Coffee Lovers: You Can Now Make Out with Your Morning Brew As Nature Intended

Coffee Lovers: You Can Now Make Out with Your Morning Brew As Nature Intended

You love kissing. You love coffee. Now, coffee lovers everywhere will be able to multitask in the best (or maybe saddest) way possible.

If your single AF status is turning you into a cynic who makes barfing noises when a couple gets their PDA on, help is on the way… in the form of a lip-shaped coffee cup lid. Yep, soon you’ll be able to make sweet, sweet love to your pumpkin spice latte, proving once again that dreams really do come true.

Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok is who to thank for this stellar invention. “I love both coffee and kisses,” he wrote to Bustle. “I always have coffee a day, but kiss [I] can’t. So I began to sketch the idea at the cafe. Funny, I imagined people have pure joy when walking around kiss lid in hand.”

Coffee Lovers: You Can Now Make Out with Your Morning Brew As Nature Intended

At first, Woo-Seok only had lips on the prototype, but later decided that incorporating a nose was key to recreating what a kiss with an actual human would feel like. (I personally can’t remember that far back.) The face itself is designed based on Grecian standards of beauty, so it’s basically as close to kissing Channing Tatum as you can get.

The face is completely functional as a lid, with the hole for coffee found on the bottom lip. The lids have just been released in Korea and the response has been positive, so hopefully that means we’ll be able to spend our mornings canoodling with our one true love very soon. All the single ladies!

Of course, you’ll have to cross your fingers that making out with your coffee won’t remind you of that awkward spin the bottle incident in elementary school. Or that it turns out you have about as much chemistry as George and Izzy on “Grey’s Anatomy”. (Shudders.) Or that it’s like someone spitting in your mouth.

This creation is truly kitsch at its finest. And coffee lovers take note: Taking full advantage of this coffee lid doesn’t make you sad… okay, maybe it does a little. But look on the bright side: At least you’re not in a relationship with an invisible boyfriend. Then you’d definitely be sad. Like, taking a bath with your toaster sad.

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Images: Jang Woo-Seok

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