Eco-Friendly Tope at db clay


Have you seen those duct tape wallets teens are so fond of?

In 1998, a group of college students began hand-making duct tape, or Ductbills, wallets and selling them at street markets in Portland. Ductbills became a major success and, while the original craze continues, the Ductbills team have grown up and their work has evolved.

Now known as db clay (the clay represents growth, change and shape-shifting) these limited-edition collectible wallets are flying off the shelves. Called "pocket art", the pieces are sometimes odd, sometimes gorgeous, and always beautifully unique.


Ever the innovators, the creative db clay team makes the wallets in the company’s Portland factory from a signature eco-friendly "Tope" synthetic. Tope contains no hazardous chemicals and zero PVC. It decomposes, is vegan, and the manufacturing process is pollutant-free. db clay also uses environmentally-friendly inks in all the designs.

We’ve been having fun with this quirky little number – it certainly makes more of a statement than the money inside.


Images: db clay