Fairness in Flowers for Mother's Day


I’ve already written a post here at EcoSalon about pesticide use in the flower industry, and the incredible importance of buying organic flowers. So before we arrive at Mother’s Day, here’s another reminder.

The Fairness in Flowers Campaign is working to improve the working conditions of hundreds of thousands of flower workers in places like Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya. The majority of these workers are women: mothers, daughters and sisters just like us. They might be thousands of miles away, but they are working so that our own mothers can receive beautiful bouquets, and they certainly deserve fair wages and a life without pesticides! When giving a gift of love, I think it’s so important to consider the net effect upon all human beings, not just those in our immediate circle.

You can support Fairness in Flowers by entering a $10 raffle, and the four winners will receive organic Mother’s Day roses. If you buy 3 tickets, your mom will receive a bar of fair trade chocolate and a card letting her know that a donation was made in her name. That way she’ll know that you’ve honored her by honoring other mothers and also by honoring the Earth.

Image: Meanest Indian