Simple DIY: How to Fix a Broken Drawer


For weeks now, you’ve jimmied that wobbly drawer open, forcefully slammed it shut and convinced yourself that there’s no need to pull out that dusty old toolbox. After all, it still sorta serves its function. I’m no handywoman, so I completely empathize with your avoidance issue. But this problem is easier to fix than you might think. Slide the drawer out and let’s investigate.

Start with the drawer guide. (This is the piece on the bottom center that does exactly what its name suggests.) If it’s loose, simply tighten the screws. If it looks damaged, remove it, bring it with you to the hardware store and leave it to the experts to help you find a replacement piece. Line it up with the original screw holes and use a screwdriver to mount it into place. Problem solved!

Not the drawer guide? Take a look at the drawer slides. (Once again, the name says it all. If only all hardware were so easy to figure out.) Follow the steps above to remedy either loose or bent parts.

No luck? Pull out any drawers above or below the one giving you trouble. Using a flashlight to guide the way, examine the hardware mounted inside the piece of furniture to determine what needs to be tightened or replaced.
Still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it? Visit the Natural Handyman for a more comprehensive guide.

Image: Matthew Crowne