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11 Thanksgiving Crafts to Start Now for Setting Your Holiday Harvest Table

Thanksgiving crafts for the table.

Check out these Thanksgiving crafts for tablescaping your harvest table.

With Halloween just around the corner, that means that there’s a little over four weeks to get ready for Thanksgiving. If your family is like most American families, then Thanksgiving is the most important food holiday of all time, and that is some serious business. There is so much to do to prepare. Not only do you have to plan the menu around everyone’s food allergies and sensitivities, come up with the seating arrangements (it is an election …

Tiny House Living Goes Waterfront: Think Houseboats

tiny houseboat photo

Tiny house living goes the way of the water.

In much the same as a portion of the population is disgusted by super sized meals, giant SUVs, and Costco shopping, those yearning to live simply are also turned off by mega-mansions dotting the suburbs of our cities. It’s a social movement that refutes a common stereotype claiming that we all want bigger, faster, and more. Now, in the hopes of waterfront views and inexpensive living, houseboats are the latest in the tiny house trend.

Tiny homes are used as weekend cabins, backyard …

17 ( More!) DIY Wall Art Ideas: Make Your Own Dreamcatchers, Mobiles and More

wall art

Get creative and add some drama to your decor with these stunning DIY wall art ideas.

Think you can’t create impressive DIY wall art? Think again. Everyone has a creative side and with a little inspiration and guidance can create extraordinary creations.

These sensational DIY wall art project ideas should get you started to creating some spectacular and striking designs. Just don’t be afraid to carve out a Saturday afternoon and to get a little messy.

17 Striking Hanging DIY Wall Art Ideas

  1. Autumn Leaf Garland – Bring the colors of

9 Convenient Air Fresheners to Clear the Air Naturally

Scented candle

Ready-made natural air fresheners for when you don’t feel like doing the DIY thing.

As much as I hate to admit it: Winter is coming, which means when you accidentally burn dinner or hubby’s feet make flowers wilt, you’re not going to be able to open the windows as freely – well, not without freezing your tuchus off.

Sure, there are plenty of DIY air fresheners you can make, but if you’re crunched for time or can’t find an aesthetically pleasing way to display those coffee grounds, here are 9 convenient natural air …

10 Fall Decorating Ideas with Farm Fresh Apples

Apple ideas for after a visit to the apple orchard.

Need some fall decorating ideas for all of those apples you picked up from the apple orchard? Consider using them to creatively decorate your home for the season.

Autumn is prime apple season and visiting the apple orchard is one of autumn’s sweetest treats. Enjoying the crisp autumn air while picking out your favorite apple varieties like Pink Lady, Rome, Cameo and Ginger Gold, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What often happens after we get home from our annual pilgrimage to the apple …

13 Fun and Functional Drink Coasters for Entertaining

Clever drink coasters for your home.

Get your home ready for the holiday entertaining season with these clever drink coasters to protect your furniture.

In our household, as in many US households, autumn and winter are the indoor entertaining months. Spring and summer are the outdoor entertaining months, but the cooler weather removes that most excellent option for outdoor entertaining and forces hosts to entertain guests back inside their homes. Between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, most of our homes will have had enough relatives and friends traipse through to wreak havoc on …

SC Johnson to Disclose All Proprietary Fragrance Ingredients

glade candle

SC Johnson’s “secret” corporate fragrances are about to be let out of the bottle.

From perfumes to dishwashing and laundry detergents to candles, chemical fragrances are in practically everything.

But manufacturers do not have to disclose which chemicals are used in their proprietary fragrances, protected by the U.S. Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. And some of these products can contain dozens of chemicals in just one fragrance.

Now, major personal care brand SC Johnson (Glade, Pledge, Shout, Windex) has announced it’s going to disclose all of its fragrance ingredients used in its products. Similarly, …

9 Simple DIY Wine Rack Projects You Can Make Yourself

DIY Wine Rack

Super clever and simple do-it-yourself ideas for making a wine rack.

Are you a wine aficionado or want to make your friends think that you are a wine aficionado?

Step one is to stop drinking wine from a box. Step two is to get a wine rack, or better yet make your own wine rack. Step three is to learn all about wine, but that really is the business of another post. This post is all about creative ways that you can make your own wine storage racks.

Want to stock …