Chase the Sun with a Mobile Vegetable Garden


If you’ve got a green thumb but are burdened with a dark, shadowy yard, then you need to check out this clever idea. One of the brainiacs over at Instructables devised an easy way to make a mobile vegetable cart so you can chase the sun around your backyard to give your seedlings all the light they need.

You don’t have to be a master builder to put this cart together. Run to the local home improvement store and grab some plywood, wood screws, wheels, axles, and a few other goodies. The detailed post gives you exact measurements of the materials you’ll need and step-by-step directions on how to put the cart together.

Once assembled, don’t fill the bed of the cart with 25 bags of potting soil – it will be too heavy too move. Instead, take a cue from the designer who recommends, “a layer of lucerne, a layer of fertilizer, a layer of pea straw, a layer of fertilizer, a layer of dirt, and compost a layer…” and so on.

If the sunlight in your growing area is a moving target, this is a great solution for dealing with it. Mobile vegetable carts are also a terrific idea if you’re the kind of person who likes to mix up the look of her backyard on a whim. Put together a couple of these bad boys and go nuts “redecorating” the next time your landscaping starts to bore you.

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