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The major problem with biofuel production is that it often takes over land used to grow food crops – take palm oil, for example. But that’s thinking terrestrially…and we live on a planet that is two-thirds sea water. As reported by The Energy Roadmap, algae biofuel production is currently ramping up – so could this be the answer to the biofuel question?

The cities of tomorrow will not only have to meet our functional needs and make the most of clean energy-saving technologies – they’ll have to deeply satisfy us as well. The Nurture vs. Nature issue is a permanently controversial one, but it’s a fact that we thrive in surroundings that send the right emotional and cognitive messages to us. Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point) has a new book out on this very topic, and Jamie Waugh has the details over at Dwell. (For further reading, British author Alain de Botton also tackles this subject in The Architecture of Happiness).

The new President-Elect is going to be a busy man for the next few weeks. How will he pack everything in? By getting the most from his health and fitness routine, for starters. To feel even more inspired by Mr. Obama, have a read of this Men’s Health article on the lessons we can learn from how he manages his day.

The season of giving green is almost upon us – and Daily Green has a whole Santa’s Grotto of Christmas gift suggestions (including my favourite gadget, the Hymini).

Stretching before exercise is vital if you don’t want to end up hobbling around for the next week. The problem is that many people do it all wrong – even the athletes. Static stretching (where you hold a stretch for 20-30 seconds) can actually decrease muscular strength, as Gretchen Reynolds writes in the New York Times Play magazine.

Feeling lost with the incredible number of green sites out there? What you need is a map. Design Sprout has a list of 50 must-visit online destinations for the conscientious blogger. But which one to choose first? Oh dear.

You’ll remember Luanne’s article on the proposal to name a wastewater treatment facility after the current President of the United States. (It’s the sort of story that sticks in the mind). Now this bizarre tale of anger and effluent has drawn to a close – the voters have spoken. Read the results over at SF Weekly.

Explore your spirituality online (and practice like your hair is on fire). This is nowhere near as crazy as it sounds, and it’s the suggestion of social media big wig (or rather, mullet) Gwen Bell. So, what are you waiting for?

Grafitti. It’s creative – thumbs up – but it’s also usually potty-mouthed and offensive: thumbs down. What’s needed is something nicer…and here it is. When the law isn’t looking, out come the knitting needles. If you have a spare 500 hours, why not make a tree cozy where you live?

And finally, a breakthrough that could turn back the clock for extinct animals. After managing to clone mice from bodies frozen for 6 years, Japanese scientists have tentatively announced that it may be possible to grow new animals from frozen yet damaged cells – theoretically opening the way for the return, via cloning, of the mammoth. Truly astonishing.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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