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9 Spring Color Trends 2015 Must Have to Add to Your Space

Add color to your space this spring with these awesome spring color trends 2015. The conventional thinking about spring color trends is that they are overwhelming pastel, but according to Pantone, the leader in forecasting color trends for decades, the spring color trends 2015 run to the cooler and softer […]

Have Pillow, Will Travel

“I never stay in a hotel room that isn’t nicer than my own bedroom,” Bay Area designer Stephen Shubel once told me. In other words, the designer would never stand for rough and scratchy linens, a skimpy polyester blanket or a lumpy old pillow on his rented bed, and neither […]

Places & Spaces: Gaia Hotel and Reserve, Costa Rica

The Gaia Hotel & Preserve is a Costa Rican getaway guaranteed to bring you back to nature. This is the first installment in a new round of Places & Spaces here on EcoSalon. Look for writer Kara DiCamillo’s travel series here every Saturday. Situated next to the Pacific Ocean in […]

Salvaged Screen by Tammy Roy

Some dads teach girls how to throw a ball. Tammy Roy’s dad taught her how to weld. "No dessert until you complete that beveled angle!" The lessons paid off. Roy produces amazing eco-inspired metal art, like this fireplace screen forged with rebar that she rescued from demolition sites. The gorgeous […]

5 Eco-Friendly Tips to Get Your House to Sell Faster

If you hoping to sell your house, you’re probably well aware that it’s not going to be easy in today’s buyer’s market. But top real estate agents and home stagers will tell you that a little curb appeal and a few renovations will improve your chances of selling your house […]

The Drink Is Only Half the Fun

Without a swanky espresso machine to recreate the café experience at home, I believe I need to compensate with some seriously stylish coffee ware. I finally came across the perfect set to give my morning wake-up ritual an extra boost. Handcrafted by artisans in Switzerland, the Terra Keramik espresso cups […]

Lustables: Kaktus Stool

An architecturally stunning stool that stands in as a basket. “Beautifully delicate in appearance, unfathomably strong in construction,” the Kaktus Stool ($250) from Artecnica is pretty much perfect. Use it as a stool, of course, or turn it upside down and it becomes a basket. Made from recycled aluminum, designer […]

Top Drawer Sachets for Scent and Shooing Moths

Sometimes my daughter Syd’s drawers smell a bit gamey, like her soccer uniform after a match of  living up to her title as “the finisher”. She’s a darling girl, don’t get me wrong. But she has a frightful habit of  tossing items into her drawers to avoid that exhausting chore […]

Got Wine? Decoratively Display Your Vino Addiction

There are plenty of stylish solutions for storing wine, but many of them assume that you have tons of space and a wine budget that would rival the gross domestic product of a small country (sorry, but that towering wine rack looks pretty sad with a few lonely bottles of […]

Mullet Lust

A quirky yet elegant re-imagining of the chair. Ah, the mullet. Well-groomed and refined on top, a little wild on bottom. Ever heard of a furniture mullet? While I would rarely (all right, never) recommend a mullet to frame your face, these lovely creations are as unexpected as a mullet, […]

Our Love Is Sustainable

Dear Valentine, This year I won’t be filling your mailbox with a flimsy, generic "Be Mine, Valentine" card. I want to prove to you that my love is strong – so strong, in fact, that only fire could destroy it. That’s why I am sending you this wooden Valentine card […]

Healthy Home Detox: 10 Quick Ways to Green Your House

Your new carpet, toasty towels, or freshly painted bedroom are among a few things that could make you sick. Here’s a quick look at 10 of the more common household toxins, and what you can do to get rid them. 1. Dare to Bare You can start by removing shoes […]

The Bendables: Origami Design Tackles 3D and Waste

Über-human folds in industrial and home design. Foraying into the foldy discipline of origami design once more, let’s take a look at a few bends that have captured the design world – in both market and imagination. The first comes care of bendables expert Pleat Farm, a perennial favorite of […]

EcoEtsy: Our Latest Finds 'n Favorites

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: it’s time for some more of my top EcoEtsy picks! Sustainability is just as important as style to the team at Jalex Studios. Their unique Mango Modern lamp is crafted from, yep, you guessed it, mango wood. Made from a recycled […]

DIY: 10 Things To Make From Plastic Bags

Ten things you can make from old plastic bags. Even though we always bring reusable shopping bags to the store, somehow we always find ourselves with an overflowing stash of plastic bags under the kitchen sink. Recognize that? The good news is that you can use them to make things. […]

Lustables: Mai Tai Lamp

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the sun has set on your Copacabana fantasies. This shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine: you on a white-sand beach sprawled out on a cabana chair holding a strong, fruity, pink beverage in hand. Keep that picture in mind, and cherish it. You’re […]

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4 Simple Eco-Friendly Fall Crafts Just in Time for Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us once again and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you haven’t decorated for the big day just yet, then never fear because we have several sophisticated and simple eco-friendly fall crafts that can be put together in a snap. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick, […]

5 Perfectly Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again and an ugly sweater holiday party is the perfect excuse to parade around in your gaudiest getup, sip spiked punch, and play games like a boss. So take a second and have a peek at some of our best ideas for your upcoming event […]

13 Brilliant Staircase Ideas to Give Your Stairs a Step Up

Add drama, color, and pattern to your home with these easy DIY staircase ideas. Many people don’t think about the staircase when decorating their homes, but it’s actually a great place to add color and pattern. Whether you have a high traffic stairs or a lesser used staircase, there are plenty […]

Eco-Friendly Fireplace Ideas Perfect for the Holidays

Fireplaces are traditionally symbolic, conjuring up memories of togetherness, warmth, and holiday customs, especially during the fall and winter months. Their mantels are the perfect backdrops for festive garlands and their ledges just right for family photos. And whether you already have a fireplace in your home or you’re interested […]

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Fall Into Fabulous With EcoSalon’s The Box!

EcoSalon’s Fall Into Fabulous Box features items that will keep that glow going strong! September is delightfully colorful and transitional, so celebrate one of the most beautiful months of the year with a box of products worth $461.36–all for just $129 + free shipping!   We love the spring. We love the summer. But […]

Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House

Multipurpose furniture is beneficial in more ways than one, obviously. Utility, convenience, waste reduction, compactness, and originality are just a few of the reasons why we’re urging you to give these modular furniture ideas a try next time you’re in the market for new furniture. According to municipal solid waste […]

Gorgeous No-Knit One-Hour DIY Scarf Anyone Can Make

Here’s a DIY scarf anyone can make. Seriously, anyone. Whether an avid knitter or not, many crafters are stuck with stashes of beautiful yarn and too many knitting projects from which to choose. No-knit yarn projects are the ideal solution for knitters and non-knitters alike. No-knit yarn projects are the […]

Yes, a DIY Linen Spray Can Totally Change Your Life

Using a simple DIY linen spray can help you sleep better.  Most of us instinctively know how good a regular amount of sleep can be, and science backs us up on that. Studies have shown how important sleep is to memory, overall health, longevity, emotional health, and more. For some of […]

Upcycled Junk: 6 Beautiful Home Furnishings You Can Feel Good About

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that’s never been truer than with this roundup of upcycled junk that’s been skillfully transformed into the surprisingly pleasant and totally livable home furnishings that follow.    The true cost of throwing out your old or gently used furniture is actually pretty steep – […]