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I love jewelry and that means metals as much as it does textile jewelry. So when I saw these cuties from Feisty Elle, I fell in love.

California Designer Leslie Yang has a penchant for powerful color and bold accessories, and combines her expertise in both graphic design and fiber arts to create jewelry and accessories that are “clean in form, vivid in color, and always fun and functional to wear.”

Designer Leslie Yang

As with many designers, Feisty Elle was founded out of a love for designing and has surreptitiously evolved into a company with a commitment to use sustainable materials such as merino wool felt, textiles, and bamboo ply.

These Petal Drop earring from Feisty Elle are made from lasercut merino wool, felt, and are soft enough to sleep in (though you might look a little odd in the morning).

All jewelry and accessories are designed and assembled in San Francisco bay area, but if you’re attending EcoSalon Shops! on June 4th in New York City, you can meet Leslie – east coast style!


Whether you are or aren’t going, here’s your chance to win a pair of Feisty Elle earrings. And you even get to choose from all the colors she has available on her website – so go take a look and leave a comment below for your chance to win.

(For complete giveaway guidelines click here. All offers are FTC compliant.)

Good Luck!

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30 thoughts on “Feisty Elle Earrings Giveaway

  1. Those are FAB! I would be hard pressed to choose just which color I would want!

  2. I also love the bright colors! They remind me of India and spicy markets and are completely beautiful!!

  3. These are so bright and colorful! I can really use a great new pair of earrings! I love the textured bamboo drop too!

  4. If I don’t win these, I might have to invest in my own laser cutter. They are too cute!

  5. I really like the design. I would love to win a pair to show off at work. All the girls would be envious of such awesome earings.

  6. I really love all of her designs, but favor the teardrop. I also love that she uses bamboo!! Thank you for this incredible giveaway!! :)

  7. I’m in love! and the colors are fabulous. What a great idea!

  8. These earrings are fabulous. Fun to wear, too. I especially love the curve of the feather shapes. Go Leslie!

  9. Can I say that Leslie has some awesome hair! I adore the Large Dahlia Earrings – Magenta.

  10. I love the petal drop earrings in magenta!

  11. ooh! great giveaway, i’m such a fan of the feisty elle line. i have one of her hair clips that i wear incessantly.

  12. They look so cute. I want to surprise my girlfriend with a pair. :)

  13. *eep* too cute! the bamboo looks a.mazing but its winter here i have to agree with other commentees… the magenta and jade do brighten things up significantly :) xxx s

  14. The feather earrings in jade are gorgeous.

  15. Fiesty like me…especially in red!

  16. Loving how vivid and modern these earrings are, especially the Dahlia ones!

  17. these earrings are very bright, but fun looking

  18. Those colors are freakin’ AMAZING. I love the bamboo, the red, the gray…and all of the dahlia design.

  19. They are so bright and cheerful.I have to admit i loved the feather ones too.It is interesting designs Leslie Yang i love the designs.Thanks for the nice giveaway EcoSalon.

  20. I love these! The Dahlia style is wonderful too!

  21. I adore all of the bright colors! The pinks + reds are my favorite! Lovely shop!

  22. Oh, I love them! They look like they would be perfect, all year round.

  23. Wow. These earrings are amazing! All of her jewelry is amazing!

  24. These earrings are so beautiful. I love all the fun colors on your website. My favorite is the magenta. I’ll definitely put these on my wishlist.

  25. those are so cool! kinda retro looking…which i am all about :D i love the magenta and the jade colours!!!

  26. What a neat idea for earrings! A great pop of colour and fun too.


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