Exclusive Flash Sale! Grab Évolué’s #1 Anti-Aging Skin Care Product (Limited Quantity)


EcoSalon is proud to partner with Beverly Hills’ Évolué Beauty in a super exclusive skin care flash sale that your skin will thank you for.

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We have very limited quantities available of Évolué’s #1 anti-aging skincare product, their Must-Have Serum for Anti-Aging at a deep discount never given before. It really is the must-have anti-aging, collagen boosting, beauty product, so read on for the details.

Founded by Jean Seo, who Vogue Paris coined ‘the veritable beauty ambassador for all things natural and organic,’ Évolué specializes in the best of the best – all-natural, non-toxic, skin care products. Jean is sharing a personal favorite and best-seller with EcoSalon readers: the Évolué Must-Have Serum for Anti-Aging. What makes this product so unique?

The main ingredient in this coveted serum is soluble collagen imported from Switzerland.  It’s the only collagen that actually absorbs into the skin for visible results that  tightens and puts elasticity back into the skin, combating loss of firmness. At around age 26, the skin begins to produce less of its own collagen, and that can make your skin look older, dryer and less youthful. As we age everyone needs something to help reactivate and build collagen.

However, it is rare to find a product with soluble collagen because it is very expensive, and it has to be refrigerated to maintain potency. (Even Neiman Marcus does not have a refrigerator for their inventory.) This product also contains hyaluronic acid which is the most moisture retaining ingredient a product can have to retain and lock in your skin’s hydration. It’s truly a one of a kind product that is specially made in small batches. Did we mention it’s Évolue’s bestselling anti-aging product?

According to Jean, this product is made for sensitive skin that can’t tolerate chemical products. It’s also used for  rebuilding skin and minimizing scars after skin treatments such as laser, dermabrasion and botox/fillers. But it’s also fabulous for anyone seeking overall collagen boosting and anti-aging skin benefits.

And have a read at what the New York Daily news reported:

Aging actresses Demi Moore, 51, Marisa Tomei, 49, and Melanie Griffith, 56, are very selective about their makeup and only use organic products on their faces, according to our Hollywood insider. All three leading ladies frequent the organic makeup shop Evolue Beauty in Beverly Hills. “Demi and Marisa are both very precise about selecting the exact organic makeup products,” says our source. “Demi likes to send her assistant in, while Marisa comes in herself and carefully chooses products with laser-like precision as if she is a lab technician.”

There is no shortage of collagen serums on the market, but most contain powder, hydrolyzed collagen (which doesn’t absorb into the skin), or peptides that just promote collagen production; they’re not collagen though. Évolué’s Must-Have Serum for Anti-Aging contains real, soluble collagen that’s easily absorbed into the skin.

The Serum is simple to use—just apply 2 or 3 drops onto your fingertips and rub gently into the skin before moisturizing morning and at night.

The flash sale starts February 19th and we have just 100 bottles to sell. Once we’re sold out, we’re sold out, so grab yours now.

Évolué’s Must-Have Serum is normally $95, but for EcoSalon readers you save $25, with a sale price of $70 + free shipping.  Grab yours now before they’re all gone!

Sold out!