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The week’s most interesting from out and about:

New Word of the Week: when consumers descend en masse upon an ethically-admirable business and reward it with their custom – in other words, the opposite of boycotting – it’s called "carrotmobbing". Hippyshopper has more details.

Ah, Fall (or Autumn, to us Brits). Leaves to kick your way through, the first chill in the air bringing goosebumps – and end of summer sales. What’s not to love? Greenopia can help.

We’ve mentioned it before, but let’s do so again – Eco Mountain Resort Getaway Competition. We’re into the last few days before the competition closes on September 30th, so get your skates on. (BeThree reminded us to remind you).

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest has a few ideas for a greener kitchen – 7, to be specific – and there’s a few that are new to us (like the fruit fly death trap – goodbye to clouds of spray drifting through the house).  Be sure to click the headline under each photo for the lowdown on each tip.

David Edwards has the greenest house in California. Build It Green voted it the "best new large custom house" in 2006, and the list of eco-improvements Edwards has made is exhaustive – have a read of them over at Lookiloos.

Our regular readers might recognise some of Eco Delight’s 20 Ways to Lighten the World, such as the Nautilus (here’s Kim’s post) and Propeller Design’s work (here’s my post)…but there’s a lot of new eco-candy here. The Phillips LED lamp – wow.

I’m the last person on the planet who doesn’t have an iPhone. But there’s no pressure – even when Treehugger makes it clear the ways in which this gadget can save you gas, energy, time and money. Nope, I’m not interested. Um. How much are they again?

Too many fashion blogs to keep track of. Someone needs to list them all on one page, including all our favourites. Aha!

A tote bag is an implied statement about your principles. Why not make it a literal statement, by having your principles written on the side of it?

We throw food away too much for our own good. And it’s a double tragedy: not only are we missing out on good edible food right now, we’re throwing away food that hasn’t yet grown. Look what happened when Wandering Chopsticks put sprouted potatoes in the ground instead of in the trash or compost. A lesson for us all.

See you next week, everyone!

Image: rachelvoorhees

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