high-end looking space on a budget.

Black and white decorating is not for the shrinking violet or the faint of heart. The …

11 Unusual Household Uses for Beer

Closeup of beer

11 household uses for beer you can’t live without. Like, seriously.

After weekend bashes, your home always looks a tad… disheveled. The morning after, you find yourself navigating through the land mines of empty food containers, random wrappers, and of course almost-empty bottles of stale beer. It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, only you know, not fun. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to put that leftover beer to good use – excellent use, actually.

Here are 11 household uses for beer you’re going to love (I promise):

1. Get

7 Home Office Hacks To Add Order and Style to Your Workplace

Home Office

Read on for clever tricks and ideas you can incorporate to add more organization and style to your home office. 

Whether you have a dedicated home office you use for work, or a space for taking care bills and other household business, it’s probably a given that your office is the one area in your home you aren’t so proud to show off. If you are like most folks, your office is filled with rejected furniture items, stacks in need of filing and an overflowing paper recycling bin. It’s not pretty, but …

7 Ideas to Get Industrial Farmhouse Decor

Add industrial farmhouse decor to yoru home.

Venture into the world of industrial farmhouse decor with these tips and inspiration.

Juxtaposition in decorating is fun. Combining different, yet somehow complementary styles, is the oldest trick in the decorating book. One such example is industrial farmhouse decor.

The industrial farmhouse style combines the rustic, country chic of old farmhouses with the sleek, functional and clean lines of modern industrial design. Farmhouse decor is all warm wood and practicality and industrial design is all about clean lines and functionality–fuse the two and you get warm, …

5 Ideas to Declutter Your Home and Maximize Space

Declutter your home with these tips.

Maximize your space and declutter your home.

For those of us living not living in Martha Stewart or Bill Gates-sized mansions space is always issue, and maximizing that space is the key to declutter your home and to creating a more zen-like space.

Even though we all try to avoid conspicuous consumption and hoarding, the accumulation of stuff happens. Whether you live alone in an urban apartment or you live with your partner, 3 children, 2 dogs and a cat in suburban ranch house, there never seems to …