D.S. & Durga Perfume Giveaway for Scentuous Souls


If I could bathe myself in a scent it would be D.S. & Durga’s Grapefruit.

The simplicity of citrus may not sound exotic but the marriage of floral fruit with Jamaican Pirate Seeds from the high seas yields an intoxicating blend.

Created by an architect and a musician, the natural perfume line began as an experiment to make after-shaves and toners with tinctures of flowers, herbs and seeds. Blending these gifts of nature in their Brooklyn apartment, the couple produced small batches of perfumes and colognes for men and women. The line is now sold in high-end boutiques and even select Anthropologie shops.


D.S. & Durga in their Brooklyn apartment

The Grapefruit, which D.S. and I both wear and love, is a fairly light scent but not too light for night, or restricted to the summer months. But you might need protection when you dab some on for an evening out. Make sure the bodyguards stand at attention the moment you open the door to the bar and the breeze blows in a waft of your floral essence.

Heads will turn. Noses will inhale. Dreamy smiles will spread from ear to ear. There will be peace across the land.

Other personal favorites to sample: Orris Root, Cowgirl Grass and Cedar.

Thanks to the perfumers allowing us to pick our poison, we can go to the site and peruse to find a scent that might be the best fit. The descriptions of the various scents are as varied and delightful as the fragrances.

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.