A Cheetos Macaron: The Worst in Highbrow/Lowbrow?

cheetos macaron

A patisserie in New York is making a cheetos macaron; would you try one?

Cheetos macarons.

Yes, you read that right. For some reason people love odd combinations in the food world. Anything that pairs upscale culinary creations with something a little more mainstream is pretty much destined to go viral. Cronuts or bone luging anyone?

The cheetos macaron, which is filled with a white chocolate ganache infused with cheetos and dusted with bright orange food dust, hit the market last year, but now it’s back in time for Halloween. Um, thank you?

The patisserie is the brainchild of Macaron Parlour in New York City, who is no newbie to pairing odd flavors. But while macarons that come in Tiramisu and Matcha makes one salivate, the cheetos macaron is less inspiring. And the French would certainly not approve.

So why does the upscale macaron blog sell it? Because the internet demands it.

“My wife created the flavor for Halloween last year, he said, explaining that the flavor was expected to die out when the last of the batch was sold. But then a blog picked it up. And then a customer ordered it,” and the popularity kept growing from there, he said. “So they’re coming back for Halloween,” co-owner Simon Tung told the LA Times.

Lesson: maybe we stop re-tweeting weird food stuff that we should know better about eating? Because as much as you think you want a cheetos macaron, do you really want to be left with that processed orange dust on your fingers afterwards? No. Get the Candied Maple Bacon with Cream Cheese instead, silly.

You’re not convinced? You still want to try one but you don’t live in New York and are crying yourself to sleep at night because of a cheeto macaron deprivation? Then make them yourself. No really, the homemade cheeto macaron recipe is no joke.

But hey, there are worse food combinations out there. At least it’s better than a cheeto cupcake.

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