Did You Say Salmon Skin?


We’ve all heard of grilling salmon, smoking salmon, even poaching salmon, but have you ever heard of salmon skin as fashion accessory? I admit, when I first heard this, I curled up my nose in disgust. But then I saw the product and ooh la la is all I have to say. I’m sure designers Roxana Zal and Naomi Stokeld are used to this reaction – I guess that’s the one drawback to being ahead of the times.

With the goal of creating timeless classics with an edge in mind, Roxana and Naomi joined forces to develop One October. Having seen salmon skin used for accessories while living abroad in Chile, Naomi saw the potential for success back in the states.

By incorporating salmon skin into their designs, the girls have created an environmentally conscious collection that consumers can feel positive about carrying. Most exotic leathers are obtained from skins of endangered species, while salmon skin is an industrial leftover of the farmed salmon industry. One October aims to deliver high fashion and quality in a sustainable way, and that they’ve done. We can’t wait to see what interesting materials they come up with next.