Eco-Designers Embrace Full Figures


Diane Kennedy Ballet Top and Pants

I’ve been working in women’s retail for years and because I work with higher-end brands I always get the question, “Why don’t they design for larger women?”

To which I can only shrug my shoulders, uncertain myself.

Thankfully, some sustainable fashion designers are taking the lead and doing it with some great styling as one of the biggest complaints about plus-size clothing is that they always make it frumpy. Maternity moms might be tempted to say the same, but the eco-industry has treated them much better than plus-sized women when it comes to styling, affordability and access.

Designers like Diane Kennedy, Lundstrom and Spun have found the right recipe to flatter even the fullest figure with ruching, bias cuts, wraps dresses and smart layers – looks anyone would want.

A few styling tricks, while you’re here: never cover with more material than you need and once you do find a great line, start building a staple wardrobe with pieces you love and rid yourself of all the frump you don’t.

For more great eco-designers, online shopping sites and venues for plus-sized women, check out a great list at greengrechen.

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11 thoughts on “Eco-Designers Embrace Full Figures

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  2. Amyd & Caitlin:
    Oh, isn’t that the truth? At least Maternity clothes are more fashionable now, which I think is due to the fact that it’s not something to be embarrassed about like back in the Dark Ages (remember years ago on TV, no “Baby Bumps” were ever shown). Thank goodness those days are over.
    And as for size 8’s being skinny all over, yes indeed. If I were to be totally honest, I’d have to admit to being 3 different sizes all largely packaged in one body! LOL….and as one gets older, not only does gravity take its toll, that middle age spread does so in the most unimaginable and highly unflattering ways!
    This discussion has brought back memories of when I could wear just about any style at all, and it looked good on me. Then came the days of thinking an outfit looked great, till I glanced at myself in the changing room mirror, and shook my head while wondering what in the world was I thinking! And then suddenly one size fits all was a LIE! One size fits all, (with two of them put together was more like it) But the Industry corrected that sizing label somewhat to read “one size fits MOST” wasn’t that kind of them? My choices got narrower and narrower as my “caboose” got wider! LOL. My middle age spread was spreading, illness came, and well, I did let myself go. It’s hard getting back to the slim and somewhat shapely woman I used to be.
    It is though, so refreshing to see someone making an honest effort to get us out of “tents & sweats” and into proper fashion again. Thank you!

  3. I read recently that part of the problem is that shapes differ so much when you get to the larger sizes. If someone is a size 8, then they are usually small all over. If someone is a size 18, they might require different shaped clothing to another person who is size 18.

  4. I agree about finding great clothes for full-figured women Bridget.
    I’ve written about it a few times and have gone out to stores looking to see what the selection is like and am always horrfied by what the fashion industry thinks is fashionable for larger women.

    As if they’ve given up on style!
    Ditto for maternity clothing but even that’s gotten a lot better than the designs for women over size 12/14.

    Even when looking for eco-designers producing for same said full-figured women, there were few and far between. Let’s hope the more articles are written about it, the more designers see the need to fill the demand.

    Get better!

  5. Being a full-figured woman, I’m so glad to see someone finally designing clothing for someone my size. I’ve had such a time finding clothes that fit well, that are flattering, and tired of wearing sweats & tee’s a good deal of the time.
    Yes, I suppose I could try to lose some weight, but I have health conditions, and take medication which keeps me on the “plumper” side. But, for me, and for many others, this is “NATURAL”. We don’t all gorge on candies and troughs of pasta, cakes and other mega-calorie foods. Sometimes we can’t help being the size we are. I know I wish I was slimmer, like I used to be before I got sick. Back then, I could get into a DKNY size 9, with plenty of room to spare. I didn’t have a difficult time finding, and wearing any style I wanted to. Not like now; when I see so many outfits I wish I could get into, but know I just can’t. So Hurrah! to the Designers, and especially to those dear Eco Designers that are making great fashions that we “Big Ladies” can wear! It’s about time. Thank you,

  6. You tell me the date! Stop messing around!

  7. I’m trying to be less full figured by then but we will see. Thanks for the offer. When are we having our summer fling, anyway?

  8. And Luanne, whether it’s a Bat Mitzvah or cocktails by the sea, give me a ring and I’ll style you out. x

  9. Thank you Elly, you woman of essence.
    As always your civil comments make me smile.

  10. Hurray! You can find me a cool dress for the
    Bat Mitzvah!

  11. I really enjoyed your article as I read it yesterday. Got caught up with your tags on designers and forgot to drop my comment which is civil. We WOMEN OF ESSENCE need to be recognized and dressed to kill in a comfortable way, for my age at least.


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