Common Chemical Linked to Female Infertility


Perfluorochemicals (PFC), found in many common household items, have been linked to female infertility in a recent Danish study. Research has shown that PFC is toxic to the liver, immune system and reproductive organs. In this case, it looks like infertility is nature’s way of saying “Your environment is way too poisonous to sustain healthy life – this is not the time or place to reproduce the species.”

The most common PFC-containing items are nonstick pans, the grease-resistant coating on microwave popcorn bags, and water and stain repellent products – namely Teflon, Scotchgard, Gore-Tex and Stainmaster.

Cosmetics, moisturizers and even dental floss contain PFC, too. Look for ingredients containing “perfluoro” or “fluoro.” Of special concern is the fact that the most toxic type of PFC has a very long half life and will be in our environment (and absorbing into our bodies) for years to come.

Better living through chemistry?

Image: mahalie