Cycle Style Gets in Gear: 4 Tips for Being Chic on 2 Wheels

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Cycling: It’s eco-friendly and good for your heart.

Even so, conventional bike fashion and gear has presented a road block from switching out four wheels for two as an alternative mode of transportation.

For the stylish set, those visions of unflattering spandex and cumbersome helmets don’t exactly make you want to hop on a bike to ride to that job interview or catch cocktails with the new flame. But an upswing in the popularity of biking means two-wheel fashion is climbing to new heights. The era of cycle chic is upon us!

Here are four ways to dress for sustainable cycling success:

1. Get inspired!

Start navigating the unlimited modern bike fashion waiting for you to explore. Think the Sartorialist on two wheels. Kick off with the blog that started it all, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Then work your way through Vélo Vogue, Velo Couture and Riding Pretty. You’ll be putting together cycle-ready outfits and hopping on your two wheels before you know it.

2. Choose clothes that are giving and made with eco-friendly materials.


There’s nothing worse than riding around in tight clothes, no matter how good those skinny jeans look, so make sure what you’re wearing is soft and flexible. Go for options like merino wool, bamboo and organic cotton.

Organic cotton t-shirts from Cyclelogical celebrate the spirit of cycling with designs printed with reflective ink – perfect for making sure you’re being seen. And even though their products aren’t available in the US yet, UK-based company Cyclodelic has some designs that make cycling look like the next big thing on the catwalk.

Remember that cycling fashion isn’t just for the female market. Guys should check out Outlier, which specializes in tailored garments for city riding and makes many of the line’s beautiful pieces right in NYC.

3. Accessorize.


Let’s be honest, nothing is better than a fabulous-looking reusable bag, and in the bike world, their are plenty of well-designed, eco-friendly options. Rickshaw’s Zero Messenger Bag, designed to optimize cutting and eliminate material waste, is made from nylon, making it 100% recyclable.

And every beautiful, functional bike has to have a bike basket, or at least a rack back, to carry your goods in. There are some great designs by Basil, PoCampo and Design House Stockholm worth a peek.

4. Be safe.


Yes, helmet hair is annoying but when it comes to cycling, safety should certainly come first. Plus, with companies like Yakkay, it’s easy to make your helmet fit your style.

Photo Credits: tejvanphotos, Cyclelogical, Design House Stockholm, Yakkay

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8 thoughts on “Cycle Style Gets in Gear: 4 Tips for Being Chic on 2 Wheels

  1. Awesome! Those reel-lights sound like a great investment.

  2. I must also recommend Reel-lights. They are induction-powered bicycle lights without batteries, that you never need to charge, never need to switch on/off and that are never in the way.
    You place a couple of little magnets in the wheel, and they induce power when they pass by the lights, you don’t even notice it, there’s no resistance. I love them, it’s the best thing I ever bought!
    Read more here (with review):
    And here:
    Oh, and I bicycle every day, in my ordinary clothes. I’d love a more stylish helmet than the one I’ve got, and some kind of shoe-protection… otherwise my normal clothes work just fine! Except for miniskirts and super-tight skinnies…

  3. Hi,

    I think it’s great that biking is being seen as a great form of transportation these days! I have one qualm with this article, however…
    You say be safe while biking, but the feature picture shows a woman biking without a helmet. I cannot stress enough that people need to wear bike helmets. Living in Minneapolis, a large and crowded city, I see so many people riding dangerously: not wearing helmets, biking at night with no lights, cutting across traffic with no signals, etc…
    Even I, while trying my best to obey traffic laws, have close encounters with cars that are not paying attention or want bikes out of the road every time I ride my bike.

    So please, for your safety, wear a helmet! Give turn signals! Wear blinky lights when you bike at night! Cycle chic is great, but it’s even better when you are safe at the same time.

    Thanks. That was a little long!

  4. Going green in every aspect of your life is a really good idea. While things weren’t conducive for this sometime back, now things are looking up. There is much more support from main stream industry in the kind of products that come which help us pursue a green course for life. We at Climatarians, which is a global sustainability directory, focus on many of these current issues very comprehensively.

  5. A few of my friends just got super cute cruisers to ride around town, do minor errands or take to the beach, and I am dying to get one myself! Not only are bikes incredibly environmental and eco-friendly, but they are a way to sneak in extra exercise without even noticing!

    Health for you + health for the planet = awesome choice :)

  6. Luanne – agreed on the biking shorts! But the great thing about cycling being such a popular thing nowadays is that you can incorporate it into your everyday lifestyle, and have a much more casual approach to it. It doesn’t have to be done for sport, but when you bike to the grocery store, the library, to school, etc. you’re getting exercise while doing regular errands. What’s better?

  7. I agree with Susannah. I have never loved biking shorts (even the tiniest butt looks broad) but biking is so wonderful and great exercise. I love that my 10-year-old so into it. There may not be cars by the time she is ready to ride to work.

  8. Two wheels makes a lot of sense now for some needs and your tips are very helpful. Half the world can’t be wrong. I mean it sure cuts down on the footprint. Also, you can now get bikes without chains, which removes the messiness.


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