Elephant Journal Reads of the Week: Vegan Comfort Food, the Power of the Subway, and Agave

This week’s top reads from our friends at Elephant Journal. 

Elephant Journal loves serving up green with a side of sass as much as we do. To make sure you get a taste of all the good things they’ve got going on over there, every week we bring you a round-up of the best picks. Brew a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Vegan Comfort Food -Lorin Arnold

We are getting close to setting the clocks back on the East Coast, and that means that cooler weather is really coming.  It’s time to sort clothes and put away the tank tops, figure out who needs a jacket, and find the extra blankets.  It’s also time to start thinking about the vegan comfort foods that go best in colder weather.  Of course, there are some super-easy-to- veganize comfort food dishes that are so standard most of us make them frequently, whether we are vegan or not.  These include items like spaghetti, vegetable soup, and oatmeal.  But, if we don’t get too complacent about what we are cooking, there are also some slightly less regular and delicious vegan comfort foods that can both warm us up and provide that “zing” that we sometimes need to keep from settling into palatal hibernation in the cooler months.

Looking for God on the 6 Train -Susanna Hardwood Rubin

Suddenly I wanted to be more fully in the experience I was having at the moment that it was occurring. I wanted to connect with what was going on around me – not that I wanted to engage in conversations with strangers, but I wanted to listen more and escape less. I wanted to soften to the richness of each moment and recognize the interesting-ness of everything. I wanted to become more sensitive, more aware, more engaged and entertained by the world. And the more I did it, the better it became.

Agave: The Nectar of Deceit -Dr. Paul Gannon

“Really?” I said, as I thought to myself, “Agave IS sugar” and bit my tongue, realizing that I do like parties, and I do like desserts, and I do want to be invited back. Far be it from me to be Debbie Downer and judge what we put in our mouths — at a party! But here, judgment takes front seat in this context and forum, as your health and informed decisions for it, is a whole nutter butter snack cracker.

So after the sugar shockwave cake, I was curious. Really? Is agave that great? Is it even a little guilt-free?

Image: Elephant Journal

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