DIY and Wear a Recycled Tee on Your Wrist

purple flower cuff

When I was young, still living at home, I’d leave the house for a run and hide my key under the potted plant near the front door. I’d never try this trick today.

Instead, I might use one of these simple Wrist Cuff Wallets I found on Etsy. They couldn’t be cuter or cheaper ($5) or easier to DIY.

Find any old cotton tee or sweat shirt and a couple of cool stamps like this deco flower and old Woodie truck and your do-it-yourself is done!

flower stampwoody stamp

Tuck a key and a twenty inside the cuff and hit the road, or send your kids to school with their lunch money. Whatever the use, they’re too cute to not have one or two.

Easy to launder and comfortable to wear, my faves are the purple chrysanthemum (top image) and the olive green tree.