Donald Trump Sets the World Straight

trump ice skating rink

Climate change is nonsense.

If I’m ever lucky enough to bump into millionaire Donald Trump (say at a real estate sale or divorce court), I will rush up to the man and shake his hand. He’s opened my eyes to this global warming hoax once and for all. Addressing an audience of 500 admirers at the Trump National Golf Club (Westchester, N.Y.), he uttered these immortal words:

With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore…Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally non-competitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.

I bet those countries aren’t laughing now!

But if there’s one person who does look stupid, it’s me. All these years believing in the power of science, logic, reasoned argument and differentiating between weather and climate, and now the Donald’s blown that baloney into the weeds. But I can take it – after all, I’d rather get my story correct than support some thoughtless populist prejudice designed to further the political agendas of self-serving elites. Don, you’re the man.

But I want more from our Gore-slaying guru of truthiness. I want him to explain the specifics. What say you to these thorny issues, Mr. Trump?

1. Increasingly extreme weather. Any fool can see that the earth can’t be warming up if it’s snowing! So what is causing all this weird weather right now? There’s only one rational conclusion: the earth must be cooling down. (I’m blaming all these wind turbines, it’s like global air-con).

2. Crops are on the run. Guatemalan coffee growers are moving their plantations, claiming that climbing temperatures are putting their livelihoods at risk. Scottish soft fruit is in danger of getting squished. Indian farmers are insuring themselves against crop failure. To them all I say – what’s wrong with tinned food? This loose food fad has to stop sometime, might as well be now. (And don’t get me started on that organic rubbish).

3. The mountains are thawing. The glaciers are melting on Everest and the Himalayan snows are turning into lakes. What’s that about, Don? No, I’ve got it – summer’s coming! Of course. These things are so obvious if you spend the time to really think them through.

4. The seas are rising. The island chain of the Maldives is sliding beneath the waves, and its inhabitants are responding with heavy investment in a zero-carbon economy. Heavy. See what I’m saying? The heavier it is, the less it floats. (Pro tip, guys: use coal, it gets lighter the more you use it).

5. The ice-caps are melting. The Antarctic ice shelves are breaking up (here’s the latest from the US Geological Survey), making the oceans rise twice as fast as they were doing in the 1970s. The summer polar ice cap is 20% reduced from its 1979 coverage. Where’s it all going? It’s this snow we’re having! Gotcha. The ice isn’t melting, it’s just moving around! Give it a few years and it’ll be right back at the poles again, you’ll see.

Am I on the right track, Don?

Image: Trump Ice Skating Rink in Central Park, New York, by James Trosh

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8 thoughts on “Donald Trump Sets the World Straight

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  5. Sarah – what, I was *poking fun*? Oh no! That wasn’t my intention at all. Every word was from the heart. And I’d hate to think that anyone is lumping me in with these global warming nuts – I mean, global warming? Then why is my house so cold at the moment? You see my point. All lies, and I have a thermostat that proves it.

    Stephanie – yup, he’s my hero. Someone has to speak their mind against this “science” propaganda, and I’m glad it’s the Donald. I’m looking forward to him facing down the scientific community in some public forum and saying “YOU’RE FIRED”, plunging the world into a science-less age of enlightenment. But, you know, without electric lighting and stuff.

    Amy – that’s my hero you’re talking about there. How dare you. And – quality of life? That’s my whole point! This environmentalism thing is *getting in the way* of quality of life! Who wants to be told that things run out? Not me. Who wants to have to argue against facts? Again, not me. It’s all so tedious, know what I’m saying?

  6. Oh man, losing that competitive edge or giving a crap about quality of life on the planet. It’s tough Mike!
    Sometimes my only comfort when reading tings like this is that I know, I could totally kick the crap out of them in an alley.

  7. Oh, that Donald Trump. He always tells it like it is, huh? Silly Al Gore for thinking that weather and climate are two totally separate things, and that cleaning up our factories would be a good thing.

  8. LOL!!! Hilarious Mike, thanks for poking fun at Mr. Donald Toupee. :)


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