Feel Better About Breaking Up by Selling Gifts From Your Ex on ‘Never Liked It Anyway’

Feel Better About Breaking Up by Selling Your Ex's Gifts on 'Never Liked It Anyway'

Here’s a fun (and therapeutic) way to make breaking up suck a little less.

No one likes breaking up, but if he’s going to rip your guts out of your ass why not score some cash out of it? That’s the idea behind Never Liked It Anyway, an online marketplace that lets you sell off any and all reminders of your ex so you can get back to the awesomeness that is you. (I’d say I wish this site was around after my last break-up, but my ex didn’t leave behind so much as a dirty sock. He picked our pad clean. You know, like a vulture.)

One of the biggest post-break-up drags is figuring out what to do with the pile of rubble he’s left behind. While the items hold no sentimental value anymore (well, except for pent up rage), you’re not one to throw things away—or burn them—when you can find them a perfectly good home elsewhere. I mean, it’s not the wedding dress or bracelet or handbag‘s fault he’s the worst, so why take it out on them?

Never Liked It Anyway is part online store, part online therapy. Each listing features the ‘real world price’ and the ‘break-up price’, the story behind why you’re selling the item and the ‘bounce back plan’ you’ll be putting the money toward. You can also share what break-up stage you’re in, which range from ‘drinking a lot’ to ‘better than ever’.

Selling the statement necklace she was going to wear on her wedding day, Lida-Maria Lottko writes: “I had found the perfect dress, lost 10 pounds, planned everything out to the last detail. What I hadn’t planned for was for my husband-to-be to get cold feet. Just 3 weeks before the wedding he bailed out.”

Other pre-loved items include a Burberry scarf that was gifted by a “selfish, manipulative, needy jerk,” and a Swarovski bangle from a guy who cheated—after she’d just found out her dad cheated on her mom. Seriously, people. You can’t make this shit up.

But even though breaking up is the shits, Never Liked It Anyway puts a quirky, empowering spin on the whole experience, helping you put your post-break-up plans into motion. Women are selling their ex’s gifts to fund trips to Europe, save for school, and start their own businesses. Take that, douche faces!

Between the opportunity to bitch about my ex, make extra money and get back in the game using NLIA’s killer BounceBackBox, I want to date a guy just to break up, sell my prezzies and meet some fabulous new friends along the way. Best of all, NLIA takes 10 percent of their cut and donates it to the American Heart Foundation. Swoon.

Will you be adding this site to your breaking up survival kit?

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