Cozy Up With Organic Bedding From Obasan in Our October Giveaway! ($719 Value)

The Obasan fall comforter is perfect.

Is there a better fall activity than cuddling under a warm blanket? Especially after getting out of a steamy shower, coming home from a brisk walk, eating dinner… you get the idea.

Well, if your current trusty comforter is starting to feel a bit ragged and lumpy, it may be time to upgrade. Before you pull out your wallet, though, you may want to subscribe to our newsletter. Because subscribing is the only thing you have to do to become eligible to win Obasan’s Banff 2.0 Fall Comforter. The entire prize has up to a $719 value and you can pick the comforter size of your choice. It truly doesn’t get better than that. Read on for all the cozy details.

Obasan blanket

Obasan, is a bedding manufacturer dedicated to helping people get a good night sleep. The company’s owners know that without a restful night of sleep, we’re not at our best. The company has been selling multiple sleep solutions since 1985. Obasan’s products are made with the “finest organic ingredients found on Earth.”

Obasan comforter

Luckily for you, the Banff Fall comforter 2.0 is designed for autumn nights. It’s medium-weight and will keep your entire body toasty on evenings where the temperature drops to near freezing. This cozy comforter is filled with organic wool. If you live in a super cool climate, you could easily pair this comforter with the Banff 1.0 to achieve the perfect amount of warmth.

Obasan comforter

So, does the Banff comforter sound like something you’d like to dress your bed with? We thought so. To become eligible for Obasan’s cloud-like blanket, all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. And if you’re already signed up, that means you’re already entered!

Catch up with this brand on social media by visiting its following sites:

Facebook: obasansleepwell
Twitter @obasansleepwell
Instagram: @obasansleepwell

So, have you signed up yet? You better get to it!

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