Divine Intervention


Shimmer – just because you can.

Glamour is back and it’s taking all different forms this fall. Tailored looks flatter the feminine figure but it’s the playful fantasia that’s got me going. Gold may be "the" hue for jewelry this season, but who said it couldn’t spill over into apparel?

Full ballerina skirts like this long shimmering number by Viridis Luxe adorn the glossies, but you may be wondering how to pull this look off outside of Vogue. I say just do it. Find a special occasion like a night at the opera, that infamous holiday party or New Year’s Eve and own this look. Like the white faux fur Linda Loudermilk coat we adored in spring, this is a statement piece if I’ve ever seen one and it’s too fabulous a green fashion gem to go unworn. You’ll be the belle of the eco ball – guaranteed.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Intervention

  1. These ballerina skirts are the definition of beauty.

    Anyone know anyone that can make these below Nordstrom prices? Perhaps on etsy? If so, please post a link~

  2. Ah yes, I adore that poofy skirt too. So feminine. It makes me want to run around in a field of wildflowers…


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