Fight Fine Lines Without Needles, Fillers, or Chemicals

In an alternative universe, this article would consist of me simply handing out a plastic surgeon’s card. But that would involve Botox and Restalyne and other chemical-filled things that some of us inject into our faces. Luckily, I live in this universe – where I am so fortunate to write about natural beauty products for a living. So I’m not going to promote injecting amounts of botulism, no matter how diluted, into your face.

And while I have the floor, might I send out a message to all the absolutely gorgeous women out there who feel the need to put themselves before the needle. Don’t. Do. It. Sure, there’s a billion dollar industry and several friends of mine who would disagree with me. But here’s why I’m anti-Botox. We don’t know the long term health effects of the product. And we always know when you do it anyway. Here is the case-in-point, right? It’s not like I don’t understand the urge to look young. I am 38-years-old (sing it loud, sing it proud) and while I haven’t experienced the serious effects of aging, I do know what it’s like to look in a mirror and see things that just weren’t there a year ago. I get it. But there are ways to bring out the best in your skin without poisoning it.

Naturally, here they are.

First, scrub and tone your skin. Invest in a daily toner – here are some suggestions and tips on how to do just that. You also want to use an organic and/or natural scrub to keep your skin cells moving along – although be careful about doing this every day, as excessive scrubbing can over-stimulate oil in your skins cells. Want a recipe for an excellent homemade sugar scrub? I have used this one from Care2 and love it.

Second, make hydration a priority. The moisture in your skin will help keep it plumped up and will reduce the look of fine lines. Here are some excellent organic and/or natural moisturizers to consider.

Also consider making a homemade honey cleanser. Honey attracts and retains moisture while containing essential antioxidants to help skin stay healthy. Plus, it has been used for centuries (which is always a bonus in my opinion.) Try this: Combine two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply it to your face for ten minutes and remove with warm water.

Finally, consider your diet. Spices have long been recognized as rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties. Oregano is the perfect example. Cayenne is a warm spice that can bring blood back to your skin (hello, rosy cheeks!) And don’t forget to use as much organic olive oil in your diet as possible. This will keep your skin moisturized inside and out.

Image: ericmcgregor

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.