Get Friend Reviews on Tonight’s Outfit (or Tomorrow’s Gift) with Rightcliq

Early adopter that I am (Pinterest, check,, check, Foursquare, check – related: why do I feel compelled to be the mayor of the corner coffee shop, check), if it can’t integrate with my beloved Firefox or my necessary Facebook, I am less likely to get hooked. Enter Rightcliq, a simple new shop-and-share-and-buy browser tool from Visa. It’s seriously simple: whether you see a cute product on a blog or are perusing an online catalog, you can save all your favorite things to Rightcliq with…well, a right click. The tool is integrated into your browser which makes it a snap to add, change and manage your favorite finds.

Once you’ve clicked the toolbar icon, you’ll see the “Wishspace,” where your discoveries are saved. It’s neatly customizable in that you can cluster things however you want (organization freaks will love this) – or not, if you want. But here’s where it gets really useful. Not only can you compare pricing and product information (a given for online wishlist services), but you can enlist your friends’ opinions and reviews via email and Facebook.

It makes the act of online shopping a little more thoughtful, which we dig. As in, hold your horses before making that impulse buy so your best friend can remind you there’s an organic alternative and what are you thinking. So, for example, if you’ve been hunting around your favorite eco retail boutiques online trying to put together the perfect look for a holiday party, you can save multiple items from various sites with a simple right click, and then organize them as, say, “Holiday Party”…or perhaps “In Which I Will Knock ‘Em Dead”. You can then invite any and as many of your friends as you like to give you their thoughts on said get-up so you know if the outfit is more word-to-your-mother or simply Meh.

Personally, I see this being incredibly useful for managing my Etsy addiction, and though it’s not a listed use, I see it quickly becoming an easier way to share design and fashion post ideas with our editorial team in lieu of hobbling through the Stumbleupon tool together. (No disrespect meant to the Stumble.)

But back to knocking ’em dead. If your trusted team says your ensemble is a go, purchasing and shipment tracking is integrated, of course (and Rightcliq handles all your info no matter how many sites are involved). Simple. Intuitive. Yep, we like.

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Rightcliq by Visa. In accordance with FTC policy, we will always tell you when we publish sponsored posts. We hope you have as much fun with Rightcliq as we do!