Cri De Coeur’s Luster Peep-Toe Pump Giveaway


There’s nothing quite like a hot pair of vegan shoes.

I mean, look at the image above of Cri de Coeur’s Luster Pumps and you know that some shoes aren’t made for walking, they’re for making others want or sweat when they see you enter the room.

Founded in 2007 by Gina Ferraraccio, who’d been interning at Anna Sui and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as for a private label lingerie line, Ferracaccio gained valuable real-world fashion and business experience before launching her Cri de Coeur vegan shoe line in 2008.

In 2009, (now co-designer) Julie Dicterow began working for the label and after only a few months, both women had simultaneous epiphanies that they were a force to be reckoned with in terms of sustainable shoe design and forward fashion.

We agree.


As smart entrepreneurs, the two also realized that some women, aching for a pair of their stylish kickers couldn’t afford them so they created a sister line called Hearts Of Darkness to accommodate a smaller shoe budget. The line includes all the same stylish looks you’ll see with Cri de Coeur proper (heels, flats and boots), but with lower price points.

The vegan shoe shoppers thank you.

For those of you that pray to the shoe gods, the time has come to pray harder as we’re offering the Luster Pump for this week’s giveaway. If you win you can get it in the plum (featured above) or black.

Just leave a comment below about how you’d feel if you won these, and you’re in the running (or walking) for a sweet pair of heels.

(Legalese: contest rules and FTC compliance.)

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83 thoughts on “Cri De Coeur’s Luster Peep-Toe Pump Giveaway

  1. I would feel like a phoenix. I hate feeling frumpy or grimy or any of that, and putting on a pair of shoes like these would make me feel confident and like I actually *am* somebody

  2. I would feel pretty darn awesome wearing these shoes with my skull apron while whipping up a batch of vegan mac and cheese!

  3. I would feel pretty amazing in these shoes in a fashionable sense as well as in knowing I’m switching my clothes and accessories towards vegan friendly wear.

  4. I’d feel like the hottest damn vegan around! (Of course, living in South Carolina helps my odds!)

  5. i’d be amazed if i won these shoes cause i never win anything & these shoes are gorgeous!

  6. Love love love these heels. I’d feel like a vegan fox.

  7. I love these shoes! Perfect with a little black dress, perfect with jeans… keeping my fingers crossed :)

  8. I’d feel pretty damned swanky in these shoes. They are hot!

  9. I’d feel super sexy and I’d also feel really proud knowing that no animals had to die to make me feel sexy.

  10. Sometimes I’d feel like baking vegan goodies in the kitchen with my heels on. Other times I’d feel like slipping them on for a eco savvy but still sexy night out (having the hottest pumps on the train). I usually go for black, but the purple is so eye-catching and I just know that people would ask where I found them.

  11. I would feel like I was walking on sunshine in these heels :P

  12. i would feel the breeze between my big and middle toe.

  13. i would DIE WITH JOY if i got these. i just started really dressing more feminine but i’m too broke for nice GORGEOUS shoes like these. i want them so bad!!!

  14. Wow love these shoes! I would feel fierce and unrestrained, ready to take on what ever the day or night has to offer!

  15. I’d feel giddy and excited, and my feet would feel pretty and fancy.

  16. I’d feel like a 1940’s pinup if I won those! holy jeez, they’re cute.

  17. I would feel PROUD, and you best believe this vegan girl knows how to get her strut on when she’s feelin fly and lookin hot in cruelty-free fashion. Truth is, I am very aware that whatever it is I’m sporting at the moment (from the dish I bring to a group potluck, to the mascara on my lashes, to the fabulous pumps on my feet), as “the vegan,” am being scrutinized and compared to my non-vegan counterparts to a ridiculous degree. That is why I always REPRESENT! Veganism is compassionate people, sustainable actions, delicious food, and style that is sexier than any leather-clad model could ever be. Enter: Cri de Coeur’s Luster Pumps. Put these pumps on my feet and I will show the world just how hot vegan style can be.

  18. Oh, I would have to plan a whole exotic romantic vacation around these shoes! Bali anyone?

  19. I’d feel Fantabulous, and about three inches taller!

  20. I would be so happy if i won these, and everytime i got a compliment on them (which i know i would cus they are super cute) i would say “yeah and they’re vegan too!”

  21. If I won these shoes, I’d feel like I was being rewarded for all the work I’ve done to rehab a knee injury and get back to high-heel-worthy health!

  22. I would wear them everywhere and be complete in my vegan quest for cute heels.

  23. I would feel like the super sexiest vegan girl in the world!

  24. I’d feel unable to walk in heels that high! They’re quite lovely, though. :)

  25. I would feel the happiest if I got those amazing shoes! And the fanciest!!

  26. I would feel sexy, plain and simple. Those shoes are awesome!

  27. OMG, I would feel like Cindy Lauper and Depeche Mode made love on my feet!!!!!

  28. if i won these hella pimpin’ pumps, i would feel like Gucci Mane…. SO ICY!!!!

  29. Well, I’d probably be really happy. I want to win this so I can give the shoes to my little sister, she’s vegan and she would freak out! She’s a fashion lover, high-heels lover, animals lover and she’s a sweetheart. :-D

  30. Oh how I would love to win a pair of lovely vegan peeptoes! I’ve just started to feel good about wearing heels, and I have a feeling these would make me feel GREAT!

  31. I’d actually own heels (the first since abandoning all mine in a trans-Atlantic move.

  32. I would feel like a badass rockstar. A badass vegan rockstar. I would wear them proudly to many a badass rock event, and flaunt my cruelty-free badassness.

  33. I would feel like immediately asking out that hot guy I have my eye on, making a date for drinks and dancing, and reveling in my freedom as an independent, assertive and unapologetic woman in the modern world (with hot shoes).

