Gianna Artisans: Home Decor That Provides an Escape from Slum Life


We have choices. When buying a stunning pillow or quilt for our nests, consider going the route of a company like Gianna Fair Trade – which literally rescues artisans in India, Laos and Thailand from a destitute life of poverty, prostitution or being sold as mail-order brides. Filling our homes with the stylish fruits of their labor takes decor to a deeper level, don’t you think?

Feast your eyes on the exotic bo-ho products they lovingly craft. Our favorite: the neckroll pillows ($58) in soft earthy shades and patterns, studded with swirls or embroidered with cotton leaves.


The founder, Gianna, knows from a challenging life, raised by a mother who was a mail-order bride from the streets of  Manila. After a brief marriage to a cattle farmer Texan, her mother moved to a women’s  shelter where Gianna spent her childhood. Her workshops offer artisans a way to make a living and thrive, and the products are responsible, hand-crafted of organic cotton and other good fibers.

Other fetching finds at the site: metal serving bows and platters, naturally-dyed quilts, spun cotton navy print napkins and rings and woven place mats. Think wedding and housewarming gifts! It’s a gift that goes a long way.

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.