DIY: A Holder for Sunglasses You Can Make in 10 Minutes

Salvaged wood planks cum awesome home accents.

Your dumpster diving days are not over. A salvaged wood plank, rescued from the detritus of a neighbor’s remodeling project, is exactly what you need to organize your specs.

Flex your handy-woman muscle; this easy project will cost you pennies. If you don’t own a drill, slightly more.


Hammer, plank of wood, nails, leather shoe string, drill with a 1/4″ bit.

Step 1. Wipe down the plank with a cloth and some wood soap and remove any old nails.

Step 2. Drill two holes in the wood approximately 2 inches from the edge using a 1/4″ bit.

Step 3. String the leather through the holes.

Step 4. Pull the leather as tight as possible and tie a knot in the back.

Step 5. Attach to the wall with a hammer and nails (it’s lightweight, so don’t worry about using a stud).

Aren’t you clever?


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