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Looking ready to uproot and scuttle across the landscape, these folding bamboo houses are designed to be a sustainable, quick-to-assemble answer to the problem of shelter after natural disasters. (Thanks to Ecofriend for the story).

Plastic shower curtains never clean properly, and they’re simply adored by mildew. A much better option is a hemp shower-curtain – and we’re delighted to see one here at Eco Home Furniture Design Ideas. Not only is it made sustainably, it’s anti-mildew and can be washed properly. Bye bye nasty plastic.

Half an hour from my house is the biggest swath of common land in my city – and it’s overrun with brambles, perfect for jam, fruit pies and part of my morning fruit & yoghurt mix. What’s in your neighborhood? Johanna Smith at The Huffington Post has a few suggestions for getting started with urban food foraging (for free!).

It’s impossible to look at Giant Panda Cubs without saying “Awww”. Ditto the rest of these babies successfully born in zoos around the world, lending hope to the idea that while we learn to rebuild and maintain their habitats, we can also support endangered species in captivity.

GreenHACKZ has released its list of “10 Amazing Sites for the Green at Heart“. It’s nice to see Blackle get some added promotion, along with the sites we regularly drop in on.

Headed by Summer Rayne Oakes, Payless Shoesource have just released a new range of green footwear. Triplepundit assesses the implications.

Victory gardens are all about saving cash – so it’s sad to see that San Fransisco mayor Gavin Newsom is shelling out thousands of dollars a week to protect the garden in Civic Centre Plaza from the homeless, the drunk and the bladder-racked.

The world’s first walking house – solar and wind powered, trudging along at a non-breakneck speed of 200 feet an hour, this wacky invention (see at Life In The Fast Lane) is perhaps a triumph of vision over practicality. But a step in the right direction?

What would you do in the event of an earthquake? Are you prepared to be tested on that? Then drop in on the Earthquake Quiz website, which we found via design milk.

It’s an uncomfortable experience to look unblinkingly at where our food comes from – and Crunchy Domestic Goddess give her thoughts following a recent high-profile feature on Oprah. As she says, the point isn’t scare tactics – it’s informed choice. The more we know, the more we can act on.

Have a great weekend, one and all!

Image: kiurkey

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