Delightful Polar Opposite Black and White Patterns for Your Pad

Black and white patterns for your space.

Go bold with high contrast black and white patterns for your home.

No matter the size of your home–a studio apartment, a spacious townhome, or a palatial suburban single-family home–one easy way to add bold visual interest is with black and white patterns. From florals, stripes, paisley, gingham, chevron and more, there’s a world of pattern to pick from across the spectrum–or at least at least from either end.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match black and white patterns either. As long as your keep things dichromatic (meaning having two colors, as opposed to monochromatic which refers to one single color), patterns of all kinds can come together for a beautiful black and white statement.

Additionally, get creative with it and think about adding black and white patterns in unexpected ways. From retro black and white patterned floor tile to a painted black and white chevron ceiling, the limits are your imagination and your budget!

Here are some lovely examples to inspire you to bring the boldness of mixed black and white patterns into your space.

Black and White Patterns for Your Home

Black and White Patterns

1. Vintage Floor Tile via Overstock

Add black and white vintage charm and retro style to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or other space in need new flooring.
Black and White Patterns

2. Geometric Rug via TheGretest

Of course, rugs are another great flooring option for adding bold pattern. This bold example features eco-friendly water based dyes that do not fade or alter the texture of the fabric.

Black and White Patterns

3. Mid-Century Chair via MasayaTradingCompany

This stunning mid-century modern armchair features a handwoven seat in a striking black and white pattern and uses sustainably sourced teak wood.
Black and White Patterns

4. Woven Wallhanging via BeforeLouRock

And don’t forget about the walls. This black and white tapestry wallhanging is delicate and eye-catching enough to make a lovely statement.
Black and White Patterns

5. Meadowfield Wallpaper via Anthropologie

If you are really going for the black and white pattern look, try this stunning floral wallpaper. Its floral repeat pattern is delicate enough to act as a base for any black and white interior.

Black and White Patterns
6. Organic Blanket via MoMoPom

The bedroom is often overlooked when decorating. Add some black and white stripes with this handcrafted wool blanket that is made using wool that is also handspun.

Black and White Patterns
7. Sofa via TheCydCollection

Add a bit of Regency Hollywood glam with this revamped black and white sofa. Love. This would be amazing with black and white throw pillows in every kind of pattern imaginable!

Black and White Patterns

8. Vintage Pendant Light via VintageByRiis

Go retro with a vintage lamp. No need to buy new when redoing your home with black and white patterns with so much lovely vintage gear in the world.

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