Gabrielle Bernstein: Soul Sister


Gabrielle Bernstein: The author and self-proclaimed spirit junkie on why we need to look inward to energize the world.

Gabrielle Bernstein believes in miracles and has been known to rock angel wings on New York City streets—and she’s made a really cool career out of helping people achieve joy.

Once a 20-something PR maven addicted to substances, success and the wrong kind of love, Gabby found herself out of control and praying for help. She stumbled across the book A Course in Miracles and her life changed forever—she found a guide in Marianne Williamson, did the hard work and was all in.

She has based her own teaching on A Course in Miracles and created a new self-help empire for the Sex and the City set; mostly women who realize that a closet full of Jimmy Choos, a super busy job, a hangover and a hot guy haven’t led to happiness.

Today, she has published three books, hosts frequent online and in-person workshops and will join Wanderlust in Vermont this weekend to talk about shifting your focus from yourself to your power in order to create energetic change in the world.

We talk a lot in this space about how we impact the world—from sustainable fashion and organic food to politics and work-life balance. I chatted with Gabby about her upcoming talk and got some advice for how we can all kickstart a miraculous life.

Libby Lowe: Your message resonates with so many women in their 20s and 30s. Why do you think so many of us are seeking this kind of change?

Gabby Bernstein: Right now, we have nothing to lean back on and nothing is hidden anymore—many of us can’t hide behind our jobs or credentials. When the world as a whole hits a bottom, it’s an opportunity. We desire to seek reliance and assurance from ourselves rather from outside forces.

LL: What can we do today to start living a miraculous life?

GB: See positivity and be willing to change. Establish a desire to find a spiritual path and be ready to receive guidance. Begin to pray for that path—set an intention. Ask and raise your awareness to the guidance that is all around. Accept opportunities for growth and look at discomfort as a learning opportunity, not as a death sentence.

LL: You have said that “the outside world is a reflection of your internal condition.” What do you mean by that?

GB: We’re always vibing at a specific energy that’s either heightening or lowering. We attract likeness—so however we are acting or thinking, that’s what we attract.

LL: Your talk at Wanderlust is related to that idea. You plan to speak about shifting your focus from yourself to your power to create energetic change in the world. What does that look like in reality?

GB: When you support yourself internally, the more support you receive. Life flows more naturally and you become more confident, more faithful, more relaxed and more balanced in the different corners of your life. I’ll be teaching people to see beyond physical tools and technology and look inward.

LL: But can technology help with mindfulness?

GB: When used mindfully, technology is resource. You just have to remember the energy behind every email and every tweet. Offer value and share something that will help people. 140 characters can truly change someone’s life. I met a woman in Iowa who uses my [Spirit Junkie alarm clock] app and said it literally saved her life. She told me she had been suicidal. I have never been more blown away.

LL: Why is Wanderlust such a great place for this conversation?

GB: Unconsciously, all of us who are guided to yoga or Wanderlust have a sense that we are here to do something great. I want to help people be present, then ask them to look at the way they experience themselves, and give them tools to give off a more powerful presence and be more mindful.

Some of this is heady stuff, but even those of us who would sooner roll an eye than talk about vibing with miracles should get over ourselves if the prize for an open mind is a happier life and a more energetic world.

Image: Gabrielle Bernstein