7 Dreamy Rooftop Garden Designs You’ll Envy


Gorgeous sprawling landscapes and mobile vegetable patches are two ways to show everyone that you have the greenest of green thumbs, but rooftop gardens are the cat’s meow when it comes to eco-friendly planting options.

Rooftop gardens are not only a gorgeous and elegant way to beautify your home, but they’re also perfect for apartment dwellers with limited space. Birds love top-floor landscaping, they make a great place to grow food, and are a sustainable way to insulate the building underneath.

Here are a few rooftop designs I fell in love with the minute I saw them.


Imagine sipping your morning coffee while enveloped in this rooftop retreat. The brainchild of NYC garden designer Amber Freda, it features cozy chairs, lush hedges, Zen-like trees and a skyline view. Let’s just agree to call this incredible, yes?


Even if you have a tiny rooftop, you can still think big. UK design firm BlueSky Landscapes created a sheltered cooking an dining area on this small terrace and still had room leftover for a sitting area and loads of planters of staggered heights to draw the eye upward. The bright orange table and matching benches add a bright pop of color we love.


I would climb buildings in Manhattan’s East Village to find this rooftop living space. In addition to skyward-growing vines and rows of greenery flanking beautiful wooden benches, this space has a custom-made stainless steel water basin and spout, and even a private shower area so you can bathe al fresco. Pulltab Design, I think I love you.


Chicago Specialty Gardens designed this jaw-dropping outdoor garden that mixes birch pole arrangements with bench seating, and ipê screening to allow for air movement during hot summer months. Potted plants and trees complete the look and you’d never know you were on a garage rooftop in the middle of the city.


Landscape designer Andy Sturgeon created a perfect look for rooftop gardens in arid climates where grass and thirsty plants won’t thrive. Planked paths and gravel landscaping provide a backdrop for long-leafed flowering plants and assorted shrubbery. The gorgeous fire pit is surrounded smooth, white boulders and a wooden seating arrangement perfect for enjoying a cup of tea while watching the sunset.

Can’t get enough of these amazing rooftop gardens? Here are 17 more that are just as incredible.

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