Get Your Ridesharing Groove on with Carticipate


Ridesharing is like skinny-dipping: it’s great in theory, but awfully hard to find someone who’s ready to go when you are. Well not anymore because Carticipate is a nifty little iPhone App that pairs you up with your friends, family, or co-workers so you can share the ride, gas, and carbon footprint together.

To connect with a pal that’s going your way or find someone to ride with you, just fire up the app and indicate where you’re going and when. All your iPhone-toting friends with the same app installed on their devices can check in and match up their plans with yours.

Carticipate comes with a pre-loaded list of destinations, but you can easily add your own. There’s also a global search feature that lets you scan a list of registered users to see if anyone in your area is headed where you’re going. While we’re sure Mother Nature appreciates your desire to help save the planet, remember mom’s advice: Don’t get in a car with a total stranger.

Don’t have an iPhone? That’s okay, there’s also a Carticipate app for Facebook that’s just as cool and useful.