Foodie Underground: All Things Pork at Cochon 555


As you’re planning your foodie calendar for 2011, you might want to take a moment and pencil in Cochon 555. We all know that pork is often the favored meat of underground foodies (think about how many things wrapped in bacon you’ve been offered over the last couple of months), so it’s no big surprise that the meat would get its own national tour.

A cooking competition that celebrates all things pork related, Cochon 555 is “5 chefs, 5 pigs and 5 wineries in a friendly competition for a cause.” They’re focused on family farms, connecting niche farmers with social media tools that help them connect with like-minded farmers, chefs, and of course, media. It’s not just about pork, it’s about promoting the conscious part of an entire industry.

Next year’s tour, which will be the third annual, will hit 10 different cities, including some of the foodie metropolises like San Francisco, New York City and Chicago.

But you won’t find foodie hotspot Portland on the list; Cochon 555 co-founder Eric Bechard got arrested after a supposedly alcohol induced brawl outside of a Portland strip club. Reason? Bechard was apparently upset over the fact that non-local pigs were allowed into the competition.

That’s what you call a committed locavore.

Learn more about Cochon 555 and the 2011 tour on their website.

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Image: Cochon 555

Anna Brones

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