Silver-Plated Sex

Elegant forms, sensual curves, gleaming glamour, completely custom, and unashamedly beautiful. It’s not very often these words dance across the lips when describing a sex toy. I happen to know Made to Pleasure sex toys embody all of these delicious descriptions and a few more that are crucially important – like health and safety.

Each of these sculptural pleasures is organically curved, water-safe, and completely hygienic; solid structure (no buttons or battery compartments) allows for easy and effective cleaning. The materials are “completely body-safe, non-allergenic, and phthalate free.”

There are six Off the Peg options – but the real allure is the Bespoke Made to Measure Boutique. In this interactive and (confession!) somewhat addicting online boutique, you can design the perfect piece, complete with a three dimensional preview and a pragmatic comparison scale (with items like a lipstick tube and a banana – saucy). Customize length, width, convex and concave curves, and choose from a clear glassy finish or decadent precious metal plating, pure gold or pure silver (and you thought you didn’t want silver and gold for Valentine’s Day). Your personal pleasure will be unique and adapted for your individual bliss. The price ranges from £75 – £400, add another £100 pounds for custom pieces. Oh, and each made-to-order pleasure comes with a vibrating bullet.

Is anyone else hoping Cupid (or your significant other) delivers a bespoke boutique delight this year?

(All images from Made to Pleasure.)