Elephant Journal Reads of the Week: Feather Hair Extensions, Spirit Cleanses and Civil Disobedience Arrests

This week’s top reads from our friends at Elephant Journal. 

Elephant Journal loves serving up green with a side of sass as much as we do. To make sure you get a taste of all the good things they’ve got going over there, every week we bring you a round-up of their top picks. This week it’s all about that crazy feather hair extension trend and acts of civil disobedience. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

One Stylist Explains: Why I’ll Never Do Feather Hair Extension -Tamara Kerner

The trend: clipping feathers that can be curled or washed in your hair has a dark side that’s causing some stylists who specialize in funky extensions to refuse including them in their services.

The Sexiness of Seva -Chelsea Roff

Donating money alone isn’t service. Are we increasingly falling into a model of service that is disconnected from human beings?

5 Ways to Reduce Waste through Sharing -Beth Buczynski

If we want to create a more sustainable life, there are plenty of sharing services and online communities that can help us reduce waste, make a little money, and reconnect with what’s really important: people!

Why I Went to D.C. to be Arrested at Age 64 -Ellen Gunter

At 64, I’d never been arrested before. I was bricked and egged during anti-war protests in the Vietnam War days, even shot at in a high-speed car chase during the sixties because I had the audacity to be in a car with black friends. But I had never been handcuffed and taken to jail until that day.

Spirit Cleanse: One Girl’s One-Month Journey to Self Love -Dani Larson

In order to gain back My Self, I knew that it was time for something I knew best: cleansing. But I needed something more drastic than a food cleanse. Thus, I began to ruminate over the idea of a “Spirit Cleanse.” Unlike the ones I design for others, I resolved that this cleanse would not be focused on the body, for it was my spirit that ultimately needed a recharge, and my mind that sought quietude.

Image: Elephant Journal

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