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Dancing Towards Ecstasy


Ecstasy without the drugs – that’s ecstatic dance. It describes the way I love to move, flailing my whole body around in wild abandon, shaking out all my knots and aches, loosening my spine, and seeking a very natural high.

I feel safe enough to move like this at dance jams promoting ecstatic dance, like 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion and high vibration summer music festivals.

Ecstatic dance is nothing like dancing in a club. There’s no alcohol, no cigarettes, and best of all, no meat market vibe. Nobody’s there for a fashion show or to show off their sexy new moves – it’s about dancing how you feel in that moment and shaking out all your stress in the process. And trust me, it feels good. They don’t call it ecstatic for nothing.

And how does this tie into ecological issues, you wonder? A nightclub in London that opened last year on Earth Day installed an energy-generating dance floor where the bouncing of the dancers would create about 60% of the clubs electrical needs. Sure, that’s a nightclub, and you’d probably never catch me there, but the idea is a brilliant one! Living well, expressing yourself, and doing it green – that’s what eco is all about.

Image: Mike Baird