When Green Gets Silky: 6 Best Organic Hair Conditioners


We use conditioners to keep our hair healthy, sleek and shiny.  Or just to avoid looking like the Scarecrow from Oz.  Whether you’re a daily conditionista or someone who simply smooths it on once or twice a week, you’re going to want to keep it organic.

Why? To avoid the common ingredient in conventional conditioners called Lauramide DEA. It strips away important amino acids like serine, histamine and other hair and skin proteins. This can leave hair feeling dry and unmanageable – creating the need to use more conditioner. Who knew hair conditioner could be so conspiracy-theory! While the debate continues to rage about how conditioners will eventually destroy us all, we’ve got you covered with products that won’t.

Here’s a look at some great, green hair conditioners which are undeniably healthy for you and your tresses.

PhotobucketNature Girl Lemon Thyme Crème Rinse

This conditioner was my favorite of the lot: it had a fantastic scent, conditioned well, and it squeaked off my hair. Just like a shampoo! It didn’t weigh my hair down in the least. I also enjoyed that it smells exactly like lemon and thyme. (How many times do you buy something that says it smells like, say, ginger rose, and it actually smells like perfumed vitamins?) It’s a great daily conditioner for all hair types, and it worked well with my best-described-as “fine” hair.  This product is 100% natural, organic and ethically wild-harvested.

PhotobucketHamadi Shea Rice Milk Conditioner

This is another outstanding conditioner – it has a light, citrusy scent that lingered. For all hair types, I used it as a daily hair conditioner. It rinsed well, and I never had to deal with gunkus maximus (a.k.a. buildup). It also left my hair feeling silky. This product is made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts. It is completely biodegradable. And it is “tested on actresses, never on animals.”

PhotobucketKiss My Face Whenever Conditioner

This product is best for normal hair, and, true to name, frequent use. It’s made from green tea and lime. You almost feel like you’re washing with candied limes, and I can account for an extreme need to eat green gummy bears after use. If you like a strong scent, it’s for you. It also leaves your hair “refreshed.” In other words, that light feeling you get when you first switch conditioners. This product contains certified organic ingredients, no unnecessary chemicals and is cruelty-free.

PhotobucketOrganix Awakening Mocha Espresso Shampoo

This product works well for all hair types, but particularly for thick hair. I ran it by a fellow beauty critic with thicker tresses than mine, and she reported a warm, chocolate-coffee smell that lingered. (You can skip your daily run to Starbucks!) It left her hair feeling soft and manageable, and there was no greasy or heavy feeling after use. Organix offers this line in several great scents. I tried the coconut milk and really liked it. Organix products are sulfate and paraben free, and they are made with organic ingredients.

PhotobucketAveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner

This product is best for dry hair. (I know – duh – but we all know brands that exaggerate.) True to form, it was a bit heavy going on. But it had a nice, fresh scent that didn’t overwhelm. This is not good for everyday use, unless you have seriously dry or damaged hair. Aveda products are known for being botanically-based, but they also do right by the environment. They fund research into wind renewable energy and they practice responsible packaging.

PhotobucketJohn Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner

Similar to Aveda’s Dry Remedy line, this is best for dry hair. Why? Because it was intense! It’s another high quality product from John Masters Organics – seriously, can this line do no wrong? But it is very thick, so use sparingly. If you’re looking for a spa experience and really want to treat your hair, this is the product for you. It contains no parabens, DEAs, MEAs or other sulfates, and it is certified organic by QAI.

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8 thoughts on “When Green Gets Silky: 6 Best Organic Hair Conditioners

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  2. um…yes…i second the vote from made from earth. Why was it not on the top organic list?? i question this list…

  3. Thank you for compiling this list. I have taken on a natural products only challenge on my blog to target female hairloss on my blog. Swing by, I’m def adding you to my blogroll. Cheers!

  4. I have to admit I saw the Made from Earth Organic Hair Care products one evening on a TV commercial and it intrigued me, but I was skeptical. I decided to buy some online –
    It took a little getting used to and I did see improved results after about a good month of use. Meaning it took that long to adjust to how much I should use, technique, etc. I have finer hair that never really could get enough moisture from conditioners. The ends would always feel dry, no matter how often I go for trims. This cleansing conditioner calmed my hair and really moisturized it. It doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t look greasy, and I have no more fly away hairs.

    Lastly, the Peppermint smell of the conditioner is soooo relaxing and fresh. I love it. Its called the Peppermint Herbal Conditioner, and it comes with the Tea Tree Shampoo in a package.

  5. I love peppermint so I had to give the Made from Earth organic “Tea Tree Shampoo” and “Peppermint Conditioner” a try. I’ve used Castille soaps before and never really loved the distinct smell they have.

    Anyway, the Peppermint Condition er and the Tea Tree Shampoo (from Made from Earth)are amazing and I LOVE the way it smells. And it really is true that you get a bit of tingle from the mint.

    I only use sulfate-free washes because they don’t make me dry and itchy. Sulfate-free washes are pretty hard to find so do yourself a favor and buy this wash!

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  7. I received a gift package of Made from Earth (organic skincare) products for xmas……In the package was a “Peppermint Herbal Conditioner”.

    I have color treated hair that is washed daily……after using the Tea Tree shampoo and the Peppermint Conditioner conditioner today, I was so amazed on how my hair looked and felt…..My hair was shiny, smelled good and the conditioner made my hair a breeze to comb thru…the conditioner was not heavy and weigh my hair down…..

    My husband noticed the difference right away…..I am very pleased with the Made from Earth bath products and will continue to use them…..My hair looks great and feels healthy…….

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