Don’t Shy Away from Silky Shorts


On most days I think I’m still 25.* I feel and think and act young-ish, so many of my friends are younger, and yes, I’ve been known to date a younger man” once or twice.

Every so often I’m rudely awakened from this fantasy – like when I hear a song from my college days and someone says “I was in 3rd grade when that song came out!” Or when a slew of short cocktail shorts appear on the runways and all I can do is, well, recoil at the brazen youth.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of an alternative to the LBD (little black dress). Dressy shorts are pretty and sexy and made out of delicious fabrics, some of them eco-friendly. When they come down the runway on the body of a young model with stick legs, they look fabulous, daring and chic.

I’m not 25, nor am I a toothpick, but I think I’ve found a pair of fabulous shorts a woman can pull off. Check out this pair of rich navy 100% silk charmeuse “bloomers” from Verrier. At $490, they’ll replace the new cocktail dress I was considering – and they’re just as sexy and sophisticated, if not more so. I’ll wear them with a deep V-neck silk tank or blouse and wedge sandals.

Carolina Herrera also saves the day with her 100% silk, billowy shorts in any number of colors – deep blue, pure white, sky blue and a rich rusty red. Pair them with a sequin tank, a clutch and strappy heels – tres chic.

If you’re feeling especially daring (and tan) try this shorter short from Doo.Ri in 100% black silk and bone. Isn’t it chic with a silky loose-fitting top in the same color? Available in bone at Jake for $595.

Go ahead – it’s ok to feel and act 25, but dress your age.

*note: If you’re reading this and you actually are 25, then you’ll look fabulous in this yellow 100% cotton short from Vera Wang’s Lavender Label ($215). Or Johnson’s 100% silk short available at Couture Candy for $220. I also love this blue and white stripe 100% silk charmeuse short from Julie Haus at $238.