Elephant Journal Reads of the Week: Food, Love, and Femininity

This week’s top reads from our friends at Elephant Journal. 

Elephant Journal loves serving up green with a side of sass as much as we do. To make sure you get a taste of all the good things they’ve got going on over there, every week we bring you a round-up of the best picks. Brew a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Food Is Love: A Story About Vegetables -Susan Simon

Oh the attraction that opposites have for each other! I knew that the love that was blossoming between us was the real deal so I had to cope with his picky eating one, to demonstrate my unconditional love for him and two, if I was ever to win him over to the vegetable side I would have to move slow. And slow it was.

A Song for Broken Hearts

“I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

Sleeping with Anger -Nadine McNeil

At some stage of our lives we all face anger – projected, acted[ing] out, victimized by. Some of us may have learned that leaving our anger to fester is counter-productive and self-destructive.

Then there are those who have been angry for so long that the possibility of being otherwise is beyond their scope of reach. I recall reading once somewhere that most cemeteries are filled with angry people. So too are homes, offices, schools, churches, government institutions, brothels, bars, yoga studios, subways, buses, airplanes…anger is everywhere.

Lure the Goddess -Kimberly Johnson

One of the marvels of the feminine is that she is always close, like the spark of a flame waiting for the wind to come and augment the fire. She must be courted. And, like with all women, there are intricacies. The more you listen, the more she will speak. Her voice will become louder and clearer. However the opposite is also true, if you ignore or affront her, she will also speak loudly and sometimes unpredictably to shake you and beg your attention.

Image: Elephant Journal

Anna Brones

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