Doucette Duvall Little Green Dress Giveaway

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Doucette Duvall’s “LGD”

Little black dresses? Totally overrated.

But the little green dress? Well now, that’s something entirely more refreshing. In fact, it’s downright minty! Whether puffed sleeve baby doll or Audrey Sixties halter chic, green is being seen as the color that most validates life.

Doucette Duvall recreates their LGD every season to serve as a reminder of their commitment to Mother Earth, with a portion of the proceeds from LGD sales benefiting Build It Green! NYC.

The current year-round dress, made from 100% rescued linen can be worn in the winter with tights and a cardigan or leggings and a turtleneck, and carry you through to a cute look in the summer with sandals. Great belted, too!

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Annebet Duvall and Stephanie Doucette

Launched on Valentine’s Day 2005, New York City-based Stephanie Doucette and Annebet Duvall launched Doucette Duvall, a dress and coat line seeking to fill a fashion void in their own wardrobes. Embodying the “wit and elegance of their mothers, grandmothers and aunties,” the line strongly encourages personal interpretation of each piece.

Doucette Duvall practices environmental and social responsibility by manufacturing the entire collection in New York City’s historic garment district, using pre-existing fabric and trim, shunning extraneous garment bags and hang tags, and shipping in recycled boxes only.

(Side note: I met the designers recently and had them show me their spring line and it was killer. Stay tuned for more takes on upcoming DD dresses that fit exceptionally well.)

Can you see yourself in this? I can and would love a pop of color in an otherwise colorless time of year here in New England.

Besides, it’s green. What other way could you best express how much you love the environment?

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.