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PhotobucketThe self-styled eco fur debate rages on. Is it right to support the fur trade in creatures that are becoming a modern ecological menace? Meanwhile, sales in bushtail possum or “paihamu” furs continue to thrive. Ecopreneurist takes a closer look.

PhotobucketHave you had a look at the new-style Mother Jones, the website of the nonprofit organization whose magazine has won umpteen National Magazine Awards? They’ve gone Open Source (their website code is available to anyone for free) – and here’s why.

PhotobucketDropping off spare clothing at your local charity shop? I bet there’s no underwear in there. Yet there are organizations crying out for your cast-off skimpies – including Project Underwear! (For other suggestions, check out a post on this topic at GreenMomFinds).

PhotobucketFor those of you not versed in classic British sitcoms, you’ll have missed The Good Life – a ’70s show where two likable folks escape the rat-race and go entirely self-sufficient, to the utter disgust of their snooty friends. The show’s focus caused a stir at the time (although it was overshadowed by the accolades bestowed upon Felicity Kendal’s bottom) – but now it’s eminently sensible, and with rising food prices there’s never been a better time to follow suit and dig up the garden. Now where are those old episodes of The Good Life? Ah. On VHS.

PhotobucketAnd speaking of doing things yourself, we can recommend taking a wander through the handcrafted world of S.HOPtalk – the search for a one-off, not mass-produced, lifestyle.

PhotobucketCarrie Pollare gives a personal account of the devastating effect Alzheimer’s had upon her family – and explains why she founded the I’m Tired Of… campaign.

PhotobucketSince the climate is so fabulously complicated, it follows that climatology is often a head-scratcher. And there’s a lot of misinformation out there for the climate deniers to sink their teeth into. So it’s a hearty welcome for Peter Sinclair’s Climate Denial Crock Of The Week series on Youtube, as featured here on Greenfyre. Reassuringly sane.

PhotobucketFacts. We base articles on them. We check them. And sometimes, since we’re only human, we get them wrong. (When we do, we’ll come clean). But there are oversights and minor errors…and there are whoppers. Here’s one from the Washington Post’s George Will, and it’s the size of Texas, California and Oklahoma combined. (Thanks go to Carl Zimmer at Discover magazine.)

PhotobucketEver wondered how investment in energy compares with investment in the conflict in Iraq? Wonder no longer. (Elsewhere, it’s estimated that Iraq’s total cost is between $2 and $3 trillion.)

PhotobucketIs your kitchen small but perfectly-formed…but mainly just small? SmittenKitchen sympathizes, and wants to to wring the best from your pots, pans, cupboards and stove. (A top tip – just in case my housemates are reading – is to wash up as you go. I’m just sayin’).

PhotobucketCandidate for the unfriendliest eco-friendly innovation – the green bullet. Traditional ammunition is filled with lead-antimony that leaches out of shell casings into the environment. The eco alternative uses “nontoxic alloys“, thus providing a greener way to…shoot things. Um.

PhotobucketSummer Rayne Oakes seems to hold every job title in the known world, but that’s untrue – she’s not an author. Oh, right. Starre Vartan shares her opinion of Style, Naturally at HuffPo.

PhotobucketSome links are good for a lunch-break click and read – and others belong in your Bookmarks. Here’s an example of the latter. MSN Green’s Local Directory can tell you where the nearest item-specific recycling service it, where to get local organic produce and where to snap up green consumer bargains.

PhotobucketA team of British medical researchers appear to have successfully cured a number of children of their life-threatening peanut allergies by feeding them peanuts. Read the full story at the BBC. (via The Alterntive Consumer).

PhotobucketAnd lastly, for a form of transport that just doesn’t quit – the Segway. The experts said it would kinda bomb, but what happened? It kinda bombed. (Okay, so sometimes the experts are bang on the money). Nevertheless, Chanel was impressed enough to develop their own version, featured here at Ecorazzi. It’s like the standard model, only at least 3 times the price. Can’t fail.

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