Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Nail Polish Roundup


There is no absolutely natural nail polish; they all contain chemicals. But you can definitely green your manicure by using nail polish that is free of VOC’s and the most harmful chemicals. I’ve never been much for nail polish myself because of its toxicity and smell (I hear some people like it!), but I’ve been getting the glamor bug lately and wanted to find shimmering solutions without the toluene and formaldehyde.

Recently Kim posted about Acquarella’s Water Colors, and I’m glad to see the niche for non-toxic is growing. Check out these other safe nail color options.

-Honey Bee Gardens $6.75

-Peacekeeper Cause-Metics (I love that name!) $10.20

-Sante Cosmetics $9.99

-Nubar $6.99

-The aptly-named Safe Nail Polish $12.95

-Spa Ritual $10.00

Any other favorites you use? I’m always glad to see the greener sector growing in any industry.

Image: Maryam S.

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10 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Nail Polish Roundup

  1. Good to know I can pick up a polish @ Whole Foods.  This summer I found butter London and am now polishing my nails 1st time in my life…a creative ..and hopefully healthy way to keep my spirits up.  Thanks for all the research.  Priti is a good company ..both bL and P have super removers.

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  5. I’ve been searching for healither nail varnishes for a while, and I always thought these cleaner formulas were the best you could get. But it seems it’s not the case.
    I’ve discovered water- based polishes, which have no dizzing solvent fumes and are actually free from harsh chemicals. I’ve tried a few brands so far, but the best brand i’ve come across is
    None of my friends even know water based nail varnish exists so i wondered what other people thought of them??

  6. See? There it is mentioned right above my very own post and I didn’t even see it. I was looking straight from the list! Bravo, Kim :o)
    I found mine at a locally-owned organic market ( <3 )

  7. One name I don’t see on any of the lists is a company out of FL:
    “No Miss” and they are “The Three Free” as VOC-frees are being called these days–nice collection of colors including a quite impressively true to color black (sometimes they can end up looking brown).

  8. I LOVE No-Miss nail polish! It stays on, and is non-toxic. I buy it at Whole Foods!!

  9. Thanks for the lovely shout out to PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics!

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  10. Even though I don’t wear makeup, nail polish is my one vice. I only use it on my toes, but it’d be really nice to use some that doesn’t stink up the whole room. I found a couple that were really only accessible to nail professionals, so thanks for the list. Oh, and Green looks great!


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