  34. If I won these, I’d probabl celebrate with a party!

  35. I would let the shoes speak for themselves! Sexy heels like these always get compliments and questions so I could use the opportunity to educate the masses! Strutting my way forwards to more conscious fashion!

  36. I’d feel like I was in a vegan utopia…CUTE shoes AND they’re VEGAN? Perfections. Now if only the rest of the world would follow suit and shower me in vegan goodies…I’d never have to think of animal cruelty again. And what a utopian world that would be. Ahhhhh.

  37. These are adorable. I can’t justify spending money on a pair of peeptoes since I can’t wear them to work, but I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time. I would be so excited to win and would wear them proudly in my off-time!

  38. I’d feel like so lucky. I wouldn’t be wearing them but my awesome vegan girlfriend would be. And she’d look fantastic. I could imagine that she’d feel sexy as hell too!

  39. In these incredible peep toes (in plum, methinks), I’d feel sexy, sophisticated, and classy. They’re FIERCE! <3

  40. Once again proving that you can be both super stylish and animal-friendly. I didn’t lose my fashion sense just because I decided to go vegan. I’d feel great and look great in those gorgeous shoes!

  41. I’d feel tall and exotic in these! Fingers crossed.

  42. I would feel HOT. And a little bit scared of falling down. But mostly hot.

  43. Amazing shoes! If I won them, I’d wear them on date night with hubby while trying new vegan restaurants.

  44. If I won these shoes, I’d feel like a million bucks. I’d feel like I was Gala Darling walking down the streets of New York and filling the world with love, grace and compassion. These shoes look fierce so I’d feel fierce. I’d feel like the sexy being that I am while also sporting some hot vegan shoes. And the best part? Knowing that I can have my fashion without someone dying to make my clothing. That’s what’s fabulous about these vegan shoes. They rock!

  45. Gorgeous! If I wore these I’d feel like a regal, feminine goddess! (And that’s no short order for a pair of heels!)

  46. If I won these shoes, then I would be very excited (and taller too!).

  47. Wow, these shoes are incredible!

    I’ve never really owned a pair of very fancy shoes and as a mom of two, I’d love an excuse to dress up. Jeans & sneakers are what I rock full-time these days. I’d love to put these on & feel my prettiest (and force my man to take me out on a hot date)!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  48. I’d feel sexy like a [vegan] chocolate strawberry!

  49. LOVE these shoes. If I won them I would wear them proudly out to a (vegan) dinner.

  50. Mmmmmm I would be thrilled and I would make sure everyone who complimented me on them knew they are vegan!

  51. If I won these shoes, I’d feel like drinking a martini in them and nothing else :)

  52. if i won a pair of these beauties, i would proudly strut them around town, letting everyone who asked where i got them (because we all know they will surely ask) that i received them from ecosalon, &, yes, it is completely amazing that such a gorgeous pair of (plum) shoes can possibly be vegan.

  53. Ah I actually NEED these shoes. Let me explain. I’ve been a vegan for almost ten months now and have been loving it. However, right before I went vegan I bought an expensive pair of leather booths. I NEVER spend money on shoes, and when I do I plan to wear them for a long time. I’m too cheap to buy another pair, and I always feel incredibly guilty asking for vegan options at a restaurant while wearing giant pieces of leather on my feet! Please help me!

  54. I have a self-avowed “thing for shoes.” Even so, I don’t own anything as gorgeous as this. And they are earth friendly to boot!

  55. I love the way a good pair of heels can make me feel sexy. There’s no doubt that I’d feel like a goddess in these heels knowing that they’re ecofriendly and hot!

  56. Those are one of the sexiest vegan shoes I’ve ever seen! Love ‘em! Hope I win!

  57. Like the outside of my body would feel as good as (but look better than) the inside of my body!

  58. I would feel like a peep-toe goddess as I elegantly walk and a little heavenly cloud appears beneath each perfect step.

  59. WOW! Vegan shoes are going to be the new trend for FALL and I would LOVE to be on top of that! Seven and a half for me, s’il vous plaît!

  60. These are hot shoes! I’ll take a 7.5 please!

  61. These shoes are gorgeous! I would be soooooo excited if I won!

  62. I would be the happiest girl in the world!! I was a model in Albany NY’s Vegetarian Expo’s 1st vegan fashion show October 2nd, featuring Vaute Couture, Cri de Coeur, & Cherry Berry and I completely fell in love with their shoes ( as well as the other designer’s clothes & bags!). They were stylish, very comfortable to walk in, and best of all…cruelty free! It would mean so much to me to win a pair after getting to experience wearing them in their fashion show.

  63. I would be strutting my stuff feeling like one awesomely fashionable, animal and environmentally conscious vegan!

  64. How would I feel? Definitely MEOW. And rawr. Full stop.


  66. Oh my gosh those shoes are stunning! I definitely need a bit of height. :)

  67. Just looking at them in my closet would be a ‘high’ and wearing them would put me on top of the world!

  68. There would be glee rolling through me if I won this shoe. It represents being able to be in-the-now fashion wise while continuing to practice a humane lifestyle. Knowing that an animal was spared from pain and an insanely lovely shoe was still produced, makes my heart beat flutter with happiness.

  69. Wow! I would feel SO lucky to win these shoes! Not only are they stunningly gorgeous and totally sexy, but VEGAN as well!! Yay! :)

  70. I’d feel on top of the world strutting around in a guilt free pair of these absolutely stunning and gorgeous heels.

  71. I’m pretty sure I’d feel quite fashionable and a touch light headed if I wore these shoes. I’ve never had anything like this sitting in my closet before and it would be fun to try something new.

  72. I’d love to win these! I’d dance for joy (although not in the heels – don’t want a broken neck!)



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