Dog Gone Smart Introduces Biodegradable Pet Bed


Earlier this month, Dog Gone Smart Pet Products launched the first completely biodegradable pet bed. Company founder Chris Onthank said, “Every year, millions of pet beds are discarded into the environment. Even the so-called green beds on the market today are mostly filled with plastic from recycled bottle tops that can take thousands of years to decompose.”

According to Onthank, the bed is made with certified organic cotton and bamboo. The fill is a material called kapok, which is an environmentally-friendly natural fiber. It’s an effective fill because its bitterness repels bacteria, microbes, and dust mites. Every component of the pet bed will begin to breakdown or decompose in the appropriate composting environment in 120 days, except the zippers – made of corn and other plant materials – which will begin to break down within 140 days.

The machine-washable bed is available in three colors: mushroom, sage, and green apple. You can picke one up for $119.95 for the smallest (24″x32″), $154.95 for the medium (28″x38″), and $199.95 for the largest (34″x46″).