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Wash 'n Go with the Toilet Suite

It’s ideal for that teeny-weeny hotel room in Tokyo or the mod green apartment that’s tight on space but big on water solutions. Yes, if you don’t mind straddling the bowl or facing a faucet sideways to wash up, you will love The Profile┞¢ Toilet Suite with an Integrated Hand […]

Stylish, by My Calculation

Remember that squiggly little sign from math class that looks like the number eight turned on its side? It may not have sparked your curiosity then, what with its connection to tedious concepts like set theory, projective geometry and hyperreal numbers. (I definitely napped through those classes.) Well, the Infinity […]

4 Fall Centerpieces And Eco-Friendly Tablescapes

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner and that means it’s time to create fall centerpieces that celebrate the harvest season. Making your own fall centerpieces doesn’t mean just plopping some gourds on the table. Autumn is full of rich colors and textures, and there are many ways to […]

Mahaguthi: Crafting Towards Social Reform

With over 1,000 artisans under its wing in 150 workshops around the globe today, it’s hard to believe that Mahaguthi’s Craft With a Conscience began with one man’s determination to help those in need. Born to a middle class family in Nepal in 1896, Tulsi Mehar was never afraid to […]

Auction House Awe

Spray Paint Eclecticism. Broken Baroque. Auction House Awe. It seems no amount of categorical wit can do this space justice. Spray paint, auction houses, paint brushes, second-hand stores, and graffiti all live in these walls. Owners Jimmie Karlsson and Rick Schultz have turned this two-story flat in London into beautifully […]

Bring the Rainforest Indoors with the Vine Hanging Lamp

There is just something about rainforest-inspired decor that I find irresistible. I love incorporating subtle touches of this complex ecosystem’s lively energy into my home with bamboo, vines, lush greens and rich earth tones. The Vine Hanging lamp is the perfect accent for those of us who wish to bring […]

heARTbeat: Dinah Fried Creates Characters with Fictitious Dishes

ColumnCalling all senses, calling all senses… Mad Hatter: Do you care for tea? Alice: Why, yes. I’m very fond of tea. March Hare: If you don’t care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation! Once you click around graphic designer Dinah Fried’s website, it’s obvious that she’s a […]

Instant Inexpensive Makeover Tip

One trick I use for refreshing my decor from season to season is simple and inexpensive: paint. It’s easy to repaint a bedroom wall in a bright or soothing hue to frame your bed in style, but don’t stop at walls. Think about painting small furnishings and accent pieces – […]

Weaving in the Circle of the Sun

It takes the inhabitants of rural villages in Bolivian regions like Alto Plano or the Central Highlands two hours to walk to the nearest town. Because of this isolation, these people must rely on a craft that doesn’t require goods from distant urban areas. Fortunately, they have everything they need […]

Out of the Attic

I don’t have the nerve to hire an organizer to sort my attic. It’s far too daunting for any professional. It requires a crazy person and a very strong pot of coffee. Luggage clutters the walking path and nothing is boxed as it should be or plainly labeled according to […]

11 Home Aquariums That Will Rival the One at Your Dentist’s Office

Keeping Nemo, the greenest way possible. Humanely treated exotic fish are pretty, but keeping them in a tank can be a tricky energy drain. According to the Washington Post, citing a study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a 55-gallon freshwater tank could use from 280 to 400 kilowatt-hours annually. […]

The Road to Retail Is Paved with Bad Inventions

I’ve just spent three fast and furious days at the America’s Mart in Atlanta, Georgia for the Fall Gift Show. “Gift” is loosely used in the retail industry to describe anything from furniture to sheets and towels to my favorite, a high heeled shoe that cradles a hairbrush (as seen […]

Handpicked: Pure Green

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week, Celine Rogers of Pure Green is here to share […]

Handpicked: Somace

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week it’s the modern pacific musings of Isla Schmidt from Somace. Isla […]

Rub-a-Dub: Paint That Clawfoot Tub

Nothing goes together like a recession and a paint brush. If you can’t afford to remodel (and who can?) and are stuck with a peeling, fiberglass clawfoot tub, tap into some ingenuity and resource non-toxic paints and supplies, pure shower curtains, an organic floor mat and go to town. If […]

11 Unusual Household Uses for Beer

11 household uses for beer you can’t live without. Like, seriously. After weekend bashes, your home always looks a tad… disheveled. The morning after, you find yourself navigating through the land mines of empty food containers, random wrappers, and of course almost-empty bottles of stale beer. It’s kind of like […]

Lustables: The Grass Mirror

H20 Architects’ creation of a living mirror allows you to create your own reflection. From where we sit, the grass is looking pretty darn green with this creation from French architectural design firm h2o Architects. Called a Miroir en Herbe, not only is it lustable, it’s edible, too. Planters are […]

Lustables: The Urbio Modular, Vertical Garden

It’s vertical, it’s modular, it’s magnetic…hence lustable.  As if a vertical garden wasn’t sexy enough, take a look at the new modular vertical. I think we can all agree that this is the year horizontal greenery officially became passé.

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15 Ridiculous Easy DIY Repurposed Jewelry Storage Ideas

Solve your jewelry clutter problems with these easy DIY solutions for jewelry storage. These DIY jewelry storage solutions will keep your necklaces from getting tangled and make choosing what jewelry to wear with your outfit a breeze. Old Type Tray – If you come across an old printing type tray at a […]

6 Pro Tips to Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer

Here’s how to help your gorgeous fresh cut flowers last a teensy bit longer. Oodles of moms around the world scored a beautiful bouquet yesterday for being so awesome—and even though those fresh cut flowers won’t last forever, there are a few tricks of the trade to keep in mind […]

How to Build a Lux Capsule Wardrobe: The Ultimate Guide

If your closet’s overflowing with items you never wear, here’s the 411 on creating the capsule wardrobe of your dreams. When I open my overstuffed closet to try and find something to wear, it makes me feel like a country song. Why does fashion have to be so complicated? Oh, […]

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8 Clever Repurposing Ideas for the Most Common Items That Get Trashed

Reuse and recycle some of the most commonly thrown out items with these repurposing ideas for around your home. You know the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but it’s never truer than when referring to repurposing items destined for the landfill or recycling center into practical, […]

7 Surprising Reasons You Should Make Your Bed

You might not want to make your bed—like, ever—but here’s why you totally should. Let’s face facts: Nobody wants to make the bed. It’s boring. It’s monotonous. It’s one of those thankless chores, like doing dishes or laundry, where the chore just never goes away. Ever. Sure, your bed looks […]