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Feline Furniture You Can Sink Your Claws Into

I’m not a cat, but I’m pretty sure those carpeted towers and tree condos with plush houses and scratching posts are akin to million-dollar listings in the feline world. They’re living proof a fat cat has arrived. Mount a tiny plasma on the wall, insert a dish of tuna, and […]

Lustables: The Vidje Lounge

The Vidje lounge, created by Norwegian designer Iris Djupvik, is a study in contrasts. The Vidje lounge chair is the work of Norwegian designer Iris Djupvik who was inspired by both the fine craft of crochet and the kind of dependable sturdiness only a simple wooden chair could provide. What […]

Lustables: Vintage Kantha Quilts

Vintage sari quilts, handmade in India. Vintage saris, pieced together with handmade stitches in India – what a beautiful way to recycle. These Vintage Kantha Quilts (£165) by Niki Jones are unique and stunning. Editor’s note: We are proud to bring you original columns and feature editorials at EcoSalon on […]

Lustables: Hand Block Textiles from Handmade Interiors

Ethical textiles from a British design duo makes ‘handmade’ a natural choice for interior design projects. I loved chatting with the folks at Handmade Interiors during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC this past May. Their London-based design company draws inspiration from a melding of rich cultural backgrounds with […]

Women: Sustainable, But Soooo Inconvenient

Gaia, -1. As seen on Reddit, the lap pillow. It’s the simultaneous decimation of any shred of hope for humanity and perverse rubbernecking wonder at such cultural discoveries followed by intense psychological concern for oneself that only Reddit can so reliably provide. Surely there is a German word for this. […]

A Warm and Welcome Place to Shop

My grandest fantasy as a young girl included leading a life like Chris Evert or Gabriella Sabatini, which for an 8-year-old mostly meant wearing cute tennis skirts and being on TV. Although I have a great tennis game today (if I do say so myself), playing pro quickly lost its […]

Lustables: Continent Pillows

A sleep well-traveled. These bright and worldly pillow cases are handmade by artisans in Southwest India using Batik, the traditional Indian art of creating patterns on fabric. A set of three pillows spans the globe from the Americas to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. At $95, that’s a much better […]

DIY in 10 Minutes: Reclaimed Wood Jewelry Holder

Practicality you didn’t even know you needed. This easy project costs pennies and adds rustic charm to any decor. Hang it in a bathroom or above a dresser in the bedroom to keep your necklaces untangled and organized (also, so you don’t forget to wear them). The piece of wood […]

10 Urban Infills

What do we do with ugly, unused land in the hearts of our cities? You could camp there, of course – but the real challenge is to affordably fit new homes into the most awkward of spaces, and do it sustainably. In a world of custom-kit prefab housing, this is […]

7 Natural and Organic Skincare Brands You Need In Your Life Now

Even with so many natural and organic skincare brands existing, it’s tempting to try them all until you finally find the brand that creates the formula you never knew you needed. A few all-natural, safe-ingredient-packed brands dominate the buzz these days, but that doesn’t mean other skincare companies aren’t out […]

10 Airbnb Tips for Hosts and Guests to Enjoy the Perfect Stay

Whether you’re opening your home to guests or staying in someone’s home-share, use these 10 Airbnb tips for a comprehensive understanding of how to use the service best. As a former shared-home Airbnb host for more than a year as well as an avid Airbnb guest, I’ve gathered a lot […]

This is the Weekend for DIY Beauty Recipes [Video]

Hey, ladies! The weekend is nearly here. Don’t have any plans? Awesome. We’ve got a beautiful suggestion. If you love making your own beauty products, you will enjoy this video. It’s filled with 5 DIY beauty recipes that are easy to concoct. Related on EcoSalon 7 Natural and Organic Skincare […]

A Purpose for Plastic: the RD Legs Chair

Like it or not, our planet is stuck with leftover plastic from years of oblivious consumption and waste. But rather than complain about the pile up, why not take the matter into your own hands? Richard Liddle, of UK-based Cohda Design, did just that. He found a way to use […]

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5 Amazing Handmade Lounge Chairs: Perfect the Art of Lounging

Sit back and take a load off with these stunning handmade lounge chairs that combine both comfort and design.  While lounge chairs may make you think of super bad Barcaloungers from the seventies and eighties, anyone who watched “Mad Men” knows lounge chairs are super cool. More importantly, though, they […]

11 Decorative DIY Crafts Using Natural Materials

This summer bring a bit of the outdoors inside with one – or eleven – of our natural DIY crafts. Have you been searching for some fresh DIY crafts to fill your summer weekends with? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered with some of the prettiest home […]

6 Time-Saving Apps that Will Also Save Your Sanity

Surprise! No, it’s not your birthday, but it is your lucky day because we’ve got the lowdown on a handful of the latest time-saving apps to turn your hectic life into a well-oiled machine. Time is precious, and nowadays it seems like we have less and less of it to […]

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11 Super Easy Instant Updates to Create Luxe Decor

Luxe decor isn’t really out of your reach with these quick and easy fixes. If you have Nordstrom taste for your home but a Target Budget, join the club. Honestly, get in line. Most of us don’t fall into the category of folks with a limitless budget for our luxe […]

Get Inspired with Easy Weekend Sewing Projects

Looking to show off your sewing skills, but don’t want to take on a huge time commitment? Sew up one of these easy weekend sewing projects. Want to use your sewing machine for something else besides collecting dust, but don’t have time to start a labor intensive project. Turn to […]

Shine On with EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box!

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your home, body, and soul radiant and colorful for those lighter, longer days. EcoSalon’s Glam Renewal Box is here to help! This bright bundle of goodies features $450 worth of gorgeous and refreshing treats to help you view the most radiant of seasons through rose-colored, eco-friendly glasses. Renew yourself and get your […]

7 Stunning Entryway Ideas for a Welcoming Home

While the kitchen may be the soul of the house, the entryway makes the first impression. Up your game with these easy entryway ideas. Whether you want to add some more personality to your home or are looking to up the curb appeal, implementing entryway ideas can be a fantastic […]