Garden Tower Project: A Revolutionary Gardening and Composting Solution for Anyone!

garden tower

Meet the Garden Tower – an amazing vertical gardening system that composts your kitchen scraps into into organic fertilizer for your veggies!

It’s finally here – the simplest, easiest and most brilliant way to turn your kitchen scraps into an array of gorgeous and delicious veggies, all in one humble barrel. The Garden Tower Project is a revolutionary new way to grow vegetables in an urban setting or small space, allowing anyone to enjoy the benefits of fresh and organic produce. As the only garden planter in existence that generates its own fertilizer and self-conditioned soil, the Garden Tower is a completely unique gardening solution that can provide healthy food for all.

garden tower

This combined vertical garden bed and composting bin is the ideal solution for small spaces, school yards, and gardeners with little time to spend tending a large vegetable lot. The Garden Tower allows you to grow 50 different plant starts in just 4 square feet, and only takes up a small round area in your yard or patio. Plants grown in the Tower are subjected to their own protected micro-climate, meaning that they receive an abundance of nutrient rich water that allows them to grow much faster than conventional gardening methods would allow. It also cuts down on water loss as all the moisture put into the Tower is recycled over and over. Once seedlings are established, the Tower only requires bi-weekly watering from the top.

garden tower

The Garden Tower is made from food-grade, 100 percent recyclable plastic and is available in either white or terra-cotta colors. A long tube runs down the center of the tower as a vermicomposting system, which means that a half cup of worms introduced at the beginning of the season work to turn your inserted kitchen scraps into amazingly rich compost for your plants. This black soil is obtained from the bottom of the tube with an included and easy to use compost plug. An integrated drawer also collects any runoff water, also called compost tea, as it seeps through the compost tube and thus absorbs nutrients from scraps and worm castings. This compost tea can be re-administered to the plants in the tower, creating a closed loop cycle for organically fertilizing your crops.

garden tower

The Garden Tower is an extremely efficient and low cost way to easily grow healthy, local and organic vegetables. While this vertical gardening system is a prime choice for urban apartments, small yards and those with less ability to move around easily in a large vegetable patch, it is also a great option for school gardens, office terraces and even restaurants. Check it out online today to invest this unique and attractive gardening solution!

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