Follow Your Heart: 6 Tips to Reveal Your Life Purpose

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Sometimes we get caught up in the daily drudgery of life. It’s like we’re trudging through a swampy forest in the dead of night with no end destination. But finding your life purpose is like a streaming light that follows you through that very same swampy forest and lights your path. Once we find our life’s purpose, the rest is history; but first you have to follow your heart and listen deeply within.

Follow Your Heart

1. Decide what captivates you.

In order to follow your heart you have to notice what catches your attention. What has always meant the most to you? These are questions that you need to answer to reveal your life purpose. For me, it’s traveling. I want to learn about myself through the geography of the world. That’s why I’m a freelance writer–so I’m not tied to a place and schedule and I can do my work on the road.

2. Avoid the “shoulds.”

Everyone is always trying to tell us what we should be doing. You should be married. You should have babies. You should buy a home. Avoid someone else shaping your life. Listen to your life purpose and ignore the purpose of those around you. While that may work for them, it doesn’t have to work for you.

3. Learn from past callings.

Learn from callings that you’ve followed in the past. What worked and what didn’t work? Why was this the case? This will reveal your talents and shortcomings so that your skill set lines up with your purpose.

4. What are your core values?

Do you love animals? Are you a social activist? Do you love spirituality? Take a closer look at what makes you tick in terms of your core values and this will help you reveal your purpose.

5. Serve others.

We get the most fulfillment out of life by serving others. Find a purpose that in some way serves those around you. How can you use your primary talents to serve others?

6. Act on it.

Spend 80 percent of your day working toward your life goals. What goals, if accomplished, will move you toward your purpose? Decide what they are and get to work.

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