Cut Down Your Plastic Bag Use with the Reduce Smash Can


We all know that recycling and composting can help cut down on the amount of garbage that goes to landfills, but inevitably you’ll still have stuff that can only go in the trash. So how can you cut that down? By squishing your trash of course.

If you’ve ever had a roommate or boyfriend take one look at an overflowing trash bag, only to heroically refuse to take it to the curb by shoving the contents deeper into the can instead, you’ll know what I’m talking about. However, while that behavior is typically nothing more than a way to prolong the task of taking out the garbage, the Reduce Smash Can ($170) presents a brilliant eco-friendly trash-smashing solution.

The unique stainless steel can has a built-in compactor lid so you can push down your trash without getting your hands dirty. The accordion-like lid, which also flips open with a foot pedal, is made from flexible silicone – a naturally odor-repelling material perfect for keeping garbage cans stink-free.

Reduce says the smashing action means this bin holds twice as much trash as the rest of the 10.5-gallon competition. So not only will you have to take the trash out half as often, but you’ll also use 50 percent fewer plastic bags – a time saver and a planet saver!